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Release Date: 2015

Star Citizen Hacks, Cheats and Bots

Star Citizen Cheats Preview
Since Star Citizen will not only be a dogfighting simulator, but also feature a deep economy system, PvE and other MMORPG elements, there will be a lot of different cheating methods applicable in this game.  Most of the cheating methods we expect for SC will focus on the acquisition of money, loot, effective trading and PvP. Farming bots will most likely be used to farm PvE missions or run short and low-risk trading routes for small but persistent profits. In the dogfighting itself we expect the use of aimbots to be the main cheating method applied, maybe also supplemented by the use of ESP Hacks. – The aimbots will be used to stick to a target, aim and shoot them down. The effectiveness of the aimbot will very much depend on the maneuverability of your ship and the speed of your projectiles. The more maneuverable and the faster your projectiles, the more effective the use of aimbots will be in dogfighting and PvP engagements within Star Citizen. As for other kind s of hacks: As always we will be able to use ESP Hacks within the PvP instances. Beyond that we just don’t know yet. Teleporting and speed hacks might or might not be possible, depending on how much of the game is processed on the client. For now we have to wait and see how popular Star Citizen will ben and if a huge community if formed, then surely a lot of cheats will be provided.

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