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If you are looking for Lord of the Rings Online Cheats, such as Farming Bots, Hacks or Exploits, to help you get more Gold, XP and Items, then you have found the right place to get you started. HackerBot.net is an educational website and Community dedicated to game cheating content. Our goal is not only to find new cheating methods, but also to teach player to use their Cheats to help New Players. We want to use our cheats to help others, this is our Creed. If you are looking to Buy LotRO Bots, then you might want to check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find cheat developers that are worthy of your trust and providing products of high Quality. If you are here to simply Download Free LotRO Cheats or to share your own stuff with us, then you are welcome to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Lord of the Rings Online Cheats
Cheating in LotRO is essentially the use of any kind of method, bug or software that is outside of the official games toolkit, rule sets and the way the game is intended to function and be played. There are a lot of ways of cheating Lord of the Rings Online, the most popular one of which is the use of bots to automate farming, selling of loot and other tasks. Bots have been used in MMOs and MMORPGs for a long time, especially in games that use tab targeting, and they allow you to farm experience, items and gold highly efficiently without having to spend all the time to grind yourself. Another popular way of cheating in LotRO is the use of hacks and exploits: Hacks are software that change how the game is processed on your client, allowing you to walk through walls, fly around, run faster, teleport and walk up walls or similar cheats. Exploits are probably the most powerful kind of hack that you will find in LotRo, but also the most difficult to find and use. Exploits are bugs within the game that can potentially allow you to farm unlimited gold, get unlimited XP, get unlimited items and so on, they are however extremely hard to find and do not often stay usable for a long periods of time. Cheating is LotRO is obviously frowned upon and if you should decide to do it, you need to be very careful. Try not to use free hacks you find somewhere online, since they usually get patched within days. – If you have easy access to it, then so do the people that want to get rid of it. The save option in always to go with a paid hack or bot and you can find those in our reviews section.


LotRO Farming Bots
Lord of the Rings Online is heavily centered around PvE and uses tab targeting which makes it insanely easy to bot. A bot is essentially a program that will take control of your account and in game character in order to perform scripted (automated) tasks. This kind of software can be used in LotRO to great effect: You can automatically farm mobs for items, experience, materials and gold, you can automatically sell the looted items, you can sell legendries on the auction house, level up your professions and so on. While bots are not able to think creatively like humans do, they are able to perform simple tasks, such as following a certain route and kill and loot any node and mob they may find, then sell all the items for gold. Using automated botting software is generally a great way to save a lot of time when leveling your 2nd or 3rd character and you simply do not want to grind through the whole game againto get to the endgame. Farming endgame content, while possible, is very hard since the enemies are simply too powerful. What you usually want to do is farm ahead where enemies are around 10 levels below you, so that you can simply tank them all day and kill them fast. The best classes for botting are tanks and Offtanks, such as the Guardian and Champion, but can easily be done on most of the other classes as well, except maybe the burglar since he relies too much on skill and stealth. How much gold, exp and items you can farm per day all depends on your setup, your route and your items. It is possible to level a character up to 85 within a few weeks of botting. If you should decide to use a bot to farm in LotRO, then take care not to overuse the bot: 16h per day is a maximum you should never surpass, as it will raise red flags any may get your account banned. No normal human being can play over 16h per day after all, at least not on a constant basis.


Lord of the Rings Online Hacks
Opposed to bots, hacks are detectable by software on your PC, since they are injecting code into your game client. So be careful when using bots, unless you don’t mind losing your account and all the money and time you put into it. Only use hacks that you know are 100% up to date and undetected or best don’t use anything at all. Hacks can change some ingame physics and parameters, giving you a decent advantage in PvMP and PvE alike: You are able to walk through walls (wallhacks), flay around, jump really high (gravity hacks) and even walk in the air (no Clip), you are able to teleport to other places (tp hacks), run faster (speedhacks) see enemies and loot through walls (ESP hacks) and even change your appearance. While all of these hacks are indeed possible, they are never included with any established software that I am aware of and can be found as free software exclusively. Be careful when using any of these, since other players will surely notice if you are running twice their speed and flying around. All they have to do is take a screenshot and send it to the support and your account will likely be banned. So either use your hacks carefully (maybe 120% speed and not 400%) or when you are sure that no one can see you at all. Overall the use of hacks is insanely risky in any MMORPG and often not worth the hassle, which is also why they are hard to find.


LotRO Gold Hacks, Item Adders, Turbine Points Generators and God Modes
Important game values, such as your gold, items, health, experience, level, tubine points, mithril coins and skills, cannot possibly be hacked ever. – These values are processed on the game server, a PC that you do not have any access to and can only be changed by the developers and game admins. Exploits can in some rare cases (duping, glitched mobs ect) allow you to gain gold or EXP faster, but you will never actually be able to get infinite gold or health. While in single player games these kinds of cheats are quite possible since all the data is on your computer and you can therefore manipulate it, this is a multiplayer game and the data is on the game server. So please, do not trust all the videos out there showing you some kind of “generator” or “adder”. – these people will have you fill in surveys, download viruses and give them your login info and you will get nothing in return, since these cheats are not possible. The only way a player could achieve such a hack would be to gain illegal access to the servers which is a punishable offense and can get you literally to prison. So just accept the fact that for all intent and purposes it is impossible and that is good. I mean if it were possible, everyone would be walking around with god mode on and unlimited gold and what fun would the game be at that point?

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