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If you are looking for StarCraft 2 Cheats, such as Map Hacks, Scripts (Bots) or Exploits, in order to climb the ladder faster or gain an advantage, then you have found the right place to get you started. Hackerbot.net is an educational website and Community for cheaters from a lot of different online multiplayer games like SC2. Our goal is to educate each other, find new Cheating Methods and learn how to use them to help others. We want to help new players using our Cheats, this is our Creed. If you are looking to Buy SC2 Hacks, you might want to check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find software developers that you can trust to sell you Software of high quality. If you are simply here to Download Free StarCraft 2 Cheats or to share your own software and methods with our members, then you are welcome to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.


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StarCraft 2 Cheats
Cheating in SC2 is the use of any method, technique, tool or software outside of the official StarCraft 2 toolkit and game features in order to win more games and climb the ranked ladder faster than other people at your same skill level. Now since SC2 is a real time strategy game and not a shooter or MMORPG, the cheating methods do differ quite a lot from these: This game is about strategy, experience and skill and these cannot ever fully be replaced by any software. However, there are ways to get an advantage over other players that do exist and can be exploited if you should chose to do so: There are hacks that can allow you to see information about the opponents resources, building, stats and similar data, there are also so called map hacks that allow you to get rid of the fog of war and reveal the enemy positions. While we do not approve of this kind of cheating at all, there are also people that use so called “drop hacks” in order to disconnect opponents from a game and essentially force them to forfeit the game. – There are also multiple kinds of scripts that can automate parts of the macro process for you and manage resources and worker units for you. However, no matter what kind of cheat you are using, if you want to be up there in gold, platinum, diamond and the masters leagues, then you will still have some considerable skill and experience. This is one of the most skill-based and deep games out there and no amount of software will allow you to replace that skill ever. Do players in higher leagues use this kind of cheat? – Of course not all of them, but as in most competitive disciplines, there are going to be cheaters at the top as always. However, the best of the best StarCraft players, the guys that play on stage, these obviously do not use any kind of cheat, except maybe caffeine, cocaine and Ritalin. (Joke) Please use cheats with respect for the game and its players. Use them as a crook to help you develop the natural skill required to rule the game.


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StarCraft 2 Macro Scripts (Bots)
As you probably know macro refers to the economic management part of any match and it is really the foundation of any game plan. If you do not build enough workers, continuously spend your minerals and gas, do not take expansions ect, then the opponent will simply steamroll you by simply having more production and therefore a better army. Macro is the first thing you should learn in SC2 and if you have decent macro skills, then you should be able to make it to gold at least, even if you are not doing any in-depth microing at all. While there is really no way to fully automate this process, there are scripts that allow you to automate parts of it in order to give you more time to concentrate on micro and other tasks. While scripts (or Bots) cannot think creatively, they can perform repetitive tasks for you, such as keeping up production. Usually these scripts will monitor your production and use hotkeys and control groups to automatically keep units coming. Some of these scripts can do that silently, that means without displaying the action to you, and others will do it within about 1/10 of a second which should not bother you too much. These scripts are no unbelievably hard to set up, but you do need to know what control groups are and you need to configure profiles that tell the bot or script what should be built constantly. While most scripts can only produce units, others are able to manage idle workers and even place buildings in prescripted patterns. While there is talk of some of these scripts being for sale on private websites, most of them have been made by high-ranked players to use for themselves and their own builds and strategies. The ultimate goal of these bots and the people using them is that one day one might be able to completely automate the building and economy management including techs for every and race in the game. However, to get there custom profiles for Protos, Zers and Terran on every single map, strategy and spawn on the map would have to be created and it is unlikely that this will ever be the case. For not it seems that only a select few are in possession of these cheats.


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SC2 Map Hacks (No Fog of War)
Now first let it be said that this kind of hack is hugely overpowered and unfair. We do not recommend you use this in ladder, since it really hurts the competitive nature of the game. However, since this is an educational website we will still talk about this kid of cheat in StarCraft 2. So since this is not a MOBA and there are a whole bunch of units on a pretty large map at all times, it has been almost impossible to run this game in a fair way without rendering the map on the end-users PC. – This has allowed for cheaters to simply “remove” the fog of war and display all the opponents units on the 3D and mini map. Now obviously, this is as overpowered of a cheat as you can get in a strategy game, such as StarCraft 2. A working map hack allows you not only to see the opponent’s base, his expansions, units and unit composition, but it essentially takes the strategic element out of the game. All you have to do if you have all the information is to counter the opponent’s strategy and you are always 10 steps ahead of him or her. Now while map hacking has been possible for a long time, we do expect that blizzard will take measures at some point and stop rendering all the opponents positions on the client side. How this will be achieved or when it will be possible is something we do not know, but we do expect this kind of cheat to get patched, since it is simply too much of a game breaking exploit. Most MOBAs out there have faced similar problems and have been able to solve them without huge performance drops or lag and we are confident that the same will happen to StarCraft. Obviously, a map hack does not guarantee you a victory at all: If the opponent is simply a lot better at macroing than you are, then he or she will still stomp you into the ground no matter how much information you have.


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StarCraft 2 Drop (Disconnect) Hacks
There are a lot of rumors about hacks that are able to disconnect you from the game entirely, allowing your cheating opponent to win easily. While a lot of these claims are probably just from salty players that lost a game to their bad internet connection, there are still some legit cases. Theoretically drop hacks are possible in almost any online game, including StarCraft 2. Now the one way that works for every game is to use a 3rd party service that allows you to send data to the opponent players PC and overwhelm their internet connection to make them disconnect. Software commonly used to do this are Skype, MSN Messenger or ICQ. – So we do recommend that you do not have this kind of software open when playing any competitive online game and not to add people that you do not know personally. That hack chick that just added you before the match might just be a cheater trying to make you drop from the game and get a free win to climb the SC2 ladder.  Another way of drop hacking and disconnecting players is using bugs (exploiting) in the game client itself or using packet editing and sending. I don’t want to go into detail here, but it is basically the use of a bug that allows a user to indirectly send data packets to the opponent and therefore overwhelm his connection and drop him. If this kind of hack exists for StarCraft 2 is unknown. What can be said for sure is that it is possible that there may be certain bugs that could be exploited to do this, since it has been don’t in a lot of other online strategy games and MOBAs. If such a hack existed, it would certainly be private since it would be impossible to keep it from getting patched if it was available for free and used widely. All there really is concerning Drop Hacks and Disconnect cheats are rumors and suspicions. Personally, I do believe that this kind of cheat has existed at some point, but has been patched long ago. Please also keep in mind that using this kind of packet sending exploit is considered a kind of DDoS attack, which is illegal, and can cause financial harm by negatively affecting the game servers. People have gone to prison for DDoS attacks and it is a practice you do not want to participate in. HackerBot.net officially condemns this kind of attack.

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