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Incursion 2 - The Artifact Hack | How to Cheat in I2tA using Cheat Engine



Incursion 2 The Artifact Money / Gold Hack
Hacking I2tA is not as easy as hacking your average browser game. After trying for a while, I noticed that it is almost impossible to hack the gold / money value directly. So the way I found to hack Incursion 2 – The Artifact is to hack the value of a tower that in turn then directly determines the amount you can sell it for.

So what one does is simply spend money on buying an archer or whatever unit one chooses and scan for that value in Cheat Engine. After that one buys another unit for the same tower and adds its value to the value used before (overall value of tower units). Now one will be left with just one value and is able to edit it. On selling the tower you will get 75% of the edited tower value. So for 1.000.000 gold tower value, you will get 750.000 ect.

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