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A Township Hack is any method, tool, app, software, modification or other means for players to gain unfair advantages and cheat in Township on Android and iOS, get more free Tcash (cash), Coins (money), items, free in-app purchases and other goodies. – While there are several different working approaches to hacking the game, hacks and generators for unlimited free Tcash (gems), Coins and other resources do not exist and are always fake.


Township Hacks

Hacks are any and all means of modifying your game memory, data, game files and packets sent by your game to the Township servers in order to gain an advantage, get more free coins, Township cash, gems and other goodies more quickly than other players. – This is mostly done either by modifying the game client through the use of mods or hacked game clients for Townhship or using game hacking apps and memory edition software to enable cheats manually into the unmodded default game.

Features included in such Township hacks may include anything from speedhacks, automated farming and rewards collection, auto farming and harvesting, order completion, daily missions and challenges, house of luck cheats and more depending on what manipulation of the game app is technically possible at any time, the operating system the game is running on (Android mobile or iOS), what information is stored and processed on the game client and other factors.

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Mods & Mod Menus

By far the most popular and most convenient way to use cheats in Township on mobile is the use of modded clients or mods. They are modified versions of Township that can be downloaded and installed to replace the normal game and will allow the user to enable cheats in the game that will help them farm, make the game easier, get them more free cash, coins, items, resources, XP and other goodies like decorations and gems. However, while mods do exist for both Android (APK mods) and iOS (Apple iOS Game Mod Apps), finding working mods for Township on mobile will generally be easier on Android due to the larger developer community for that platform. Also while some modded clients require no root and no jailbroken device, others will require you to change system files, which may require the use of a PC or root in some cases.

Mod Menus are simply a premium kind of mod that will come with more and better integrated features, more powerful cheating options, be updated more quickly and come with an in-game menu that allows users to toggle individual hack options and customize scripts.

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Bots are the often overlooked way of gaining a significant edge that is potentially much more powerful than most other means of cheating in Township, since a bot is potentially able to extract and automatically farm near unlimited cash, coins / money, XP, gems and other goodies over time and even get you some of the most prestigious decorations and rewards in Township over time. – What a bot does is basically automatically playing the game for you, completing orders, planting and harvesting all day long, selling crops, helping co-op friends, ask for help, play the house of luck for you, keep farms and factories working, upgrading your buildings, mint money, mine and refine ect. Anything you can do, a bot can do it 24/7/365 forever.

Bots are the only way to get unlimited Township cash and coins, since there are no legitimate generators, online hacks or tools to generate unlimited money in online games. If you want to learn how to set up your own bot for Township, then check out this tutorial.

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Township Mod Menus

If you love mods, you will love mod menus even more, since they are beefed-up versions of the former and generally offer more features, better customization and an awesome ingame menu that allows a user to turn individual hacks and scripts on and off. However, while the best kind of download out there for Township cheaters, mod menus are also quite hard to find and even harder to find as free downloads, since they are usually the premium version of the free alternatives, meaning that you will probably need a subscription in order to get one of these beautiful things. The same limitations apply as with other modded clients, which means that options for money, coins and cash are not possible, since that data is stored on the Playrix game servers and cannot be accessed  or modified using any tools.

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Township Exploits and Dupes

Exploits are the rarest, but potentially the most powerful ways to cheat in Township by far. Exploiting is the use of bugs in the game, the game servers or the way information is processed in order to gain an advantage and the possibilities are endless: Unlimited cash, coins, gems, XP, level hacks, unlock hacks, free purchases from the shop, duplicating items, resources and more are potentially possible.

However, while having the potential to be most overpowered way of getting around the rules, exploits are also temporary in nature most of the time, since the Township developers are known to patch or fix such bugs as soon as they are found without delay, which means that the time window to use such exploits is usually very narrow. So if you want to be one of the lucky ones that gets to take advantage, I suggest you find a good community specializing in exploiting Township here. – Another great upside of glitches and exploits is that they generally require no root and no jaibrake to use on Android and iOS respectively, making it the perfect cheat to use for beginners to the game hacking space.

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