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Tribal Wars Bots
Bots are programs that can automatically log into your Tribal Wars account and perform automated actions. Bots are able to build buildings, farm inactive players easily, time armies perfectly and replenish troops. Bots are even able to use multiple accounts in order to morale bash and then attack with your main account. Bots are especially useful later in Tribal Wars when you own more than 5 cities and managing all of them gets more and more of a time-consuming task. Bots allow you to focus on expanding your empire and not have to bother with all the micro management. Bots are even able to allocate resources from cities that have overproduction and send them to cities that need to build up.

Bots are not detectable in this game, but if you are in the top 10 of a server and there are a lot of eyes on you, then people might start asking how you manage to time your armies within milliseconds of each other when sending noblemen to conquer new cities. So try to be careful. Maybe turn the bot off for a few hours a day and handle things manually in that time should ensure the security of your account.

tribal wars bots

Morale Bashing Alts
Due to the morale system in Tribal Wars it is very hard for players with lots of Cities to successfully and efficiently attack players with fewer cities. The only way to circumvent that is to either find a friend or guild mate to morale bash for you. A more reliable method to handle this is to have at least one, but ideally 2 or 3 morale bashing accounts scattered around the world with 2 or 3 cities to keep morale high. However, the system will detect if you are registering multiple accounts from the same IP address and red flags will be raised. So if you want to make alternative accounts, you will have to use proxies. There are a lot of free proxies out there and it can certainly be worth is if you are really looking to dominate a server. Keep in mind however, that you will have to babysit these accounts for at least the first 3 weeks constantly and that will cost you a lot of time, unless you are using a bot.

tribal wars hacks

Tribal Wars Unlimited Wood, Clay, Iron and Premium Points
There is no way to hack values such as Wood, Clay, Iron or PP. These values are processed on the game server and cannot possibly be accessed. Also there are no cheat codes or anything similar, since this is a multiplayer game. Anyone that tells you that they have some kind of generator or hack that allows you to get a God Mode for your troops, get resources or PP, they are lying to you and probably out to scam you. – Do not fill in surveys for these people or give them your login information. You have been warned.

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