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ArcheAge Cheats
Cheating in ArcheAge includes essentially any and all methods or techniques that allow a player to get more Experience, Gold, Honor Points, Gilda Stars or Nui Tears in less time. Some Cheats achieve this by giving you some kind of shortcut, some by making your combat more effective, others by automating tasks or exploiting bugs. Some cheats, such as certain exploits, can be used manually. However, the most effective ways of cheating, such as bots and hacks, are aided by software that usually has to be developed and updated regularly and can be quite expensive. While some hacks and exploits can be very useful in PvP and trading situations, the most popular and overpowered way of cheating in ArcheAge is the use of bots:  Since AA gives you a lot of very repetitive and time-consuming ways of grinding for ships, houses ect, bots are without a doubt the best and most effective cheat to use in this specific MMORPG. However, you need to keep in mind that cheating is against the game rules of ArcheAge and doing it will potentially endanger your account. – So try to keep a low profile, never overdo it and never tell anyone that you are exploiting the game to keep your account and investment save. Also try to use cheats with respect for the players and the game itself.

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ArcheAge Bots
Bots are programs that are able to take control of your ArcheAge characters and perform certain tasks automatically. Now as already mentioned bots are quite insane in this specific game, since the game gives us a lot of very repetitive ways of grinding that can easily be done by a bot: Trade runs can easily be done by bots (as long as in friendly territory) to grind a lot of Gilda Stars, farming can also easily be done by bots for lots of XP, fishing is an obvious botting activity, grinding mobs can be quite effective too, gathering (mining ect) and bots are even able to sell the items they find during all of these activities. With other words: ArcheAge is a bot users dream game. The rewards for botting in this game are so great that I do expect Trion to have to take huge counter-measures soon, since the game is free to play on top of that. The only thing limiting the use of bots just a little bit is the slowly regenerating labor. Overall, bots will easily be able to farm experience for yout to reach level 50 quite quickly. Aft that you will be able to have your bots do trade runs to grind out your bigger ships, houses and other goodies and in the end-game botting will become even more overpowered. While there may be certain free bots out there, they are often very limited and easily detected, endangering your account and all the time you invested into it. If you want to use bots safely, then go for a paid bot that allows you to not only create your own farming routes, but also get a variety of default ones and never use the bot more than 16h a day. Also make sure that you don’t grind one single activity for too long: Don’t have your bot farming mobs at a single location for 3 weeks, but change the grinding paths and methods up regularly.

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ArcheAge Hacks
Hacks are programs that inject code into your ArcheAge game client and add functionality to it. Compared to a bot this kind of cheat can be detected by client-side anti-cheat software. – So if you are looking to use hacks in AA, then do please make sure that the software you are using is 100% up to date and undetected. Hacks can be used in many different ways: On one hand hacks can be used to make things visible that usually would be  invisible, such as enemy players, mobs, items ect. On the other hand hacks can be used to actually change some client side values, such as your position and some game shysics: Teleport hacks are very effective for farming and getting around fast, flaying hacks are very obvious and not recommended to use, jumping higher is nice if used right, speedhacks to run and walk faster, noclip or wallhacks can be sued to escape threats and get to inaccessible places. Overall hacks can be quite overpowered, since they can get you below the game world and allow you to potentially do a lot of damange while you are almost invincible. However, these hacks should never be used in PvP, since any sane human will be able to tell that you are hacking, take screenshots, report you and your account is pretty much done. – Keep in mind that this is a free to paly game and game moderators will not think twice before banning an obvious hacker. So please use caution when hacking in ArcheAge or you may very well loose a character you have invested hundreds of hours in.

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Gathering, Exploring, Auction House and Farming Bots
As any experienced Archeage player will know the planting, growing and harvesting of plants, such as trees, can be incredibly effective not only at leveling up, but also at earning some gold. However, while huge trees and other big plants can be easily spotted by other players, smaller plants, such as mushrooms can be hidden quite well in other vegetation, caves, behind rocks and so on. There are even glitches areas where it is possible to plant something in a house area. Now this can be using quite well to let your bot plant and farm plants even if you do not have the money to spend on your own farming area (protected farms). Obviously, having your own farm is a lot easier than hiding though. Bots are also able to explore the map on their own, assuming that the mobs in the area can be tanked, and havest wild plants, such as wood. – This can be pretty effective. Bots can potentially also allow you to automatically trade on the auction house: It is quite simple to program a bot to buy an item at a certain price and sell it at another. Most of the auction house profits are made by simply buying when someone throw something on auction cheap and then selling it slightly above normal price, netting you good profits. The good this about such a bot would be that it could potentially do this 24/7 and would be pretty much undetectable, since it only trades and nothing else. Auction House Trading Bots are the most profitable Gold-Farming software that can generally be found in most MMORPGs, but they are hard to program and hard to get working correctly, since you need to know all the right prices and update them regularly. Selling labor potions might be one of t
he most effective exploits here. However, if you are not a patron, getting an Auction House Pass in Archeage is going to be hard.

