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If you are looking for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Cheats, such as Hacks, Aimbots or Exploits, to get more Experience and rank up faster, then you have found the right site to get you started. HackerBot.net is an educational website and Community for people interested in cheating in all kinds of online and offline Games. Our goal is not only to educate each other and find new Cheating methods, but also to learn how to use them to help other players. Helping other players using our cheats, this is our Creed. If you are looking to Buy BFBC2 Hacks, then you might want to check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find developers worthy of your trust providing Software that is worth the money. However, if you are simply here to Download Free Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Cheats or to share your own stuff with our members, then you are welcome to Sing Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Cheats
Cheating in BFBC2 is essentially the use of any and all methods, techniques, strategies and software that are not part of the default game rules, toolkit and game client in order to be able to farm Points faster, rank up faster and unlock weapons and other goodies more efficiently. Cheating can be done either manually by using exploits and cooperation others to create farm servers or through software that will add functionality to the default game client that will give you a noticeable advantage over others, such as auto aim (aimbot) or wallhacks (ESP). Farm server are a very effective way of farming XP, but requires the cooperation of 8-64 players in order to work. On a farm server one side will let the other side kill them over and over, after the round the roles change. Some farm server use advanced software to keep track of kills farmed and kills given, but most just do it in a more simple way, since getting so many players to be on the same server at the same time is hard enough. The good thing about farming servers is that since there is no resistance, games are finished really fast and one side can pretty much just afk. So your score/time is quite high. Obviously, one needs a ranked server in order for this to work and one needs to not get reported to EA. As for hacks, such as aimbots and esp hacks, these are in their nature detectable and therefore it is advised that you use paid software that is kept private and almost never gets blacklisted by anti-cheat (punkbuster). Needless to say that Aimbots and Wallhacks are unbelievably effective in any shooter including BF:BC2 and especially with the physics getting more realistic. It’s a lot of fun using your M95 Sniper along with an ESP. However, you always need to be careful when using any kind of cheat, since even if it is undetectable, people can still report you. So be careful at all times and respect the other players and the game itself.

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BF: Bad Company 2 Aimbots (Auto Aim)
Auto Aiming Software also popularly known as “Aimbot” is a kind of hack that is usually DLL-injected into your game client and exploits the fact that the map you are playing on has to be rendered on your PC in order to find enemy player positions and automatically aim at them. Most aimbots also include a auto shooting function called “triggerbots” that will automatically shoot enemies in line of sight after the auto aim is complete. Usually you will be able to bind your auto aim to a key and once you hold down that key of mouse button, the aimbot will do its lethal magic. While cheat aimbots will aim in jerky movements and can easily be spotted by other players, more high-quality software will allow you to enable options to make your aiming movements smooth and seem natural. – We recommend this highly, since aimbots that do not have this functionality will often “teleport” the crosshair which is a dead giveaway for hackers. Most quality aimbots will also not shoot through walls, since again it’s a clear giveaway. Now BFBC2 is not a hitscan game like CoD and bullets do have drop and travel time. So aimbots will have to account for the bullet drop and bullet travel time as well and again cheap aimbots are not as good at that as quality ones. So if you want to have fun sniping with an aimbot, then you will need software that at least corrects for bullet drop or you will literally hit nothing at range. But missing shots is generally a good thing as well, since modern anti-cheats software does check your stats to figure out if you are using hacks. So if you have an accuracy rating that is constantly incredibly high, your account might get reviewed by a game mod and you do not want that. So try to sometimes put a few bullets in a wall here and there to keep your accuracy rating down when using aimbots. To find the best quality aimbots on the market, check out our Reviews section. Use this kind of software to help other players and treat them with respect.

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BF:BC2 Wallhacks
ESP hacks or “Wallhacks” are very similar to aimbots, except that they merely highlight enemies instead of aiming at them. The Wallhacks name stems from the fact that it allows you to see enemies through walls. However, this is not the whole extent of what ESP hacks are capable of: They can show you enemy positions, health, ammo, weapons, explosives, grenades, vehicles either manned or unmanned, if enemies are seeing you or aiming at you, enemy classes and even a 2D map to give you an overview of things you may not see in your field of vision. ESP hacks are generally speaking the cheapest kind of hack and also the most enjoyable one to play with. While using an aimbot can really take all the fun and sense of achievement and skill out of the game, ESP hacks still require you to play the game as you usually would which makes it a lot more fun than just pressing one key to win. – For this reason and the fact that you are far less likely to get detected or annoy other players, we do recommend the use of Wallhacks over the use of aimbots. If you are using quality software that is private, it is nearly impossible to tell if someone is using and ESP, unless they are shooting people through walls, which you should obviously not do. The most fun you can have with an ESP in Bad company 2 is probably if you are either driving a Tank or using the M95 or SV98 Sniper Rifles. – Sniping this way just feels powerful and since all the buildings are now destructible its even better.

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Bad Company 2 EXP Hacks, Weapon Unlockers, Rank Adders, God Modes and Infinite Ammo Cheats
None of the above mentioned cheats are possible to achieve in BF Bad Company 2 sadly, since this is a multiplayer shooter and all the important game values, stats and unlocks are stored on the EA (Electronic Arts) servers which are inaccessible to players. While in single player games and even the BFBC2 single player campaign this kind of cheat might be possible due to the fact that the whole game is processed on your PC and you are able to manipulate it, this is not the case for the multiplayer. – If it were possible to edit your health, ammo, rank, unlock and stats (score), then everyone would do it and run around with a god mode and the game would literally be unplayable. So the simple fact that you have never seen a player running a legitimate God Mode is proof enough that it does not exist. In the eraly stages it was possible to glitch below maps and be unkillable that way, but that got patched. So don’t trust the people asking you to fill in surveys, download malware and viruses or asking you to give them your login info. – If people offer you something that does not exist, it pays to be a little bit skeptical.

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