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tower of fantasy game hack

A Tower of Fantasy Hack is any tool, mod, app, method or other manual or software-based means of gaining unfair advantages in the game, do more damage, farm faster, get more free tanium (gems), more gold (money), dark crystals, summons (nucleus / nuclei), SSR weapons/characters and other goodies more quickly on Android, iOS and PC alike with no root and no jailbrake required. – While many kinds of cheating methods exist for Tower of Fantasy, any and all generators and online hacks for unlimited free Tanium, gold and dark crystals are fake and will never work.


Tower of Fantasy Hack

When it comes to game hacks for Tower of Fantasy there are a variety of different methods of implementation: Mods or modified game files and game clients are the most popular kinds of game hacking methods on Android and iOS mobile, game hacking tools and DLL injection are popular on Windows PC, bots and scripts can be used across all gaming platform to automate dameplay, dodges and DPS rotations and there are always other minor methods, such as exploits, multi-boxing, chat bots and other small tools that may be used to great effect as well and will allow people to get more free stuff, perform better in PvP and PvE content alike and make their gameplay more effective and efficient. However, due to server side processing there is no way to hack gems (Tanium), free in-game purchases or unlimited money using any tools or hacks in Tower of Fantasy.

tower of fantasy game hack tools

Generators & Online Hacks

Any and all hacks that are some kind of online tool, require no download, no apps and clain to give you infinite free Tanium, unlimited money / gold or free summons are always fake. There are no exceptions to this rule. All your vital account data including but not limited to your gold, Tanium, shop purchases, unlocked weapons, stats, summon nuclei including dark nucleus, gold nucleus, red nucleus and all kinds game currencies, your health, your damage and more are all processed on the online game servers belonging to the developer and cannot be hacked or modified using any kind of client-side tool or any kind of online tool or website. Never has a game been hacked through and online website and neither will this ever happen, as this is simply not how game modding works. The only people that would in theory be able to provide such tools would be the developers of the game (Leven Infinite), and they have no reason to do so, as they are trying to sell you Tanium and other currencies through the in-app purchase shop.

tower of fantasy mod menu


The use of mods or modding is the dominant and arguably most popular method of game cheating in Tower of Fantasy on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and comparatively one of the easier and more convenient means as well. – Mods are modified versions of the game that have been created by decompiling, reverse-engineering and recompiling the original game app package (APK or iOS app), making cheat features available right out of the box. After installation the game will work as usual, but cheats will be activated automatically. While modded game clients are relatively easy to download and install, given that one follows the installation instructions correctly, they will be outdated after every single patch, hotfix of update of the game app. Some mods will require a rooted or jailbroken mobile device, while others may be working with no root and no jailbrake required on Android or iOS respectively. It is highly recommended that one use an alt account an/or emulator to test any mod before using it on their actual game account, as failing to install correctly or using outdated apps may result in a permanent game ban.

tower of fantasy exploit cheat


Mod Menus

The cream of the crop among mods, the most premium variety is called the mod men: These special mods for Tower of Fantasy are created by the best and most experienced developers and programmers in the industry, will generally come with more features, better features, more powerful cheating options, support, faster updates, a streamlines and simplified installation process and of course the namesake in-game menu that allows player to customize and toggle individual hack features while playing the Tower of Fantasy game app. – Overall, this is by far the best choice for people looking for working hacks, but will come at a price, as usually only limited or ‘lite’ versions of the software will be available for free download.

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Automated gameplay is one of the oldest, most underrated and potentially most powerful methods for gaining unfair advantages in online games. Software is not only able to log into your account automatically, but able to perform automated tasks, such as farming mobs, looting, completing daily quests, auto fight, auto heal, auto DPS, automatically farm nuclei, gold, Tanium and other goodies, automatically complete world bosses, participate in PvP for rewards, do events, level up weapons, farm crafting materials, ascension materials, level up your suppressor, automatically perform combos, perfectly dodge for maximum DPS and much more. Overall, a well configured and set up bot can get you the closest to a money cheat for Tower of Fantasy possible, as it is able to farm pretty much any currency 24 hours every day forever if configured to do so. To learn how to set up your own bot, check out this tutorial.

