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Is it possible to cheat in Battlefield 1?
Yes, cheating is possible and relatively simple: Battlefield 1 Aimbot software allows you to automatically aim all weapons including vehicle weapons at the press of a button. Aimbots can also autoamtically shoot and kill enemies, making them the most powerful BF1 cheat out there. There are also Wallhacks, which allow you to see enemies through walls and gan a significant advantage. Aside from those, there leveling exploits and other smaller hacks that come up from time to time.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for doing it?
Cheating in online games, including shooters is completely legal. Noone will love you for it, but you are free to do with your computer or console whatever you like. This goes for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and all other devices. However, it is recommended that you use quality Battlefield 1 Hacks in order to avoid getting detected. Keep in mind that EA and DICE has the right to ban any player from their games for any reason. Quality paid and private hacks will allow you to stay undetected and never get banned, so be careful if you are thinking about downloading some random free hacks and consider your accounts security.


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How Risky is it to cheat and on what platforms does it work?
In general using basic programs like Battlefield 1 Aimbots or Wallhacks is very safe, as long as you are using premium software coded and maintaned by professionals and providers with a good track record. Free BF1 Hacks will usually be detected by PunkBuster or similar anti-cheats within days of their release, since DICE is usually on top of their game when it comes to blacklisting that kind of code. Keep in mind that with non-private public hacks, everyone has access to the code and it will usually spread like wild fire, since it is free and therefore will get banned quickly.

Cheating software can theoretically be made to work on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One Alike. However, PC is as always the easiest way to go, since it is the platform m that allows you to run system applications (administrator permission is required for hooking, dll injection ect) by default. Consoles are a bit harder to cheat on, since they are closed systems and it is very hard to run unsigned code, unless you have a hacked console. However, cheating is still possible through packet editing and similar techniques.

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Battlefield 1 Aimbots – Automatically aim and shoot
The aim bot as always is the most powerful cheat available for Battlefield 1, since it allows you to automatically aim and if set to do so, automatically shoot, at the press of a button. Premium aimbots, if you buy them, will have options to aim for weak spots on vehicles, for bullet drop and travel time correction (leading targets) and will even have options to hide your aimbotting through allowing you to configure delays before shooting, making aiming smoother and slower ect.

While the BF1 aimbot is certainly an incredibly awesome way of getting a lot of points and raking up quickly, getting warbonds and unlocking goodies, it is also one of those hacks that can get you reported very easily if abused. – Keep in mind that other players will report you if you annoy them, so please use this kind of software with respect for other peoples fun. We recommend only using your aim bot if the enemy team is stomping and spawnkilling you or to counter other aimbotters. You will still get faster progression, but you will be doing other people a favor.

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BF1 Wallhacks, ESP, No Recoil, No Spread, Instant Hit Hacks
Another very infamous kind of exploit in BF games is the wallhack, that allows you to see enemies, friendlies, explosives and all kinds of other objects through walls and gives you a significant advantage by giving you information instead of shooting for you. This kind of cheat is not only more fun to use, but it is also a lot harder to detect for people watching you and it is very hard to abuse it, which is why we recommend this one over the auto aiming software. Also it is usually cheaper to buy.

There are also some other useful hacks that are possible to get to work in BF1, such as scripts that disable recoil, hide weapon models, give you virtually no weapon spreach, which is incredible if used on shotguns or explosives, and exploits that make your projectiles hit instantly. However, these are hard to come by, as they are not as powerful as the main software used by cheaters.

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Scripts and Bots
Scripts or macros are programs that can automate certain simple actions if certain conditions are fulfilled. They do so within milliseconds, which is very useful if your reaction time isn’t perfect or you are human. While not as powerful as actual hacks, scripts are very effective in a competitive setting where every second counts.

Battlefield has for the last few a games allowed players to collect points through doing things beside killing people that incudes healing as a medic and reviving people, resupplying as a support, spotting enemies as any class, repairing vehicles and even providing suppressing fire. Now some of these actions can be scripted (automated) using software: For example you can set a script to automatically throw medpacks if there are injured players nearby and the same works for the support as well. Another popular script would be the medic script that automatically throws a med pack at your own feet if you reach 50% health. The possibilities are endless.



Hacked Private Servers
Another way cheating is possible in BF1 is to use private servers, especially on consoles (XB1 and PS4) this is a good method, since using software is harder in consoles. However, it is not possible to use your standard private server to do this. What usually happens is that there is a leak and the server software is made public, which then allows people to set up their own private game servers and mod them. These modded server may then allow people to cheat, make their own game modes, change weapon damage, health and so on. This does not happen very often, since EA is very good about keeping their servers software under locks, but it may happen.

By default and using the out-of-the-box game, modding is sadly not possible and kind of never has been in the whole battlefield series.


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Are all cheaters evil? When is cheating morally OK?
Most cheaters in games like Battlefield or Call of Duty are hiding their use of software very stringently and are not using hacks all that often, even though they have access to them. Why? Because playing an online shooter, such as Battlefield 1, with your aimbot constantly enabled is no fun. There is no challenge and therefore there is no long-term fun to be had. No matter how hard a game once was, once it is too easy, you lose interest very quickly, since you are not being challenged and don’t feel a sense of achievement at all. So that one hacker you once met that killed everyone on the server. He is an exception. Probably a 13 year old kid tat downloaded a free hack from a shady site and will be banned come next morning.

The way I use hacks and the way I recommend people use them is with the view of the opponent in mind and with respect for any player. Using an aimbot if the game is fun and both teams are balanced is an anti-social thing to do and since we are not here to satisfy some sick desire for bullying people, we simply don’t do it. However, if the enemy team has a clan on teamspeak and is literally beating us into a pulp, spawn camping us, then I will usually turn on my aimbot for a bit and be that one player that manages to get some clutch kills. That way I am not the person trying to dominate others, but the one putting the dominators in their place.

Obviously the debate goes far beyond this. But in my personal opinion it is at the very least understandable to use a cheat in a situation where either the game or the enemy team put you into an unwinnable situation. And with playing against premade teams becoming more and more of a thing in online gaming, lots of solo players do need some help.


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BF1 Cheaty by Class
Both ESP and Aimbot will be very effective on scouts for obvious reasons: Easy spotting score, easy kills, everyone expects snipers to have good aim and so on. Premium wall hacks will also warn you if people are aiming at you or if they are flanking.

Assault: The use of auto aim is not as useful here, since you really need close range to kill people with your gun, but Wallhacks will make it easier to place your explosives perfectly with good software showing you exact distanceect.
Medic: Scripts can automatically heal you by throwing a medkit at your own feet at a certain % of helath, auto aiming software will be powerful, since you are using a semi-auto rifle with generally decent accuracy.
Support: Your LMG can shred through everything so both aimbots and ESPs will ber pretty effective aside from that you can use scripts to automatically use your support ammo packs to rack up some additional score for yourself.
Tanks / Planes / Vehicles: A good aimbot will also work for tank canons, mounted machine guns and planes. We may also see some auto repair scripts in the future that will give you professianla tank drivers out there a huge advantage.

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