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In this section you will find everything you need to Cheat in Single Player PC Games. Whenever a Trainer, Cheat Code or similar Cheating Method is posted on our Forums, we try and publish a video showing off the Cheat and to publish a short Description. This section started at the beginning of 2013 and you can expect to see Cheats for most AAA and other important Computer Titles from 2013 onward here. We are also trying to publish Content on earlier games as Trainers get uploaded to the site. If you are looking for a Specific Game, then just use the Search Function above to find the corresponding Video, Article and Downloads.

PC Game Trainers, Cheats and Hacks

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Risen 3 Trainers and Cheats

Risen 3 Trainer
This trainer will provide you with the most important cheats you are looking for in your singleplayer RPGS: A working God Mode to make combat a lot easier, unlimited gold and glory to get the best gear and stats, an editor that lets you edit all your attributes and a lot more. This is an NoB trainer, so it should work for most versions of the game. However in order to make sure that the trainer works for you, we recommend that you do not update the game unless it is entirely necessary. In order to learn how to use Cheat Table trainers using Cheat Engine, please go here and watch our tutorial. In order to download the file, please sign up and download the file on our forum here.

risen 3 trainer

Risen 3 Cheat Codes
As in all Piranha Bytes games we fully expect there to be a cheat console hidden in amongst some configuration files. So as soon as the cheats have been found, we will provide you with a complete list.

Divinity: Original Sin Trainers and Cheats

divinity original sin trainer


Divinity: Original Sin
This trainer for Original Sin will allow you to edit various values in the game and activate certain cheating options. The trainer includes a complete God Mode, giving both your characters unlimited health, Unlimited Gold and Items, allowing you to use items infinitely and buy the best gear you can get, unlimited action points for combat and a lot more. The trainer also allows you to edit the stats of both your characters in Divinity. Please keep in mind that using cheats in the game will influence your game experience and we recommend that you play the game at least once without cheats to get the best out of it. Also the trainer has been made for early versions of the game and may or may not work for later ones. To learn how to use Cheat Tables, please check out our tutorial on how to use cheat engine to open .CT files here. To download the trainer itself, please go here.

Sniper Elite 3 Trainers and Cheats

sniper elite 3 trainer


Sniper Elite 3 Trainer
This trainer for the latest installment of the Sniper Elite Series will allow you to get unlimited Health, allowing you to tank bullets to no end, unlimited focus and no spread, allowing you to have fun sniping and enjoying killing cams, Unlimited ammo and unlimited experience, allowing you to unlock all the weapons and gadgets in the game for even more fun. The trainer has been created for a few versions of Sniper Elite III, but no guarantees can be given that it will work for any version of the game. Please also keep in mind that using cheats will influence your experience and we recommend that you play the game without trainers or cheats first. All these cheats can be activated using a Cheat Engine Table and applying it to the game process. If you want to know how to use cheat tables, then we have a tutorial for you, allowing you to learn how to use Cheat Tables here. To download the trainer files, please go here.

Watch Dogs (PC) Trainers and Cheats

watch dogs trainer


Watch Dogs Trainer
This is a compilation of different trainers for Watch Dogs. Since the game has been released on multiple platforms and has had a lot of special editions there is no guarantee that any of these will work for your patch and version of the game fully. However, most of them should work at least partially for your version. The trainers include options like Unlimited Health (God Modes), Unlimited Money, allowing you to buy all the weapons and cars ect you need, Stealth options that are meant to make you invisible to enemies and make sneaking around easier, One Hit Kills for more overpoweredness, Unlimited Skill Points, Experience, Unlimited Time on your Hacking timers, Unlimited Ammo and No Reload Cheats, Resetting your Wanted Level, Unlimited Battery for your hacking abilities and a lot more awesome cheating options. Hacking a hacking game – what irony. Obviously these cheats will kind of spoil the game for you, so please do not use them on your first play through. In order to learn how to use Cheat Table Trainers, you are free to check out this tutorial, outlining the basic steps to using them to cheat in PC games. To download the trainer file and get started, please sign up and download the file here.

Transistor (PC) Trainers and Cheats

transistor trainer


Transistor Trainer
This trainer for Transistor will allow you to edit your Health and set a minimum Health value in order to get a God Mode. The trainer also includes a hack for unlimited turns and turn cooldowns, allowing you to eliminate every enemy in a room in what is basically one single turn. However, I have to urge you to play the game without cheats at first, before using any trainer such as this one. The game is a great experience with incredible depth of combat and an incredible story. Please do not spoil the exquisite game experience you get in Transistor. If you do not know how to use Cheat Table Trainers on your PC, then you might want to check out
this tutorial explaining to you how to use this kind of file. In order to download the trainer file, please head over to our Forum, Sign up and download the file here.

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