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Tribes Ascend Cheats
Tribes Ascend is probably one of the most fast-paced and most skill-heavy games in the shooter industry right now and for that reason it is extremely hard to effectively cheat in it. – This game stands defiant above all others, showing that one does not need special anti-cheat software to get rid of cheaters, one only needs very innovative gameplay. Auto aiming in this game is nearly impossible as you might imagine: Every weapon has a different projectile travel speed and behavior, other players move and there are only very few hit scan weapons in the game. So getting Blue Plates is pretty hard no matter if you are using cheats or not. However, cheating is not entirely impossible even in Tribes Ascend: Aimbots can be used if only to lock onto a target and don’t lose it and are also still effective in close quarters using the few hit scan weapons, such as the SMGs or Shotguns, in the game. An auto aim user still has an advantage over normal players, but it is not even close to what you get out of an aimbot in other online multiplayer shooters. ESP Hacks or Wallhacks are also a possibility to make your enemies visible at all times and being able to track them more easily even if they are using jammers or similar equipment. It is also possible to create farming servers using a network of cheaters or alt accounts to farm class XP more easily. Overall this game is not very friendly towards cheaters, since it require real human skill and experience to hit shots and ski. – This is not a bad thing, not it is a good thing. That just means that under no circumstances will hacks ever be able to annoy anyone in this game, since pro players are still a lot better than the best hackers.

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Tribes Ascend Aimbots
Aimbots are software that automatically aims for you and in some cases even automatically shoots for you (triggerbot). Auto aiming software does so by finding objects in the game memory loaded onto your PC and isolating their position to aim at them. Now as mentioned before aimbotting is a lot harder in Tribes than other shooters: Tribes Ascend is all about projective travel time, anticipating the opponents path and aiming accordingly and these are all things that no aimbot can do. – You need a human mind to do this. Even if an aimbot were to calculate the bullet drop (arc), the opponents trajectory and the travel time, the opponent could still change his trajectory and the shot would still miss. So with other words: Aimbots are not going to do the whole job for you in this game. However, what an aimbot can do is lock you on to a target at the press of a button and let you do the fine-tuning and shooting yourself, which is pretty effective as well. There are some weapons where the bullet travel speed is not as important, such as sniper rifles or the Light Assault Rifle for example, but you will still miss a whole lot of shots due to the sheer speed at which your opponents tend to travel. Unless you are aiming at non-moving objects, such as players that are afk or bad that the game, turrets or sensors, then the lock on function is the way to go for you. So overall the aimbot is more of a tool than an aimbot in Tribes and that is ok. Auto aim is most effective on Infiltrators, Pathfinders and Raiders usually, but it does really depend on your Weapon. Aimbots can also be used to lock on to the flag, which is very useful for hardcode Capture the Flag players.

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Tribes Ascend Wallhacks (ESP)
ESP stands for extrasensory perception and it’s a kind of cheat that allows you to always be aware of enemy positions: ESP hacks can highlight enemies, turrets, other equipment and important objects. However, since in Tribes a lot of the objects are already highlighted by radar, this kind of cheat is not nearly as useful as in other games. However, ESP hacks can also help you to aim by showing you exactly how far away an enemy is and showing you the arc on your weapon of there is any. But again there are not a lot of these hacks available online, since creating individual rule sets for every weapon and class is unbelievably difficult. So while ESP Hacks may be useful on a highly competitive level, they are a lot less effective in Tribes Ascend than in other games. If you are trying to use free ESP hacks or Aimbots for Tribes, then please be careful: Freely available software is not only available to you, but also the people operating the anti-cheating software and free cheats do often get banned in the first few days after release.  – So please be careful or stick with the much saver, paid cheats.

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Tribes Ascend Unlimited Class XP, Gold Generators, Rank Cheats and Unlock Hacks
Important values, such as your Experience, your Gold, Rank and Unlocks are stored on the Tribes servers operated by HiRez and therefore cannot possibly be changed using any kind of tool, adder, generator or hack. – The people trying to sell you these kinds of cheats are trying to get you to fill in surveys download malware or give them your login data. So please do not fall for these dirty tricks. While getting God Modes and Gold Hacks working in single player games is possible, since all the data is processed on your PC, in multiplayer shooters these values are on the server and cannot possibly be changed from the client side. The only way to increase your XP, Gold or Health is to either grind or spend real money. This is good, since it makes the developers money and therefore keeps the game alive. So don’t be afraid of spending money. We cheaters might cheat, but we love the games we play and support them.

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