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AA Teleport Hacks and Teleport Farming Bots
As in most big MMORPGs there are some bots and other cheating programs that can really take the fun out of a game. Teleporting Hacks in combination with farming bots is such a thing that was previously seen in other MMORPGs right after launch, such as Wildstar. While most online games that have been out for a few years and had time to adjust to all the cheating attempts of its community, new games often are not equipped to handle some of the most trivial hacks in online games out there. Teleport hacks are such a very simple and easy to prevent cheat that can really ruin the gathering and crafting for a lot of people. While most games do feature server checks that will inhibit players from teleporting great distances, for example from one farming node to the next, new games often do not have any such check integrated; leaving teleporting bots to dominate the economy for what can be weeks or months, until the developers integrate countermeasures. Here at we love games and teleporting bots are ruining the experience for every legit player out there. We ask our members not to partake in the use of any kind of software that automatically farms resources by means of teleporting. If you run a bot that has to travel, you cannot singlehandedly ruin gathering for every other player in the vicinity, but using teleporting you can. However, this kind of cheat is always a temporary one, since the game economy in Archeage would collapse if it were allowed to get out of hand. – By the time you read this, teleporting exploits will most likely have been fixed for a while.


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ArcheAge Mods
As of now (2014) and the near future, ArcheAge does not officially support mods of any kind that allow you to customize you UI (User Interface) or add new features to it. It is our hope that sooner or later this will be supported, seeing that is has made games like World of Warcraft or Wildstar a lot better. However, it is still possible to mod the game, but it is a lot harder on one hand and considered a hack on the other. We do expect that there will be certain “hacks” for ArcheAge that will allow you to add certain elements to the US, such as cool down indicators, threat levels, agro and so on. There may also be some mods that can automate certain processes, such as selling all your items below value x in order to make it easier to get rid of junk. Automatic crafting tools that can spend your labor points as soon as they are gained would certainly be a nice feature as well, though that is more of a feature that would be seen in an ArcheAge bot. What we are trying to say here is that there will be AA mods, since the game is pretty popular, but they will probably not be available for free, since they need to stay undetected.


Speedhacks and Climbing Hacks for faster Trade Running
While we deem the use of teleporting hacks that allow you to teleport an infinite distance to be unacceptable, the use of speedhacks and climbing hacks are far less effective, but still save you some serious time when trying to farm guilda stars. Climbing hacks will allow you to essentially walk on any terrain, even walls and are almost impossible to patch. Speedhacks will allow you to walk or run faster; usually you will be able to get at least twice the normal travel speed. However, both these hacks are very easily detected and usually a screenshot or video is enough to have your account banned from the  game. So it is recommended that you are very careful when using this kind of cheat, since there is no way to hide your name plates in Archeage at this time. This kind of software is pretty rare though, since the alternative (bots) is a lot harder to detect and generally more profitable in generating most in-game currencies.


ArcheAge God Modes, Unlimited Gold, Gilda Stars, Tears, Honor and Item Generators
These kinds of cheats are not possible. – While in single player games the whole game is run and stored on your PC and you are able to change anything, this is not the case for MMORPGs, such as ArcheAge. In any Multiplayer game some of the game world and pretty much all important values are processed on the game server and cannot possibly be changed by any hack. In ArchAge these values that are processed  server-side include things such as: Your inventory, your gold, your gilda stars, honor, health, mama, stats, ability cooldowns and a lot more. So please do not believe anyone who offers you any kind or hack, generator or adder for any if these unchangeable values in ArcheAge. – These people are trying to scam you, have you download viruses, have you fill in surveys, click ads or even steal your login information and rob your account. You have been warned, please do not fall for this cheap trick.


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