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Honkai Star Rail Hacks are any kind of tool, app, software download or method that allows players to gain an advantage over other players and the game: They may allow you to do more damage, get more loot, more Stellar Jade, Credits and free Oneiric Shards, 5-star characters, relics and light cones ect on Android, iOS, Windows PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles alike. – While cheating is possible in Star Rail on all platforms mobile or otherwise, any generators or tools for unlimited free Oneiric Shards, unlimited Stallar Jade, infinite credits / money and free in-game purchases are always 100% fake and do not exist.


HSR Hacks & Cheats

There are multiple kinds of hacks for Honkai Star Rai and all of them can be found here. – Mods and tools can be used to modify the game on your PC, console, Android or iOS mobile device to activate cheats. Bots can be used to automatically farm the game for near unlimited free resources, such as free Stellar Jade, Credits / Money, Oneiric Shards, better gear, Star Rail Passes ect. Exploits or glitches are much rarer to find and use, but can make otherwise impossible cheats possible to use in Star Rail for a limited time and this category of cheat is potentially the most overpowered / potent. Generators are always fake and unlimited money cheats do not exist therefore should be avoided for your own good.

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As resource cheats are not possible in online games like Star Rail, using a robot or ‘bot’ to automatically play and farm the game for you is overall your most powerful and efficient cheating method available on Windows PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox alike. A decent Honkai Star Rail bot is able to automatically and autonomically farm any tasks, such as daily and weekly missions, simulated universe, echoes of war, farming for ascension materials, credits, free Stellar Jade, Star Passes and anything else you might need to max out your 5-star characters. If you want to learn how to create your own game bot, check out our tutorial oh how to get that set up yourself.

honkai star rail mod cheat

Mods & Mod Menus

While modding is a viable cheating strategy on all platforms, the use of mods is most popular on mobile devices (aka Android and iOS) and by far the most popular and easy-to-use cheating method overall, as all you need to do is download and install a modified version of the original game APK or iOS app, play the game as usual and enjoy the advantage of having cheating options available or already activated in Honkai Star Rail with minimal effort from your side. – On top of the convenience offered by Star Rail mods, they cal also be used along with emulators to make cheating and protecting you accounts and mobile devices even easier. Mod menus are advanced and often premium mods with more features, more powerful hacks and usually faster updates for those that are really serious about using Star Rail hacks.

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While it would certainly be awesome if there was some tool, app or ‘generator’ that were to ‘generate’ unlimited free Oneiric Shards (gems), infinite Stellar Jade and 999999999 credits / money, the reality is that all online generators for Honkai Star Rail are fake and will never work. HSR is an online game, processing all relevant game data online, making it impossible to ‘generate’ anything or modify and currency or money values from the client-side. – Besides this, pushing a generate button on some website is simply not how hacking games works or has ever worked. So for one’s own good, the integrity of ones gaming devices and general sanity, one would be well-advised to stay away from offers advertising such outrageous features.

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Using bugs to do things that were never intended by a games developers is called exploiting or using ‘exploits’ and some exploits are also called ‘glitches’. – This way of cheating in Honkai Star Rail is different in many ways from other game hacks and cheating methods applied: Not only is it possible to use many exploits without the help of any tools and software, but it is also possible to get around the rules of what cheats are generally possible and impossible in the game, as server-side bugs can make extremely powerful features, such as unlimited Oneiric Shards or infinite Stellar Jade, God Mode (unlimited health) and similar stuff possible for a limited time, until such time that the exploit is patched or fixed out of the game in a game update. You can find a tutorial on how to find exploits for any online game here.

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Our Experience

Honkai Star Rail is another high-quality waifu collector gatcha game and in our experience these games are quite easy to gain unfair advantages in: The best way is as always to simply use microtransations to buy in-game purchases (also known as being a big, fat whale or whaling), followed by bots that can farm all the free Stellar Jade for you (by spending all your trailblaze power 24/7), and since the free to play model of HSR seems more fair than most gatcha games, that is even more viable. Mods, mod menus and tools can also be quite useful, if you are unable to use any of the most effective methods. The best gaming platforms for game hacking Star Rail will be Windows PC, followed by Android, iOS, Mac OS and then PS and Xbox consoles where cheating is certainly the hardest.

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Hacks Features

What features are possible to achieve using client-side software is limited by server-side checks and may vary between gaming platforms and game versions. – So what may be possible on mobile versions of Honkai Star Rail on Android and iOS, may not be feasible on Windows PC or Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Generally, auto farming bots, speedhacks, teleporting, ESP, walking through walls should be possible, damage hacks, cooldown and ultimate meter, semi god mode, stat mods, invisibility and similar may be possible at some times, depending on exploits and server-checks, and unlimited resources, money and infinite everything as well ass free shop purchases will be generally impossible outside of exceedingly rare game bugs.

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The use of game editing tools, such as memory editors, to modify game memory and data in order to activate cheats as the game is running is another viable but extremely complex and challenging method of implementing additional features into Star Rail. – The great upside of using tools is that many of the techniques used will keep working through many updates, as mods and many hacks will be outdated with every single patch that Honkair Star Rail receives. If you are interested in learning how to use memory editors and other similar tools, check out this guide. However overall, this is a method that will not be worth your time, unless you already have some advanced knowledge of computers, programming and IT in general.

honkai star rail tool software app


Overall, while there are more fakes and scam generators out there than real, legitimate software, working game hacks for Honkai Star Rail do exist and can easily be found here. The best method besides of course using in-game purchases is to use bots to automatically farm the game and max out a few characters, get 5-star characters, light cones and relics. If you are going to use free downloads, it pays to use emulators, VPNs or alternate account in order to keep your account and gaming device safe. The easiest platform to cheat on will be Windows PC and Android respectively, so if you are unable to find working apps for your gaming platform, you may want to consider switching to one of those. Overall, finding and downloading cheats for Star Rail will be quite easy, as the game is quite popular and exists on many modern gaming systems.

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