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Is it possible to cheat in Call of Duty games?
Yes indeed it is possible to cheat in CoD games: There are aimbots that will aim and shoot enemies for you, Wallhacks that will show you enemies through objects ans other smaller hacks for less spread, speed and so on. However, there are no god modes, ammo hacks and so on.

Is it legal to cheat in CoD and will I get banned?
Cheating in games has for centuries been frowned upon, but totally legal. It is however possible for your account to get banned if you are either using outdated software or are being a prick about cheating and annoying everyone on your server.

How much do CoD Hacks usually cost?
Since programmers need to keep hacks or aimbots up to date, your average CoD aimbot or hack will cost you around 10 to 15$ per month depending on the provider and the age of the game. Free stuff will usually get you banned in these kinds of game, so we recommend staying away.


Call of Duty Game Series Cheats:
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
(Call of Duty 1-3 are not supported by most hack providers anymore.)




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Cheating Methods Used in Call of Duty Games
Over the years a lot of different cheating methods were applied in the Call of Duty game series. At the beginning there were still actual God Modes and Invisibility Hacks, due to the heavy client-side processing. Up to the early Modern Warfare games it was still possible to get to the Maximum Rank and get all Weapon Camouflage, including the famous gold weapons, simply by editing some files on your computer. However, as the series moved on it became increasingly difficult to cheat due to the rise of server-side data storage and processing. Today the most popular Cheats that are applied in the CoD games are Aimbots and ESP Hacks. These have always been working and will probably continue to work in a lot of upcoming Call of Duty games. While a lot of hackers tried to keep a low profile and not annoy other player, there have sadly always been bad apples in the CoD Hacking Community that used the software to dominate whole games and ruin peoples fun. – An attitude that we here at are certainly not in favor of and even condemn.


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Call of Duty Aimbots
As one of the very first franchises to really popularize the Online Shooter genre, it is also one of the birth places of modern game hacking as we know it. The huge community that developed around the CoD games also lead to perfect conditions for hackers to unite and create high quality cheating software, such as aimbots. Needless to say: The idea of using software that would automatically aim and shoot for you in a multiplayer environment became pretty popular among Call of Duty players to the point where there is probably not a CoD player in the world that at least googletd the term “cod hacks” at least once. However, despite the huge interest in getting these programs the hate of the so called “hackers” and “aimbots” has never died down, because some people choose to abuse the software. However there are literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Call of Duty players out there that use the software responsibly and not to the detriment of the game and its community.

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Call of Duty ESP Hacks
How can’t afford an Aimbot and still wants to cheat in his favorite CoD game, goes for an ESP Hack. ESP Hacks are literally the poor man’s aimbot and has been around just as long in the Call of Duty series as his big brother, the aimbot. These cheats are allowing players all over the world to see, aim and shoot through walls with deadly precision. As one of the first games to implement the penetration of walls by bullets (aka shooting through walls), ESP Hacks have raised above their previous usefulness quite swiftly. Sadly most CoD games also include a kill cam and it is always hilarious to see people using their iron sights on a wall to accurately shoot people in the head. However, the use of ESP hacks is arguably a lot more fun that turning your aimbot on, since you still need to aim and apply a small amount of skill to get your kill streaks up. – The use of the killstreak itself requires less skills again, but then a certain amount of cheats have always been part of the CoD series and that’s why we love them. Call in the Nuke Strike (of Duty)!

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Free vs. Paid Call of Duty Hacks
As in all shooters, while free hacks are certainly nice, using them is very, very risky. Due to certain hacks or aimbots being free, these are very easy for anti-cheat developers to come by and blacklist. – This results in every other person that uses the blacklisted hack, gets banned. In addition to that, since people do not have to pay to use free hacks, they don’t respect them and abuse them often, leading to an even faster blacklisting. The alternative is the use of paid hacks that comes at a cost that is usually around 10-25$ per month. However, paid hacks offer you a lot more security and are always up to date, allowing you not only to use them without worrying about getting banned, but also whenever you want. That is the advantage you get for paying actual developers to create your hacks. Needless to say that paid hacks usually also provide higher quality than free ones, if you know where to find the best developers.



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