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Is it possible to cheat in Conan Exiles?
As in most crafting survival games, it is possible to use Aimbots to automatically aim your melee and ranged attacks, Wallhacks to see mobs, items, players and resources through walls, making finding treasure boxes, rare items and resources really easy, and there are also some minor client-sided hacks that allow for speedhacks (faster running), teleporting hacks, item spawning exploits and so on. These hacks allow you to survive longer, level up faster, gather and craft more and get more kills vs AI and players. However, there are no unlimited health hacks (god modes) item hacks or damage hacks for Conan Exiles of any kind, unless you own a modded / hacked server.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for it?
Cheating in online games is completely legal, if a “bit” frowned upon. However, keep in mind that Funcom has the right to ban any player from their games, including Conan Exiles of course. So if you are downloading some free hacks, make sure they are undetected or use paid ones.


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Conan Exiles Wallhacks (Item / Player / NPC finder)
Wallhacks are programs that will inject code into the game and will extract coordinates of items, players, NPCs, animals, special chests ect and will display them (commonly as colored boxes) on your screen. A lot of well-developed wall or ESP hacks will show player names, mob types, item names, level, weapons, health bars and more information on your Screen as well.

Wllhacks will make it incredibly easy to see enemy players coming from far away, find items that spawned around you, find specific crafting materials, animals you want to hunt, NPC villages and so on. While these cheats are not as effective at fighting players and PvE as aimbots generally are, Conan Esiles Wallhacks will usually be more fun, since they don’t take the skill out of the game in any way. If you download this kind of program, make sure it is 100% up to date and undetected or use premium paid software.


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Conan Exiles Aimbots
Even though Conan Exiles is not centered around ranged combat, aimbotting is still incredibly powerful in both dashing out damage with ranged and melee weapons and for blocking damage as well. Quality CE Aimbots will take into account target movement and drop on bows ect in oder to give you the best chance of hitting and killing your target. A lot of aimbots also include triggerbots that will automatically shoot for you or trigger your melee attacks once a target is in range and ca be hit.

However, aimbots are generally the easiest kind of hack for others to notice, with the exception of teleporting and noclipping of course, and should be used very carefully and sparingly. They are very good at leveling you up though once you get some basic armor, a shield and a decent melee weapon, you will be able to farm mobs till the end of time.


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Are there hacks for no hunger, unlimited materials, stamina, item hacks, damage hacks, God modes, infinite stat points, no hunger and no thirst cheats?
Conan Exiles multiplayer is hosted on servers where all the important account information, such as your level, health, items, gear and so on is stored. Therefore, unless you own your own modded / hacked server, there is no way to hack these values from your side. There may be some indirect ways of achieving “unlimited health” by clipping under the map, using teleporting hacks or noclip and then attacking people from under terrain and be basically unkillable, but to directly achieve a God Mode, you would need your own Conan Exiles server hosed on a machine that you have root access to. At that point you would then either install your own mods or use memory editing to change values. However, at this time it seems that any private servers are a black box that you do not have root access to.






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