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If you are looking for Cheats to use in Nether, such as Exploits, Wall Hacks or Aimbots, then you have found the right place to start your path. HackerBot.net is an educational site and Community of Cheaters from a whole variety of different online and offline games including Nether. It is our goal not only to share Cheats, but also to educate each other and to use Hacks in ways that do not hurt the Games we Love. We use our Cheating skills for good rather than bad and to help other new players. If you are looking to Buy Nether Hacks, then you should check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists to find the most trustworthy products out there.

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Nether Cheats
Cheating in Nether includes any and all methods of leveling up, farming items, money and crafting materials that is not strictly speaking supported by any game mechanics. Cheating can be done either alone, in groups or even using software to aid in the process. Very early in the games alpha and beta there were a lot of exploits that allowed for the duplication (dupe) of items and even money. These bugs are mostly patched at this point, but certain exploits still pop up here and there. Cheating in group is based on the experience and money you get from killing other people. Some people even use multiple PCs to un bots that loot items and then come to a specific spot for the main account to kill them, but this also works with other people obviously. However, the most effective way of cheating in Nether that is not limited by hardware, people available or the presence of bugs are ESP Wallhacks and Aimbots. – These are without a doubt the most effective cheats when it comes to avoiding players and Nether, looting items and effective PvP. As always we recommend that you only use hacks or other software provided by trustworthy cheat developers in order to keep your PC and account safe. – You can find reviews and Legit Providers Lists in our Subscriber section.

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Nether Aimbots
Auto aiming software (aka Aimbots) are without a doubt the most powerful cheat available to Nether players at the moment. Auto aiming programs are software that exploits the fact that in order to display the game to you correctly, the Nether game client has to load your whole surroundings and all the objects therein onto your PC to render them. – This fact is being exploited by a variety or different cheats including the aimbot that uses the information to automatically aim and lock on to a target. Your standard Nether aim bot will allow you to find the auto aim to a key on your keyboard our a button of your mouse, allowing you to hold the button down to automatically lock on to the nearest target/enemy/nether in sight. Aimbots can be configured to aim for any body part (players). Needless to say that headshots are the way to go here, but are a lot more obvious than bodyshots. Aimbots are extremely effective when it comes to farming Nethers for crafting materials and money, since your aim is perfect. Another good thing about using aimbots to farm nether is that the AI controlled creatures will not notice that you are a cheater and therefore are quite unlikely to report you for being a hacker. When using aimbots against players be careful not to arouse suspicion. If your aim is too good to be true and your movements unnatural, people will report you. We also urge our members not to use hacks to constantly camp and kill other players, since this hurts the game and annoys other players. What use is it to you if you are good at a game no one wants to play due to aggressive hackers? Instead use your hacks to help new players and protect them from pro players. – Being a good guy is a lot more satisfying and harder. – So take the challenge.

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Nether ESP Hacks aka Wallhacks
ESP or Wallhacks are cheats that allow you to see through walls and other obstacles and always know the position of nether, lootable items and other players. Wallhacks are even more useful in Nether than in most other shooters, since they not only allow you to see the exact position of opponents at all time, but also to know exactly what items are around you and what exact item they are. So if you are looking for a gun or ammo and you have your ESP enabled: No problem, you look around you, read the item names and go for the gun that is closest to you and band you are now a whole lot richer and more lethal. If there was an actual easy mode to Nether it would be playing the game with a Wallhack. Knowing Nether and player positions makes it hilariously easy to dodge them and most ESPs even allow you to display a 2D map in order to make sure that no one is sneaking up to you from behind. ESP hacks are generally quite a bit cheaper than the average aimbot and also a lot more fun to play with. While the aimbot will take almost all of the skill requirement out of the game, the ESP hack still requires you to aim, flank, be sneaky ect. Overall we highly recommend the use of Wallhacks over the use of aimbots for the fun that is in using it and, the very hard detection and the fact that is just a lot less potential harm trough abuse. Still please do not to use it recklessly.

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Nether Money Hacks, Level Cheats, God Modes (Unlimited Health), Unlimited Ammo / Item Adders
None of the above mentioned cheats are actually possible in Nether. If this kind of cheat was possible, everyone would use it and everyone would walk around with a working God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Money, the best Guns and Max Level and the game would probably die within days. – Since none of the above is the caste, the cheat does not exist. For those of you that need more detail to believe that single player game cheats don’t work in online games: In a single player game all of the game data is stored on your own machine (PC) and can therefore be manipulated quite easily to give you unlimited money, health ect. However, in online multiplayer games, such as Nether, these values are processed on the game server, a huge PC somewhere far away, that you do not have any access to and therefore cannot hack. Yes, there are a lot of people out there offering you so called “hacks”, “generators” or “adders” and you are obviously free to try them. However, if you get scammed by surveys, viruses, phishing software and similar things, then that is your fault. You don’t trust people that offer you things that do not exist. – It’s just about the first thing you learn when using the internet.

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