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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked – Money / Gold Cheat


How to Hack Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Cheat Engine)
All you basically have to do to get unlimited money in Kingdom Rush Frontiers is to get a program called Cheat Engine that allows us to change values in any process running on our PC. After that you just follow the tutorial video above to get everything working. Our Gold value is stored under 4bytes, so do not change the default value type. Keep in mind that the address for your gold value changes after every fight, so you will have to scan for the value again, once you have won a battle and begin a new one. Also keep in mind that using this cheat is easiest if you use Firefox to play the game, if you use any other browser, it will be a lot more difficult to find the right process.


War Metal Tyrant Cheats, Hacks & Bots | How to Cheat in Tyrant (Facebook / Kongregate)


War Metal Tyrant Hacks, Cheats and Bots
The best way to cheat in Tyrant by Synapticon is to use a script to automatically far missions for you. This can be done using a simple click bot. This is also the best way to “hack” money (gold) in the game. Since this is an MMO browser game all values are processed on the server side and energy, loyalty, gold, war bonds, experience, shards and all other currencies are impossible to hack.


How to create your own Tyrant Bot
The video above shows you how to create your own tyrant bot in order to farm missions, get xp and gold and gives you tips and tricks on how to do so efficiently. The tutorial below gives you the basic knowledge that you will need in order to set up bots using mouse and keyboard recorders (macros). I recommend you watch them both. This procedure works for facebook and kongregate players alike.



House of Wolves Hack / Trainer | How to Cheat in HoWa using Cheat Engine




House of Wolves hack using Cheat Engine
Hacking House of Wolves has been a huge challenge. It was impossible for us to hack the resource values directly, so we decided to get there on a different route: Hacking the available resources on the source, such as: Trees, Rocks, Mines, Animals for food…

The most basic technique of using Cheat Engine is sufficient in order to hack resource sources. One just scans for the available resources, farms them, scans again and then freezes the values. – This way you do have unlimited resources, but still need to gather them.

If you want to look into the encryption of the resource values in order to be able to hack them directly: They are probably encrypted through a simple multiplication and maybe an additional subtraction or addition. [Value*x-/+y] That’s how most developers to it anyways. We usually don’t spend more than 30min trying to figure out such encryptions. – Especially if there is an alternative way of achieving the same effect.

Caribbean Admiral Hack / Trainer | How to Cheat in CA using Cheat Engine


Caribbean Admiral Hack using Cheat Engine
Finding out how to hack Caribbean Admiral turned out to be a lot harder than expected. The developers of this game have taken precautions against hackers. But after a few hours of searching for the most commonly used encryption methods, we finally cracked the counter measures.

It actually seems quite simple: All one has to do to hack Money and War Points is to multiply the WP or Gold Value by 8 and then add 8. That’s all there is to it really. But finding out that this is the way to do it took a lot of time. All the other values seem to use another method of encryption. Probably also some variation of [Value*8+x]. Who has the time and conviction to search for the right encryption, should go right ahead. We have done our part.

Incursion 2 - The Artifact Hack | How to Cheat in I2tA using Cheat Engine



Incursion 2 The Artifact Money / Gold Hack
Hacking I2tA is not as easy as hacking your average browser game. After trying for a while, I noticed that it is almost impossible to hack the gold / money value directly. So the way I found to hack Incursion 2 – The Artifact is to hack the value of a tower that in turn then directly determines the amount you can sell it for.

So what one does is simply spend money on buying an archer or whatever unit one chooses and scan for that value in Cheat Engine. After that one buys another unit for the same tower and adds its value to the value used before (overall value of tower units). Now one will be left with just one value and is able to edit it. On selling the tower you will get 75% of the edited tower value. So for 1.000.000 gold tower value, you will get 750.000 ect.

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