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Rift Cheats

Rift Cheats
Cheating in Rift in mostly centered on farming Platinum (Planarite ect), Experience or Raids more effectively or exploit the auction house to make huge profits. Some cheats, such as dupes or other exploits and merchant techniques can be used manually, and others, such as hacks or bots, are achieved through software. Most cheating methods work for all classes and do not require you to be a patron or have a lot of unlocks. However when it comes to farming, having top gear is always useful for better clear speed. This is an MMORPG, so there are no cheat codes, because cheating is not part of the intended game experience.

rift cheats

Rift Bots
Bots are scripst (programs) that use your Rift account in order to perform automated tasks and help you get around a lot of the grinding, questing, rifting and raiding. There are many kinds of bots: Bots that buy and sell items on the auction house in order to make profits, bots that are programmed to farm certain raids or rifts, bots that fight automatically and still let you move (afk bots) and a lot more. Generally, bots are most effective at farming Money (platinum, gold, silver) and leveling up your Character quickly and without any input from the user. Bots can be configured to work for literally any class and can even switch their kit (DPS, Tank, Healer, Supp). Bots can also be set to vendor items automatically and do crafting (rune crafting, apothecary, outfitting, artificer ect) or professions (foraging, mining, butchering ect) for you. Usually bots are set to follow certain paths and farm mobs along the way, but can be customized. How effective a bot is at leveling and farming depends on your gear and the configuration.

Bots are generally undetectable, since they do not inject any code into the game. However, it is recommended that you do not run any bot 24/7 for too long, since automated systems can still pick up on unnatural behavior. Being online and farming one single area for days is not natural behavior, so make sure that you keep your account looking as natural as possible when using farming bots. Keep changing paths and maybe even turn off the bot for 3 to 8h per day.

rift bots

Rift Hacks
Hacks are programs that inject code into your game client (on your PC) and change certain functions in Rift. Hacks can allow you to run faster than other players, teleport short distances, fly around, walk up walls, walk through obstacles (noclip), jump higher, see enemies through walls and a lot more. Hacks are most useful in PvP and especially in conquest where things can get quite chaotic and no one will notice that you are cheating. While hacks are potentially detectable, the greatest danger comes from other player noticing that you are cheating and reporting you. Other than that, all you need to do is to make sure the the cheating software you are about to use is up to date and undetected at the moment when you use it on the Rift.

rift hacks

Unlimited Credits Hacks, God Mode Cheats, Platinum and Item Generators for Rift
Imagine what would happen if it were possible to hack your items, platinum (money), your health or credits. – If this were possible, quite soon everyone would do it and the game would certainly be dead due to lack of challenge in a month or two. So obviously these kinds of cheats are not possible, but why? Well some values in Rift are processed on your computer and others are processed on the game server. The game servers are outside of our control and cannot be accessed to change values. So obviously the developers are not dumb and will store all important player data, such as money, health and items on the server. So do not believe anyone who claims that they have some kind of generator. – All these people want is for you to fill in surveys or to steal your login data. You have been warned.

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