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If you are looking for CrossFire Cheats, such as Hacks or Aimbots, then you have found the right place to get you started. HackerBot.net is an educational website and Community of Cheaters from a lot of different online and offline PC Games. It is our purpose to educate each other and share information about Game cheats hacks and exploits. We also pursue the ideal of cheating in our beloved video games without hurting them, their developers or community. We are Social game hackers. We want to use our special “Skills” to help others, not to harm them. If you are looking to Buy CrossFire Hacks, then you may like to check out our Legit Providers Lists and Reviews in order to find cheat developers that are really worthy of your trust and money. However, if you are just here to Download Free CF Cheats or to share your own goodies with our beloved members, then you are free to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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CrossFire Cheats
Any way of improving your kill/death ratio, earning more GP or ZP qualifies as a CrossFire Cheat as long as it is frowned upon. CrossFire has a long standing history of hacking and cheating in it’s past, since it is an older online shooter and was not very well protected against hacking in the past. So over the years the game has seen all kinds of speed hacks that allowed players to move faster, automatic hacks that turned single shot weapons into automatic weapons, long-knife hacks that allowed cheaters to knife people on the other side of a map, shooting through walls cheats, no-spread and no recoil hacks, flying and super jump hacks and even hacks that allowed players to get underneath the map, making them basically invincible. – Many of these have been patched over the years and some of them remain. The most popular hacks however, as in almost any online shooter out there, are still Wallhacks and Aimbots. They are still widely used in the CrossFire community and are allowing players to skip a lot of the grind that is arguably part of this game. Now while there are a lot of free cheats, these are just as easily accessed by the people that are trying to ban their users as the users themselves, leading to many free hacks being banned hours after their release. For this reason we do not recommend that you use any free hacks, if you have invested a lot of time or even money into your CrossFire account. If you are looking for legitimate paid hack providers, be sure to check out our reviews and lists guiding you to trustworthy developers.


CrossFrie Aimbots
In CrossFire, as in most other online shooters, in order to keep the game fair for everyone, the whole map has to be rendered on the players computer in order to make it possible for him to kill any other player in the game. Now aimbots are software programs that exploit that fatal flaw within shooters in order to analyze the map stored on the computer memory, find enemy players and automatically aim and/or shoot them. If they are not only aiming at players, but also shoot them that is referred to as a “triggerbot”. This is just about the most infamous of all FPS cheats, since it can be insanely powerful and able to dominate whole matches if abused in extreme ways. Usually the auto aiming function will be bound to a key or button and by holding the key down, you are automatically aiming at the nearest enemy. Now obviously this kind of cheat can be very easily recognized if one uses it carelessly and that is why one should always try to seem natural and keep a low profile if using aimbots. Mots aimbot software of high quality will allow the user to limit the aim angle and speed and set delays for the triggerbot in order to cover up their hacks. – We highly recommend you do this under any circumstances. Even if the software you are using is undetected, other players are still able to report you and that might end up getting you banned if it happens too often. As always we recommend that you are using paid aimbots for maximum security or make 100% sure that the free software you are using is undetected and up to date at the exact time you are using it. It sure is depressing to lose an account you put a lot of time and money into, to save a few bucks. Believe me, I have been there.


CrossFire ESP Wallhacks
Extrasendsory Perception Hacks are better known by their hate-name “Wallhacks” and are very similar to aimbots, but generally a lot more fun to use. Just like the aimbot, the Wallhack exploits the fact that the whole map in CrossFire has to be loaded onto your machine to read positions of enemies, explosives and other important objects. The ESP hacks then uses that information to highlight these elements for you, allowing you to see players through walls and giving you a significant tactical advantage in combat. This is obviously a lot more fun to use than the aimbot, since you still need to be active and do the shooting, aiming and running yourself. In addition to that aimbots are generally a lot more affordable than aimbots and they are generally a lot more friendly to the game and the other players. The advantage that ESP hacks give you should never be underestimated, especially in close-quarter maps where you can easily get the drop on people and shoot them as soon as they pop around a corner. Aside from enemy positions, Wallhacks can display a variety of different information to you: Enemy health, weapons, if people are seeing you, if people are aiming at you and a lot more. Generally this kind of hack is a lot harder to recognize than any aimbot but it is never wrong to be careful. As always we recommend you use a paid ESP hack to make sure you do not get banned.


CrossFire GP Hacks, XP Adders, Level Cheats, God Modes and ZP Generators
None of these cheats exist, since this is not a single player game. In single player games the entire game is being processed and saved on your PC, allowing you to edit anything you want. However, CrossFire is an online game, as you may have noticed, and in online games all important values are stored on a server (a PC that belongs to Z8Games) that you do not have any writing access to. With other words: Your Level, ZP, GP, Experience, Weapons, Unlocks, Achievements ect are all entirely unchangalbe using any hacks, adders, generators or other software. The only people that can change these values are the Z8Games admins and if you don’t have one of them in your family, you are probably out of luck. So please do not trust anyone that offers you this kind of cheat. These people are out to scam you by having you fill in surveys, clicking ads, stealing your login data or even having you install viruses and advare. – You have now been warned. Never trust people that promise you the impossible: It’s a lesson for life and not just gaming.

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