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Is it possible to cheat in Marvel Heroes?
Yes indeed it is possible: There are bots that will automatically level up heroes for you, farm credits and Gs and so on. There are also minor hacks that allow you to teleport through maps, run faster and so on. However, there are no hacks for money, Gs, levels, items and so on, since these values are stored on the server and therefore cannot be hacked.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for it?
Cheating in online games is completely legal all over the world. However, Cryptic Studios has the right to ban any player from their games, therefore we do recommend that you only use software that is up to date and treat your fellow players with respect.

How much do Marvel Heroes bots and hacks cost?
Your average Marvel Heroes bot will cost you around 10 to 20$ per month, since programmers need to constantly keep the software up to date. Free software will likely get your account banned, so don’t use it on your main account.


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Marvel Heroes Online Cheats
Cheats in Marvel Heroes are mostly just ways that allow you to either level up characters and legendary faster or make money (credits, Gs, Marks, Shards ect) faster and more efficiently. Especially the leveling of characters is very effective in the end game, since the hero synergy bonuses are very useful in maxing out your setup. There are cheats that require software in order to work and there are cheats that can be used manually. As in every MMO there are no cheat codes. Most cheats work with any character, but ranged and heavy AoE heroes are most effective for farming mobs. Using cheats you will be able to save some money and a lot of time. However, you will probably still want to spend some Gs on stash space to store more items.


marvel heroes hacks

Marvel Heroes Farming Bots
Bots are computer software that is programmed to take control of your Marvel Heroes character and play for you automatically. Bots can be configured to do a lot of repetitive tasks that can be quite time consuming for you if done manually. Bots are often used to level up characters to 60 automatically. – this is very useful doe to the Hero Synergy bonuses that you will want to get in the endgame. Bots can farm mobs, missions and even legendary missions. They can even vendor items or use them to level up your crafting. Bots are quite useful in the PvE aspect of the game, but not in the PvP, since PvP requires a human mind on order to be successful. To farm more efficiently it is recommended that you get your bot some legendary gear and weapons in order to speed up the leveling and farming process. Bots can also farm credits and splinters quite effectively as well.

Bots are usually undetectable, since they do not try to manipulate the workings of the game, but you should still be careful: Do not run your farming bot 24/7. Anti-botting measures are analyzing statistics and if someone is farming one single dungeon or instance for 24h every day, there are surely going to be some red flags on your account. We recommend running your bot a max of 20h per day. This way you are able to farm a whole lot of EXP and credits without putting your account at risk.


marvel heroes bots


Marvel Heroes Hacks
Hacks are pieces of software that add functionality to your game client or change the way it processes data on your PC in order to give you an advantage. Please keep in mind that this kind of cheating technique is potentially detectable, so make sure that the software that you are trying to employ is up to date and not going to get you banned. Hacks can achieve many very advantageous effects, such as short teleports to avoid damage and help your positioning, faster movement, highlighting objects and enemies and even clipping though wall and other obstacles. Hacks should however be used with caution, since other players are surely going to report you to the game moderators if you are using them in an obvious way. Hacks are not as useful in the PvE part of Marvel Heroes and are more of a risk than they are worth when used outside of PvP.


G Hacks, God Modes, Credit Generators and Item Cheats
There are people ou there that claim that the have the ability to provide you with Unlimited Health, Unlimited Credits, Gs, Odins Makrs or Item Generators. – These people are out to scam you and here is why: These values cannot possibly be changed, since they are not being stored on your computer. These very important pieces of data are processed on the Marvel Heroes game servers and those cannot possibly be accessed by any legal means. – So stay away from people that claim to be able to get you software that gives you any kind of game currency, Spirit or Health. All these people want is for you to fill in surveys for them or to give them your login information. Do not fall for their tricks.



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