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Firefall Cheats, Hacks, Aimbots and Bots

Firefall Cheats
Cheats in Firefall are mostly more or less sophisticated methods of farming Crystite, crafting materials (carbon, anabolics, earth ect) and experience quickly and effortlessly. This can be done either with the help of software, such as bots, aimbots or hacking tools, or without any software by using exploits, duping methods or other manual cheating methods. Since Firefall is an MMORPG as well as a shooter, aimbots are just as useful as using farming bots or ESP hacks. Cheats can be used both in the PvP mode of Firefall and the PvE. However, as always we urge you to keep the gaming experience of other players in mind and not use cheats in such a way as to annoy them. Overall cheats can really help you to speed up the grindy parts of this game quite a bit and save you lots of time. Most cheats are working well with every battle frames in the game, but some might be more effective than others at specific tasks.

firefall cheats

Firefall Bots and Aimbots
Bots are basically programs that are running on your PC and are taking control of your game character. In Firefall bots can be used either to take full control of the game in order to farm for experience, materials and crystite or to outsource your aiming. If you let a bot do all your aiming, that is called aimbotting. Aimbots are used in almost any shooter and are probably the most overpowered method in cheating on the market right now. Using aimbots in the Firefall PvP will make you a lot more effective at killing mobs, since your aim is literally perfect and all you have to do is pull the trigger. Bots can also be used to do other repetitive tasks within the game, such as farming missions, scanning for certain resources, thumping and even crafting items and upgrading battleframes. Bots are the ideal way of skipping the farming and grinding for resources that are very prevalent in this particular online game.

Bots are generally undetectable, but you will want to make sure that they don’t get stuck in their rotations, since other players are sure to report a bot that gets stuck on terrain and just keeps running for hours. Only because software cannot tell that you are cheating, that does not mean that human players can’t figure it out either.

firefall bots

Firefall Hacks
Hacks are small programs that change the way your game client works on your computer, allowing you to perform actions that would otherwise be impossible using the unmodified game. Firefall hacks can allow you to see enemies through walls, to aim automatically (aimbots), shoot automatically, walk through walls, manipulate your booster rockets to fly around indefinitely and a lot more. However, the use of hacks comes with dangers: Hacks are in their nature detectable and if you are using an outdated product, then detection and a resulting ban are unavoidable. Also you might get reported quite soon if you are using hacks in PvP and are being obvious about it. So be careful when it comes to using this kind of cheating method, because it might not always be worth it.

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Red Beans Hacks, God Mode, Item Generators, Level Hacks and Unlimited Crystite
In every game there are values, such as your money value, that are too important to process on the players PC. These values are processed on the game server and cannot possibly be changed by any hacks. In Firefall this kind of value includes your Health, Crystite, Red Beans, Items, Level, Resources, Experience and some other important values. Anyone who claims that they have some hacking tool or generator that can change any of these integral values is lying to your face. – It is impossible. If it were possible, every player, their dog and grandmother would do it and the game would cease to exist due to lack of challenge. So do not fall for these people trying to get you to fill in surveys to make them money or giving them your login information, so they can rob you. You have been warned.

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