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Free Path of Exile Bot (Review)

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Path of Exile Bots
As with every MMORPG, there are programs that can be used to automatically perform certain tasks in PoE. These programs are called bots. A bot is a script that takes control of your account or character and does some of the more repetitive gaming activities like farming experience and gold/money for you. Bots are a very common way of cheating because they are very hard to detect and can save you a lot of time and effort.

Path of Exile Bots (PoE Bot)

Path of Exile Hacks
Hacks are small programs or tools that influence the way PoE works on your computer. The most well-known kinds of hacks in Path of Exile are Maphacks, Item Alteration Hacks, Zoom Hacks, and other Graphics Hacks. Hacks can give the user the ability to have information that goes over what would be displayed to a normal player. Hacks can influence how the camera works, can highlight certain things and items on your map and give you further visual advantages by influencing the game client on your PC.


Poe Auto Hotkey Scripts and Macros
Macros can be used to automate certain small processes like drinking health and mana potions. Either through visual recognition or RAM reading, the script triggers a hotkey that makes your character perform a specific action, like drinking a potion. This is a very useful way of cheating, since it saves you a lot of time and can save your character from death. Furthermore, macros are undetectable and you never have to worry about consequences.

 Path of Exile Hacks (PoE Hack)

Money and Item Hacks
Hacking money, gold, items and other important values in Path of Exile is sadly impossible. Those values are not processed on the client side of the game (your PC), but on the PoE server itself. Anyone who tells you that they can give you items or gold using a hack is lying to you, so please don’t fall for that. Only a bot can help you to get more gold and items. However, a bot still requires some time investment: Setting it up, keeping it working ect. There is no way to be rich in Path of Exile without any effort at all.

Free Path of Exile Bot by (Review)

Free Path of Exile Bot


This one is without a doubt one of the best MMO bots that I have encountered in a whole while. While the “Exiled Bot” is not without flaws and as of now (beginning of 2014) still has some bugs here and there, it is still one of the most easy to configure and most stable bots I have ever used. On top of all that the bot is free what makes it certainly even more unique. Most MMO and MMORPG bots are very much pay to use, but this one is completely free and only very few features are exclusively available for donators.


What does the Exiled Bot do?
It farms experience, levels up your gems, collects valuable items, stashes items, fights, heals, explores maps and more. It pretty much does anything you would expect from an MMO bot, except for a few unusual features. One of these unusual features is that the bot will actually explore the maps all on its own and you do not need to program or record paths for it to use. The good thing about that is that it makes using the bot a lot easier, the bad thing is that the bot gets stuck more than it would when using predetermined routes and it works less effectively.

The bot will explore a map, kill mobs and disconnect when getting low on health or stuck, then log back in and continue farming. Dying is not a real concern, since the bot just disconnects to the login screen when getting low on health and it also is able to use health flasks.


What options do I have to customize the behavior of the bot?
Customization options are quite extensive: You are able to configure abilities, buffs, debuffs, auto flask scripts at certain percentages of health/mana, customize the auto loot to only pick up key items, customize if or what items you want to stash, set the bot to automatically level up gems, switch weapons and a lot more. There are configuration files that can either be changed manually or using the bots interface. There are simply too many customizable features included in the bot for me to go over all of them, but be assured that thereof are many.


How effective is the bot?
As with any bot: The bot is only as effective as your setup. If you farm the right level mobs and maps, have the right builds to do so effectively, then you will be able to level up characters and farm quite effectively. However, you need to keep in mind that a bot will never outperform the human mind, so if you are looking to farm end game content, you will either have to come up with an exceptional setup for your bot or do so manually.

Generally the bot can farm quite effectively if the character and gear is about 10 levels above the levels of mobs in a certain area. This might not apply to all situations, since I only have Act 1 and Act 2 level to refer to when making this assumption. – What I’m meaning to say is that it’s a bot; not an actual player and you cannot expect the same performance. This bot will make it easy to get characters to a pretty high level fairly quickly though.


Is there a rink of detection or ban?
There always is when using bots, but at this point it does not seem that people get banned for using this bot. However, I do recommend that you do not use it 24/7 and maybe start using it on an alt just to make sure you got a firm grip on the tool, before using it on your main account. Chances are that the developers will do something about botting, should it ever get out of hand. Keep an eye on the Exiled Bot forums and see if people report bans.


Should I get it?
It’s free, it’s easy to set up and use, it’s effective and saves you a metric ton of time and effort when it comes to grinding in Path of Exile. So Yes, you definitively should pick up this bot and if you are pleased with the results, maybe even donate a bit of swag to its developers, since only very few people are nice enough to release this kind of software for free.


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