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Is it possible to cheat in Revelation Online?
Of course cheating is a possibility using automated farming software “Revelation Online bot” to farm gold, level up characters and grind gear, scripts can be used to automatically cast skills, auto loot and so on. Last but not least, there are hacks that can allow you to fly faster, run faster, walk through walls and terrain and so on. However, there are no hacks, generators or adder of any kind that can give you unlimited health (god mode), unlimited gold, free scrolls and premium account, items ect. This is an online game and server data cannot be edited.

Is it legal to bot / cheat and will I get banned?
Cheating in any kind of game, including online games is completely legal everywhere in the world. All you are doing is changing or running files on your PC and not hurting anyone. However, the developers at and NetEase Games do have the right to ban anyone for any reason. So it is highly recommended that you use quality software that is undetectable both by software and players at all times. So keep that in mind before you download.



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Revelation Online Bots
A good RO bot can automatically do a whole variety of tasks for you, so that you don’t have to bother with it and save time: A bot can automatically farm mobs for gold, gear, experience and more gold, it can automatically quest to level up new characters, automatically loot, auto navigate using sprint and flying, automatically sell items, auto craft, auto equip better items that drop and so on. Revelation Online is a good bot for leveling up, because leveling is quick and questing is easy thanks to the auto path options and simple tasks for the most part. Any decent farming script will take you to max level in one or two days.

However, bots are not perfect. They can’t think creatively and therefore suck at combat and need to mostly be overleveled and able to tanks mobs to effectively farm them. Only very few bots are able to successfully dodge attacks with a high success rate. Therefore, tanky classes or healer classes, such as the Vanguard are highly recommended for farming gold and mobs in general.

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Can Bots be detected?
On the software side of things: No they cannot be detected. However, a bot is an AI and is not necessarily programmed for every situation. Social interaction for example or bugs and so on. So it can happen that bots get stuck in terrain making it obvious that they are not human of one of your in game mates sees you and messages you in chat and you don’t answer… There are many dead giveaways for using a bot. Therefore one has to take care to supervise the bot as often as possible. Farming mobs 24 hours a day may also get you banned from Revelation Online in the long run, since it is another dead giveaway for botting. So please limit your bot to about 12h per day of farming, more could potentially get you flagged and reviewed.

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Revelation Online Hacks & Scripts
Hacks are not as popular in MMORPGs as in for example shooters, because they are far less helpful, unless you are hardcore into PvP. Hacks can allow you to teleport through the world, speed your characters movement speed up, fly faster and higher, avoid damage by teleporting ect. However, hacks are potentially detectable, unless they are updated every week and are a lot more risky to use than a bot. Also hacks are most useful in PvP, but are easily spotted by your opponents and can get your reported really quickly. Again, god modes, free premium account, free scrolls, unlimited money, best items ect are not possible by using a hack, sicne that data is stored on the servers and cannot be changed using any means.

Scripts will automatically cast your abilities, automatically heal you using items (potions) or healing spells if you reach a certain % health. Automatically dodge ect, but again they are only useful for hardcore PvPers and hardcore arena PvE people.



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