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Dragon Nest Cheats
Cheating in Dragon Nest is in essence the use of any and/or all techniques outside the official game rules and toolkit in order to farm or acquire more gold, experience and items than would usually be possible to normal players. Cheating can be done in a variety of different ways, such as the use of bots to farm certain dungeons automatically and constantly grow your XP, gold and items. Another popular way of cheating in Dragon Nest is exploiting certain bugs in dungeons that allow you either to complete then more quickly or get more rewards than usual. Using hacks to teleport, run faster, display advanced information and similar cheats can not only help you in PvP, but also help you to farm dungeons a lot faster. Aimbots, while not used very often in Dragon Nest, are highly effective in hitting ranged and melee attacks more often and therefore doing more DPS. Aimbots are especially effective in classes lke the archer or sorceress. Usually cheating is also a lot more effective if done in groups. If you have a whole guild or group of cheaters, then you can simply use bots that follow one particular player when doing dungeons and the bots will automatically help the player with his dungeon and collect rewards. That was one single player can level up and farm for a whole group. While most cheats are hard to detect, you should always make sure that the product you are using is up to date in order to keep your account save. If you want to be 100% save, go with a paid hack or bot.

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Dragon Nest Bots
Bots are software that is not only able to take control of your Dragon Nest character, but also automatically farm dungeons, loot items and gold and even level up skills using the acquired SP. Bots usually are programmed to complete certain dungeon, since these are not randomly generated and always stay the same. Some other, more advanced bots are even able to find their own path through dungeons, but they are generally a lot slower and less effective. Farming bots will usually farm one single dungeon over and over and are able to farm unbelievable amounts of gold and experience. Leveling a character to maximum level in this way is pretty easy. Since AI is not especially effective at aiming or dodging, it is advisable to go with a class that has very effective AoE damage, has a lot of health or can heal itself. Warrior, Cleric and Sorceress are currently the most effective classes in Dragon Nest to bot dungeons with, but that might change in the future as Nexon continues to update the game. Just look at the results and change your build and skills accordingly. While bots do not inject any functions into your game and can therefore not be detected, it is recommended that you do not run your bot for more than 16h a day. Even if the bot itself is undetected, a player being online and actively farming 24/7 is pretty suspicious to any sane game moderator or admin. Botting exclusively works in PvE, since the bot is simply not smart enough to actually fight human players with a creatively thinking brain. However, in PvE and especially in groups bots can be insanely effective any can level your character to 60 within days. However, keep in mind that bots generally need to be able to facetanks any mob in a dungeon you want to run. This is an action MMORPG and requires a lot of skill. Since bots cannot possibly have any skill, you need to farm dungeons that are at least 10 levels below your character level. Using bots to farm endgame content is pretty much impossible, unless you develop some kind of self-conscious super computer.

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Dragon Nest Exploits
Exploiting is essentially the use of bugs within the game to gain an advantage in both PvP and Pve content. There have been a huge amount of reported exploits over the years in Dragon Nest: Duping exploits that allowed players to duplicate items and then sell them for gold, resulting in what was basically unlimited gold, unlimited monster spawn points allowing for easy bot farming, map glitches and other bugs, allowing for fast progression and speed running of dungeons, glitches where you could get under the world and attack mobs from what was basically an invulnerable state, bugged item and gold drops getting you huge loot, bugged items and a lot more. While exploits are without a dubt the most powerful kind of cheat in Dragon Nest, they are very hard to find and even harder to use safely. Most of the time exploits that get public will be used by thousands of players within the next days and then quickly be patched and the players that used them banned. So the only save way to use exploits is really to search and find them for yourself and then keep them for yourself. Using exploits that others found and posed online is very, vers risky, since Nexon does not usually hesitate to ban exploiters from the game permanently. In addition, the use of certain exploits can certainly hurt the game and therefore generally do not recommend using or sharing any of them. If one person uses an exploit that does not hurt the game, but if the exploit is well known and thousands use it, the game can get hurt bad.

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Dragon Nest Hacks
There is a variety of possible hacks to use in Dragon Nest that can allow you to change the way some physical processes are handled on your game client. Hacks can display enemy positions, health and other information to you, they can alter your jump height, let you teleport short distances, let you run a lot faster,  let you fly and even let you walk and see through walls. This kind of hack is mostly used in PvP where it can give you a huge advantage. Especially the use of teleport hacks can essentially make you unkillable to your opponents. However, most of these hacks are easily spotted and you can expect to get reported and banned within days if using these cheats wrong. So if you should ever get your hands on one of these very rare hacks, then do be very, very careful to use them in such a way as not to net your opponents realize that you are a cheater. Generally we do not recommend that you use any kinds of hacks, since they are not only easily detectable by client-side anti-cheating software, but also easily spotted by other players on top of that. If possible, try to keep your hacking activity to PvE where other players are generally not at all bothered by it. If you must try hacks, the please be very careful, since you could potentially lose your character and all the time and money ou invested into it over the time you played.

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Dragon Nest Unlimited Gold / NX Hacks, Experience Adders and Item Generators / God Modes
Sadly none of these cheats is possible at all, since this is not a single player game. If this kind of cheat was possible, then everyone would be using this vastly overpowered technique and the game would be boring within days and die. So the fact that Dragon Nest is still a successful and working game is proof enough that there are no God Modes, Unlimited Gold / NX Cheats or similar exploits. For those who need a more accurate description of the issue: In a single player game the whole game is run on your PC, allowing you to literally change anything within the game. However, Dragon Nest is an online multiplayer RPG and therefore only a part of the game is processed on your computer. The most important values in the game however are processed on the game server, a PC far away to which only Nexon employees may have access. So in essence: Unless you know a Nexon server administrator, you are all out of luck here. As for the people that are offering you cheats that are impossible to acieve: It is up to you if you want to trust them, fill in their surveys, download their viruses or even give them your login information. You now know the facts and can make an informed decision.

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