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Dead Island – Riptide Hack | How to Cheat in DIR using Cheat Engine (Trainer)



Dead Island – Riptide Hacks
Hacking DIR is quite easy. By simply scanning for the values just the way you see them in Cheat Engine, changing them and then simply changing (and freezing) them, you will be able to hack almost any value in Dead Island Reptide.

Skill points cannot be hacked directly, you will have to hack your experience in order to get more skill points. The downside is here that as you level up, the monsters around you will level up as well. Freezing your ammo value, setting up slow-motion hacks and freezing your med kits will however give you a distinct advantage none the less.


Cheat Engine Trainer (God Mode)
A working +10 Trainer including a god mode (unlimited health) for Dead Island: Riptide has been posted here.

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