tower of fantasy moddedd game

Scripts & Macros

A more limited version of bots, scripts and macros are just as useful, allowing players to automate very short and time-sensitive actions, such as perfect dodges, DPS rotations, heals and similar game inputs that require perfect timing to avoid death, get optimal DPS and defeat enemies and PvP opponents more easily. While bots are generally used to automatically farm PvE content, scripts and macros are more widely used by competitive players to optimize mechanics in Tower of Fantasy: They are most useful in PvP to land perfect combos and get maximum DPS, in boss battles to perform perfect dodges and avoid damage while optimizing DPS and keeping your character alive. As in most online RPG games, the best of the best Tower of Fantasy players are very likely to use some kinds of scripts and macros that are either triggered by reading the game memory or button presses in order to automate gameplay.


One of the more well-known, potentially most powerful and extremely temporary cheating methods in Tower of Fantasy: Exploiting is the use of game bugs, unintended game features and flaws in the game to gain an advantage. They can range from item duplication, leveling beyond the level cap, god modes and similar cheats. Exploits are the only cheat that can potentially get around the usual limitations of cheating, as server-side bugs can make extremely overpowered and broken cheats such as unlimited free tanium, money hacks, damage hacks, teleporting, speed hacks and even god modes or free in-game purchases possible for a limited span of time, until the developers inevitably become aware of the bug and fix the underlying issues in a patch or hotfix. So while one has to be quick to use exploits, they are potentially the most beginner-friendly method of cheating out there in Tower of Fantasy, requiring no tools, no downloads, no prior experience or know-how to use in many cases. Through the release of ToF in china and in the west there have been multiple exploits, allowing people to get more summons, teleport, speed up their characters, get more free currency, but most of these have been fixed pretty quickly so far.

Game Hack Tools

A slightly more complex but reliable way of enabling cheating options in Tower of Fantasy is to use software tools, such as memory editors to modify game data as the game is running. – While this process will generally require more user input and may require inexperienced cheaters to follow in-depth tutorials and guides in order to successfully mod the game in this manner, this method will generally be more reliable as many procedures used will survive many updates while APK mods or iOS mods will always be outdated with the release of a new version, an update or hotfix for the game. The most popular tools used currently to modify RAM memory for Tower of Fantasy are GameGuardian for Android, Cheat Engine for Windows PC and GameGem for iOS respectively. By far the easiest to use here is Cheat Engine. Trainers, LUA scripts and other automated scripts, such as Cheat Tables, can also be used to automate the process, making the whole ordeal a lot easier for the end user.

Mod Money / Unlimited Everything

As at this point has been firmly established, money hacks do not exist outside of extremely rare exploits in Tower of Fantasy. However, this fact of reality is not stopping thousands of shady app sites, questionable APK sharing sites and similarly unsavory actors from advertising their various downloads with impossible hack features, such as ‘unlimited everything’, ‘unlimited tanium’, ‘mod money’, infinite money, free purchases ect. – It should go without saying that downloading any ‘tool’ or file that comes with advertised options that are simply not possible, will inevitably result in disappointment at the very least, maybe getting scammed and in some cases malware. If one was skeptical about our claims and simply must try these apps, then one should certainly try them on an emulator or VM in order to not get their main device infected with malware. You have been warned.


While most of the ‘cheats’ that one might find out there when simply browsing the world wide web will be scams or fake, legitimate and working Tower of Fantasy game hacks do exist for all platforms. You can find cheats from trusted sources with proven track-records using our HackFinder Tool. Overall, cheating will be easiest on Windows PC, followed by Android and iOS will be the gaming OS that is least easy to install working software for. Generally bots will be most effective for farming free stuff and maxing out ones characters / weapons, suppressor and matrices. APK mods will be the easiest method to get working correctly, but one will still have to follow the installation instruction carefully. As always we recommend respecting other players to avoid manual reports and game band and to always use an emulator or alt account to test out any new software to stay safe and protected.

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