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Cursed Treasure 2 Hacks
Hacking Cursed Treasure 2 is quite easy: Just follow the instructions below and you will be able to hack gold, mana and any other game values you might want to edit in this flash game. But be warned: The game might not be as fun to play, if you give yourself unlimited gold, skills and mana. I always go for +1000 gold and then play “fair”. That way the game doesn’t lose all its challenge.


How to hack Gold and Mana in Cursed Treasure 2 (CT2):
Download and install Cheat Engine (unless you already have it)
2. Have CT2 running on your browser
3. Click the PC-icon in Cheat Engine to select your browser process (there might be multiple ones if you are using internet explorer or chrome…)
4. If there are multiple processes of your browser running, then enable a 0.00 speed hack and see if it freezes the game. – If the game gets frozen, then you got the right process, otherwise move on to the next one.
5. Once you found the correct process, start a mission
6. Now enable a 0.00 speed hack (freeze the game) and enter your current Gold / Mana under “Value:”
7. Press “First Scan” and wait for the values on the left side to appear
8. There will be a lot of values and we do not know which one is the one we want to hack just yet, so…
9. Disable your speed hack and go back into the game and build something to change your gold value or wait for mana to regenerate
10. Now enable the speed hack again and type the new Gold / Mana value in under “Value:” and press next scan.
11. Do this until you get only 1 or 2 values on the right side, then double click it/them, then they will appear in the list at the bottom of Cheat Engine
12. Select the value / the values and right-click it/them and go to Change Record > Value and type in whatever value you’d like your Gold / Mana to be.
13. If you want truly unlimited Gold / Mana, then check the little checkbox right next to the value at the bottom of CE and the value will be frozen.
14. You now have unlimited Gold / Mana in CT2



Hacking Skill Points [by Kermit]
Start any level you like, I used the first one
2. Pause the game immediatly using the button on the bottom left

3. Now go to CE and set the value type to "double"
4. Scan for "0" since you haven't killed anyone yet
5. Continue the game and count how many enemies you have killed; 1 or 2 will do
6. Scan for that value
7. Repeat 5&6 till only one value is left - keep in mind that you need the cumulative number of kills
8. Select the address and change to something like 80000 and freeze it
9. Finish the level – Voilà

Thanks to Kermit for this awesome hack.

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