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A Rise of Empires Hack can be any tool, modded game app, software, method or means for a player of RoE to gain unfair advantages and cheat, get more free Gold (money), free Gems (diamonds), resources, speedups, hero XP, free in-app purchases and other goodies with no root or jailbrake required in Android and iOS respectively. – While different methods of cheating in Rise of Empires are available to players, generators and hacks for unlimited free Gems, free Diamonds and infinite Money do not exist and are always fake.

Rise of Empires Hacks

All actual game hacking in RoE is don’t client-side, meaning on your Android or iOS device, and while some may claim otherwise, it is not possible nor legal to hack the game servers belonging to the game devs. So while unlimited free gems and money is not possible to achieve using any tools and only potentially though rare exploits, there are still many possible cheating features that can be implemented though the 2 main methods of game hacking applied in Rise of Empires: Modding and the use of memory editors and other data editing tools. The use of bots to automatically farm the game is far less popular, but by far the most practical and effective way to gain consistent unfair advantages in the game and the closest thing to a money cheat.

rise of empires item hack exploit

Mods & Mod Menus

Modding, rather the use of modded game clients is the most popular and sought-after way to cheat in Rise of Empires on Android and iOS alike and by a country mile. The popularity of mods is mostly due to the relatively easy installation process, which while not 100% trivial is much more convenient for player than the alternative manual game hacking methods applied. Mods are manipulated versions of the original RoE game app that have been decompiled (unpckacked), reverse-engineered, modified to include cheating features and then recompiled into an installable APK or iOS app package that users can easily install on their mobile devices just like any other app. – While modded game clients technically require no root and no jailbrake to run, the installation process will generally require users to replace or change system files, which is a process that requires admin privileges in most cases.

Mod Menus are the Porsche of modded apps, the crème de la crème generally offering more features, faster updates, better cheats, being made by the best programmers in the business and featuring an in-game menu that allows users to customize and toggle individual hack features on and off at will.

roe mod menu download

Game Hacking Tools

The main alternative to modded game apps, the use of tools to edit apps and game memory to implement cheating functionality into Rise of Empires on Android and iOS is a method that has the huge advantage of not requiring updates with every patch and hotfix that the game app receives, but being a lot more challenging on the user and requiring some serious dedication and some basic know-how to properly execute. – The most important tools used in game hacking on mobile are memory editors, such as GameGuardian for Android and Game Gem for iOS, that are used to modify the data stored in the physical memory (RAM) of your device in order to modify the game and enable cheats. Unless you are some kind of tech wunderkind, you will need to acquire at least some basic knowledge about memory editing and then follow some in-depth tutorials and guides in order to implement even the most simple of cheats, but if you are willing to learn and invest the time necessary, this might be the preferred method of gaining an edge in RoE for you.

riseofempires game hacking tools

Generators & Online Hacks

As briefly mentioned in the beginning, any generators and hacks claiming to give you or ‘generate’ free Gold, Money, Gems, Diamonds, Resources (food, ale, marble, luber, iron), Speedups, Stamina, Hero XP, Recruitment Tickets or other currencies and resources for Rise of Empires are fake and will never work. – Now to the reason why that is certainly the case: RoE is an online game and that means that all your important account information, such as the state of your city, your currency wallet, items, unlocked heroes, techs, stats, troops and other vital account data is stored on the game servers, also known as server-side processing. Game hacks are only able to manipulate client-side data that is stored on your device. Changing data on the servers is not possible for anyone but the developers and messing the server would not be legal and certainly not worth the risk for a few gems. – So if you don’t want to get scammed, then stay away from these fake generators.

rise of empires mod android ios

Rise of Empires Bots

The use of game automation or ‘bots’ is the #1 overlooked cheat and in our view up there in power with exploits, being the closest thing you can get to a money hack for Rise of Empires under normal circumstances. Bots are of course apps and software setups that allow you to automatically farm the game for resources, progress and goodies while you are off living your life. A decent bot for RoE will be able to automatically farm monsters, scout, raid players, participate in alliance wars, rally troops for giant gem farming, do national quest, dailies and hourly events, automatically save resources from incoming attacks, build your city and complete research on its own. And for those who cannot afford a premium level automated playing script, there are simple alternatives, such as creating your own bot using emulators, which can be downloaded and set up for free.


Exploiting or ‘glitching’ is the use of bugs in the Rise of Empires game app for Android or iOS in order to gain unfair advantages. Such exploitable bugs are extremely rare, but have unlimited potential to make usually impossible hack features possible: Server-side bugs can be used to duplicate items, collect infinite rewards, get damage cheats, unlimited money, gold, free gems, free diamonds, infinite resources and even free in-game purchases in rare cases. On top of all these awesome advantages that exploits offer, they usually also require no root and no jailbrake in order to use successfully, making them the perfect method suited for newbie cheaters. Overall, glitches have the clear potential to be the most overpowered method of gaining an edge in Rise of Empires and are well worth the time it takes to track the relevant game hacking forums to catch active exploits before they inevitably get patched or hotfixed when the developers become aware of them.

Alt accounts

As in every single city builder game ever on mobile, having multiple accounts is another extremely powerful way of gaining advantages: Not only are you able to rally your troops and send resources to your main account, but this method of cheating is even in many cases tolerated by the people running the game. It still pays to use a VPN to log into alt accounts if you want to make sure none of the used accounts get banned. Bots can even be used to individually control every account, allowing you to rule your alt city kingdom in RoE even more effectively and conquer the province you are playing on even more quickly.


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