PunkBuster: How to not get Banned in Games using this Anti-Cheat


How PunkBuster Works
Punkbuster is a pice of software that scans your game process for known cheating software (injected code). Once a known code is detected, it informs the game servers that you are a cheater and you basically get punished from that point on. It’s a very simple but quite effective way of keeping your average cheater at bay and from ruining everyone fun. Punkbuster is one of the first anti-cheat measured that have been adapted in shooters on a large scale.


How to avoid getting Banned by PunkBuster
Punkbusters weakness is that the software has to know the code of the cheat you are using in order to detect it. In other words: The PunkBuster Staff has to get their hand on the exact code you are using and need to blacklist part of that code. Now if you have a hack that not many people have access to, a paid aimbot for example, then you will be just fine. While PB is very effective at keeping free hacks at bay, it really does not affect paid cheating software at all. So either make sure that the free hacks you are using are up to date and undetected or go with a paid subscription to make sure you don’t get busted.


PunkBuster is a Good Thing
Without PunkBuster our favorite shooters would be full of cheaters, because every free hack or aimbot ever released would spread continuously and fast to the point where probably almost half the players would be cheaters. I have personally seen how hacks have spread in games that had no countermeasures and literally half the community ended up cheating. It is the way of things: People will cheat if given the opportunity, especially if cheating is also free. PunkBuster makes it so that only people that are really serious about cheating get to do it and our games don’t get ruined. Thank You, Punkbuster.


FairFight: How to not get Banned in Games using this Anti-Cheat


How FairFight Works
Fairfight analyzes player actions and statistics on the server side and pattern-matches it to data recorded from cheaters and normal players in order to figure out if a player is using hacks or aimbots in a shooter or not. We are not entirely sure exactly what data is analyzed, but we can safely assume that your k/d ratio, your accuracy and your headshots are part of it. If movement and aiming is analyzed, we really do not know. However, it is unlikely that FairFight is analyzing all your movement, since the load on the server would be great.


How to avoid getting Banned by FairFight
HackerBot.net has always been advising its users to use caution when using hacks or aimbots in online shooters and to seem as human as possible. If someone watching you’re the killcam can tell that you are hacking, then you are doing it wrong. With FairFight having an aimbot that can be set to seem more natural is not only useful, but necessary. You need to limit the aim angle, aim speed and shooting speed of you aimbot, if you don’t want to get detected by FairFight. Also you will want to keep you accuracy well below 50%, so shoot into walls regularly to keep that stat in check.

Overall, try to be as unsuspicious as possible. You can still be the #1 player in the game, but do not overdo it. Have 1 or 2 kills more than the next best player, but don’t double his stats or you are probably being too obvious. If you don’t have a hack that allows you to configure options to seem more legit, then this is the time to change service and get an aimbot that offers those customization options.


FairFight is a Good Thing
Personally, I am very glad that FairFight exists. It inhibits people from abusing hacks and giving hackers a bad name. We are using hacks to have fun and level up quickly, not to dominate others and ruin their fun. Our aim is not to ruin shooters, but to enjoy them and be good at them without having to put in all the 100s of hours of practice. FairFight will help to eliminate the kind of aimbot and hack user that is only in the scene to enact power and bully others. – So thanks, FairFight.

How to Create a Trainer for a PC Game using Cheat Engine


What you need to Create your own Trainers
In order to be able to create your own trainers for a PC game, you will need to get cheat engine and learn some very basic techniques to find values. If you do not yet have the skills required, then you might want to check out this tutorial on basic cheat engine handling. You will also have to be patient. The bigger the game is, the harder to actually get a trainer working. You will have to start, scan, restart for quite some time in order to get multiple pointers running and it will require a lot of patience.


Basic Concept
When we run a game on our PC, data is stored on our RAM and is assigned a physical memory address like “00E0E990”. However, this address does not always contain the same value, as addresses are always assigned differently every time we start a process. So what we have to do is to find a certain function or “pointer” within the process that points us toward the right value. And that is what we are basically doing when we are creating a trainer: We are looking for a function in the game process that will always point us toward the value we want to change, no matter where on the physical memory the value is stored at. I know that sounds complicated, but you will understand once you create your first trainer.


How it works
Best watch the video so actually see for yourself how to do it, but basically: We scan for the value we want to change and make sure we have the right one. After that we run a pointer scan for that address and will probably come up with a whole lot of pointers. In order to narrow down the selection of pointers, we restart the game and rescan using the same value and its new physical memory address. We repeat that process until we get below 300 or ideally even less than 100 pointers. After that we grab either all of the pointers or an extensive sample of those and import them into our Cheat Table by double-clicking them. Now we restart the game again, connect Cheat Engine and can now easily find the right pointers by comparing their values to the displayed values in the game.


this only works for static addresses and will not work for dynamic ones. Also trainers created in this way will be outdated quickly after even the smallest updates and changes to the game. In order to circumvent that we will need to create a AoB Scan Cheat Table Trainer. I will learn how to do that asap and update this article once I can teach you how to do that.

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