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Resident Evil 6 Hack | How to Cheat in RE6 using Cheat Engine Trainer


Resident Evil 6 Cheats (God Mode, Ammo, Speed, Skill Points)
This hack is a very basic Cheat Engine hack. Watch the video to get instructions on how to apply ammo, health and speed hacks. The same technique works for skill points as well and possibly for a whole lot of other values you might want to hack in Resident Evil 6.

Don’t forget to set the value type in CE to all when hacking RE6. Scanning for this value type requires a lot of resources and might take a while. So please don’t freak out if your PC should start lagging.

The Ammo hack has to be applied to every single weapon. Hacking one will not give you unlimited ammo and the other weapons

The unlimited herbs hack serves as a god mode. I know it’s technically not a real god mode, but since you can hit the 1-key for ever it’s kind of like having unlimited health.


Resident Evil 6 Cheat Engine Trainer (God Mode)
A working cheat table (trainer) for RE6 including a god mode and multiple other cheating options has been posted here.

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