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Battlefield 3 Cheats
Cheating in BF3 is basically the use of any and all tools or methods that are not intended to be part of the official game and its toolkit in order to get more kills, points and therefore get to higher ranks and unlock better gear, weapons and attachments. While there are a whole lot of cheating methods in Battlefield 3, there are a few that are most common and effective: The cooperation with other players to create so called “farm servers” has always been popular; one side just essentially goes afk and gets killed by the farming team over and over, then after the round that gets changed. – This is a very fast way if gaining points and therefore experience and ranks. However, one needs to be part of a social network of like-minded cheaters that ideally have their own server to farm on. Another very popular cheating method is the use of hacks and aimbots in order to display enemy positions and automatically aim at them. While this kind of cheat is probably a bit more obvious, it does not require you to cooperate with a lot of other people. – However, the use of hacks can be obvious and easily lead to you getting banned from origin entirely. One really needs to be careful when using any kind of ESP Wallhacks or Auto Aiming Software. From time to time there will be bugs that allow you to rake up huge kill streaks, such as players that get frozen and can be killed over and over again. This is called exploiting and can literally allow you to get to max level with one single game bug at the right time. For example if you are a support with an LMG and are able to kill a frozen enemy literally thousands of times, you are literally able to get millions of points in a single game. However, this kind of exploit is very hard to find and its even harder not to get reported for using it.


Battlefield 3 Aimbots
Auto Aiming Software or popularly referred to as Aimbots is software that exploits the way the games graphics in BF3 are processed on your PC in order to let you automatically aim at enemies: In order to display the game to you accurately, your PC has to know where any object is on the game map and so the aimbot extracts the position of enemies and lets you automatically aim at opponents within your line of sight. Usually the aimbots lets you map a key on your keyboard or a mouse button to your aimbot function and as soon as you are holding it down, the aimbot will stick to a target or even automatically shoot it. Now most aimbots can be quite dangerous to use due to the fact that they can be easily spotted. However, most high-quality paid aimbots will offer you options to make your auto aim seem more natural and will let you set delays between aiming and shooting, let you reduce the aiming speed and angle and configure what part of the body the aimbot is going to shoot. If used correctly a well-trained aimbot user cannot possibly be differentiated from a pro Battlefield 3 player. Now while using aimbots might seem quite exciting and fun, we must urge our dear members: Please use this kind of software with respect for the game and the players within it. Not only will it reduce the likelihood that you will get banned, but also make hackers look less sleazy. Try to cheat to help newbies, to do good. It is far more satisfying that just running around and dominating whole games. Also keep in mind that if you abuse this kind of software and get reported too many times, you may get banned from playing any EA Origin games online from your account or even your whole IP. So it pays off to be a good person. If you are looking for high-quality auto aiming software for BF3, check out our reviews and lists.


BF3 ESP Hacks (aka Wallhacks)
Extrasensory Perception Tools are more popularly referred to as Wallhacks, since they allow you to see through walls, and are probably the most fun hack to use in any online shooter including Battlefield 3. ESP hacks exploit the same flaws in FPS that aimbots use, but they do so in order to display to you information that you would not usually be given. ESP hacks can display to you the position of enemies using boxes or other shapes, enemy health, enemy class, enemy ammo, enemy weapons and a lot more. The best quality ESPs out there will even be able to display to you warnings whenever opponents can see you or are aiming at you. Wallacks also allow you to display explosives, such as C4, grenades or claymores, allowing you to dodge them more easily. Overall, wallhacks are  cheaper to sue than your average aimbot ans also a lot more fun, since they do still require you to show some skill and therefore make the game a lot more satisfying. If you want to use any kind of hack in BF3, this one is certainly recommended, since it is the kind of cheat that is not only most friendly to Battlefield 3, the other players, your fun, you account, but also the kind of cheat that is going to cost you the least money. Detecting a paid wall hack is also highly unlikely, unless you are stupid enough to shoot people through walls, which is something that anyone equipped with a brain should be able to figure out.


Battlefield 3 Rank Hacks, Weapon Unlockers and God Modes
Important game values, such as you rank, weapons, health, ammo or unlocks are impossible to hack in BF3 using any kind of software. All the people offering you so called hacks, unlockers or adders are out to have you fill in surveys, download viruses and adware or even steal your passwords. So please don’t trust them. While this kind of cheat may very well work for a single player game where the whole game process is stored and run on your PC, the same does not apply to an online multiplayer shooter, such as BF3: In Battlefield 3 the most important values are either being processed on the game server itself, as PC that hosts the match that you don’t have access to, or the EA servers (battlelog ect) that you cannot access either. With other words: Unless you know one of the EA administrators, game moderators or other technical staff, there is simply no way to manipulate any of these values. Now if you still want to try to download one of these very legit tools with the moving progress bars and all… Go for it, but I warned you. You don’t trust people that offer you things that do not exist.

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