1. Finding the Minecraft Install Directory (Folder)
If we want to be able to install a Minecraft hacked client, we firstneed to establish some basics: The install folder of Minecraft is hidden by default on most Windows operating systems, so you will need to go into your control panel, (appearance and personalization), folder option, view ad there you need to set your system to “Show hidden files, folder and drives” in order to make it even possible to find the Minecraft folder.

 After you have made all hidden folders on your PC visible, you can now start the quest to find your Minecraft folder. On my Windows 8 Rig the path is [Windows Drive]/Users/MyUsername/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft. If you are using something like XP or Vista, there might be Application Data instead of AppData and there might not be a “Roaming” directory. It has been quite a long time that I used the earlier Windows versions, but you will find the Minecraft folder in your Application Data and that is always in your Users/YourName folder. 


2. Installing the Minecraft Hacked Client
Whenever you are downloading a legit Minecraft client, you will get 2 files: One .jar file and one .json file (as of 2014). Now in order to install this hacked client, you will have to create a folder (if there isn’t already one) and put the 2 files in that folder. Now you have to make sure that the folder and the 2 files within have the exact same name. So for example my folder is called “DatHack”, then my files have to be called “DatHack.jar” and “DatHack.json”. If the file names do not match, the hack will not work. Next you open the .json file using your Text Editor (Notepad) and the first line you see should specify the clients ID:  "id": "1.6.4" Now you need to change the ID value to whatever you choose to be your client name and that you used as your file and folder name. So in my example, I would rewrite into:  "id": "DatHack “, then save the file and you are almost done.

Now start your Minecraft Laucncher by starting the Minecraft.exe and go to “Edit Profie”, then under “Use version” choodse your hacked client name (in my case: DatHack), then Save your Profile and start the game by pressing “Play”. – There you go, you now are using a hacked client to play Minecraft.

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