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+4 Trainer (Health, Stamina, Inventory, Adrenaline) for 1.0+
Hack Game Manually (Money, Stats and more) for ALL VERSIONS
+13 Trainer (Health, Money & Lots More) for 1.2+


witcher 3 trainer


Cheating in The Witcher 3 works just like in any other game. – So far there are no implemented cheat codes that have been found, but there are several trainers that can change in game values like health, money, stats, items, stamina, adrenaline and so on. There are also ways to make your own trainers or hack the game manually.


 far cry 4 trainer


Far Cry 4 Trainer
This trainer will allow you to activate a huge variety of option in game including, but not limited to: Unlimited ammo and clip, infinite health, no recoil and spread, unlimited Money, One Hit Kills, Invisibility, Infinite Skill points, no C4 limits, unlimited throwables, max karma, unlimited EXP, Unlimited Oxygen (breath), stamina, syringes, special syringes, save and load position and more. There is even a cheat to speed up elephants in this megatrainer. Essentially, any cheat you can think of using in FC4, it is achievable using this trainer. As always we do recommend that you enjoy the experience without cheats at first, before “spoiling” it. Some cheats may be a bit too powerful, such as unlocking all skills right away, having unlimited money and god mode obviously. In order to learn how to use this trainer, please go here. To download the trainer, go here.


Alternative Way of Cheating (If trainers don’t work)
As with many games, there are a lot of different versions out there and they are getting updated constantly, which will lead to trainers not working for every single version and update out there. If you are unable to find working trainers for Far Cry 4, you may want to try cheating manually using Cheat Engine. This does work for literally any single player PC game if done right. In order to learn how it is done, please visit our tutorials section.

isaac rebirth trainer


TBoI: Rebirth Trainer
This trainer will allow you to activate options for cheats, such as unlimited health, soul hearts, black hearts, eternal hearts, infinite money, bombs and keys. There are even more advanced options that allow you to edit your maximum hearts, your current items and trinkets / consumables. With other words this trainer will literally make you the most overpowered baby in the whole wide world. Since this is a rogue-like game and the fun is in getting tortured and dying a lot, using these cheats might make you enjoy the game less, if you are a hopeless masochist. So if you want to get the whole sadistic pleasure that this game has to offer you, then do not use cheats for your first play through and call me your master while I whip yo’butt. But jokes aside, cheats will actually make the game a “bit” too easy for some. You may find a tutorial on how to use the trainer here. To download, go here.


Manual Cheating (If trainers do not work)
With the rise of steam and other online game delivery methods, most games get patched a LOT before they finally reach their stable end-of-life version and up until that point, finding a trainer that works for your version of the game may be hard. However, there is a solution to take care of your deprived cheating needs in the form of manual game hacking. You may learn more about this technique In our Tutorials section. It is basically a technique that allows you to find and change certain values in almost any PC game, even if you are unable to find a working trainer.

civ beyond earth trainer


Civ: Beyond Earth Trainer
This particular trainer for Civ 6 includes a whole variety of different options that will allow you not only to become a lot more powerful, but to play the game the way you want: It includes options for unlimited Money (or Energy as they call it in this one), unlimited moves for units, unlimited fights for combat units, a working God Mode for all your units (they cannot die) and even a cheat that will allow you to research any technology in 1 turn. The trainer also includes scripts for fast production of buildings, wonders and units, tile improvements and some pointers that will allow you to edit a lot of in game values. The software was created for the release version  of Civilization: Beyond Earth, but may work for a lot of the later updates as well. In order to be able to run this .CT Trainer, or Cheat Table, you will have to get a program called Cheat Engine. For those that are not familiar with Cheat Table and how to use Cheat Engine, we do provide a comprehensive and short tutorial over here. To download the trainer files, please head over to our forums and visit this thread.


Civilization: Beyond Earth Cheat Codes
There are no cheat codes in this game, I’m afraid. However, if you are one of those poor individuals that is unable to find a working trainer for your particular version of the game, there may still be some hope lest that you will be able to enjoy your own cheats if you have what it takes. Cheat Engine allows you to scan for values in the game memory. This is called “memory editing” and allows you to create your own cheats: This way you are able to find and edit values, such as Research, Energy ect. If you want to know more, please visit our Tutorial section here on HackerBot.net.

Tthe evil within trainer


The Evil Within Trainer
This trainer program will enable you to activate a whole variety of different cheats in the game that will not only make the game less stressful, but also more enjoyable for some. Not everyone likes to die a lot due to lack of ammo and syringes and that is why this trainer offers a God Mode option for unlimited health, unlimited syringes and ammo for those that feel so inclined. The trainer also contains scripts for unlimited points, keys, crossbow parts and sprinting if the previous options were not enough overpowered for you. No Spread and No Reload hacks for those that want to till zombies even more quickly and that is about it for the options. We do recommend that you do play The Evil Within without cheats at first in order to consume the experience as it was intended by its developers and only after that start using this trainer, since it really can take away from the gameplay. The trainer is a Cheat Table which means you will need Cheat Engine in order to run the script. For those that are not yet familiar with CE and how to run .CT files we have a tutorial just for you right here. In order to download the trainer file, please head over to our forums right here.


The Evil Within Cheat Codes
Even though this is kind of an old school survival horror shooter, it is pretty modern when it comes to the application of cheats; As in there are none. However, those that would feel so inclined could still get some cheats to work manually if they were to find that none of the trainers out there were working for their game. Simply values like health, syringes, keys and ammo can easily be hacked manually using Cheat Engine to scan for values in the game memory and changing or freezing them. In order to learn more about cheating in any PC game manually, please head over to our Tutorials section or use the Search Bar.

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