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Is it possible to Cheat in Tera in any way?
Yes, there are quite a few of cheating methods for this game. On one hand you have scripts, bots and macros that can automatically farm gold, experience and items for you, cast and aim abilities and so on. On the other hand you have hacks that can manipulate game physics. However, there are NO gold or TT / god mode cheats of any kind.

Is Cheating legal and will my account get Banned for doing so?
Cheating in games has indeed always been allowed and always will be. However, it is indeed possible for the developers (Enmasse Entertainment) to ban cheaters from the game. So it is vital that you do keep a low profile, are nice to the other players and use software of high quality that is 100% up to date and undetectable.



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Tera General Cheats and Exploits
Cheats in Tera are include pretty much any technique that allows the player to farm items, gold and experience more effectively or increase the performance in PvP. Cheats can either require software, such as bots, hacks or auto disconnects, or can be done manually, such as merchant exploits and duptes. Cheating is very popular among the higher ranks of Tera, since it allows you to be good at the game without having to spend as much time on grinding. Obviously there are no cheat codes of any kind, since this is an MMORPG and cheating is not an intended part of the gaming experience. Most cheating methods are pretty save to use as long as you do not show them off to other players. Keep in mind that most players do not like cheaters and will report you if you make it obvious that you are one of those. Another kind of cheating is the use of bugs in the game in order to farm faster, duplicate items or achieve similar effects. This is called an “exploit” and is the one cheat with the most potential. However, exploits are very rare to find and have to be kept secret. The developers will fix and bugs they find and ban anyone that used them to exploit the game, therefore it is recommended that you never use any publicly viewable exploits and stick with private ones. There have been multiple bugs in the game that alloed people to make millions of gold, dupe items, farm mobs infinitely ect.



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Tera Rising Bots, Scripts and other Automated Farming Programs
Bots are programs that are running on your PC and are logging in to your Tera account to perform tasks automatically. Usually running a bot will not allow you to use your computer at the same time, so if you are serious about botting in Tera, then you might need a dedicated PC to do it. Bots can do a lot of different tasks in Tera and will allow you to save quite a considerable amount of time. Botas are able to farm mobs in order to gain experience and gold, collect and sell items on the auction house, gather and even do different kinds of crafting. Tera bots do include an aimbot, since the game uses crosshair targeting. This makes ranged classes especially effective. On the other hand ranged classes will die more easily if the mobs are too high level due to lack of defensive stats. The perfect class to use bots is the priest due to heals and decent damage output. It is also recommended to use mounts along with your bots, especially if you are gathering it will make your bot run a lot more effectively. How much money or experience your bot can gather depends on how you customize it, your gear, your level and a lot more, so there is no exact numbers.

Bots are usually not much of a risk: They cannot be detected by code detection, since they do not change any code in your game client. However, there are systems in Tera that are supposed to detect suspicious behavior patterns in players to detect bots. So it is advisable to change your bot routes around one in a while and maybe even turn the bot off for a few hours a day. Usually only very big botting rings get banned, but you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your account from a ban.

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Tera Rising Hacks Explained
Hacks are in their nature detectable, since they do change the way the game works on your PC and that is why you always have to make sure that the software you are using is up to date. Hacks in Tera Rising are quite useful since they can increase your movement speed, allowing you to farm more quickly, gather faster and dodge attacks more immediately. Hacks can also allow you to walk through walls, fly around, jump insanely high, walk up walls, display items and enemies and a lot more. However, if you use hacks that are obvious cheats, then you might get reported. Speed hacks are probably the most effective and save to use hacks for Tera PvE at the moment, as long as you do not go overboard with them. Hacks are even more useful in PvP, but the chances to get reported are a lot higher in PvP as well. If you want to play is save, then only use these Cheats in PvE. But if you want to dominate PvP, then you might want to take the risk never the less.

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Tera Thalers Hacks (TT), Gold (Money) Generators and Item Cheats
In every online game there are certain very important values that need to be unchangeable in order to keep the game alive: If TT, Gold or Items could simply be added to your account by using a simple hack, everyone would start doing it and the game would stop being fun and die. So obviously this kind of hack does not exist, since the game still exists. The main problem hereby is that these values are not processed on your machine, but on the game servers. There is no way to access the game servers and change these values. So do not trust anyone that tells you that they have a program that can add gold, TT or items to your account, no matter how legit their fake video might seem. – Do not fill in surveys for these scammers or give them your login data. You have been warned.



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