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If you are looking for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats to help you get more XP and Prestige faster, such as Hacks, Aimbots or Exploits, then you have found the right place to get your journey started. HackerBot.net is an educational website and Community for cheaters from a whole variety of online games and other PC gaming communities. We strife not only to find new Cheating methods, but also to learn how to use cheats for Good. We want to help new Players using our cheating abilities, this is our Creedo. If you are looking to Buy Call of Duty: BO Hacks, then you might want to check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find products and software that are worthy of your trust and money. If you would rather just Download Free CoDBO Hacks or share your software and cheats with us, then you are free to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats
Cheating in CoD: Black Ops is the use of all kinds of methods, bugs, hacks or other software that is not part of the official game in order to get XP or Points faster, level up faster; unlock more stuff and prestige faster. Since there are a whole lot of prestige ranks in Black Ops, most cheaters actually try to get maximum prestige and the perks that come with it. There are multiple ways of cheating including the use of software or hacks, farming server, exploits and other more exotic cheats. The most popular way of cheating is the use of aimbots and ESP hacks that allow you to see people through walls and aim at them automatically. Usually people also use triggerbots to automate the shooting process. These hacks are incredibly obvious unless used correctly. Another way of cheating is to create so called “farming servers” whereby you have your own server (ranked) and cooperate with other people to fill the server slots and then to systematically farm each other. In farm server usually on team farms the other and the as the player teams switch, overall everone will get the same amount of points (XP) over an extended period. While this is incredibly effective, it is very hard to organize this kind of cheat ing fest. There are also very rare bugs that can be exploited whereby players can freeze and be killed over and over again. This way it is literally possible to get to maximum rank in one singe game, since it can get you incredible amounts of XP. Most cheating software also works for the BO zombie mode. Please keep in mind that cheating in Call of Duty: Black Ops can get your account banned if you are using detected software or are not being careful. So either don’t get caught or don’t even try. Also try to act in respect for the game and all of its players and focus your energy on helping others, since it is a lot more satisfying.

call of duty black ops cheats

Call of Duty: BO Aimbots
A more accurate name for aimbots would probably be a killing bot, since most aimbots do not just do all the aiming for you, but also include a triggerbot that will automatically shoot things as well. Auto aiming software is incredibly powerful in any Call of Duty game, including Black Ops, since the weapons are incredibly accurate, bullets do not have any travel time and there is also no bullet drop. However, while aimbots can be very effective at farming experience, they can also be incredibly annoying to everyone around them, especially if they shoot through walls. – The good thing about this is that if you are not careful and hide your cheating activities, people will report you and your account will e banned from the game soon. So even if you are using undetected software, but are not treating other players nicely, chances are you will not be using aimbots for long. Also keep in mind that there are killcams in Black Ops and if you are using a cheap aimbot that aims by teleporting the crosshair, people will know. Also if you set your aimbot to only deliver headshots, people will realize that you are no ordinary player at all and report you. So make sure you are using high-quality software that allows you to enable settings to hide your aimbot and that are always undetected. If you don’t know where to get the best aimbots for Call of Duty games and other online shooters, then check out our Reviews section. Aimbots are probably best used along with sniper rifles, since there are some incredible natural snipers out there and people are more likely to believe the almost impossible shots you will be delivering. But keep in mind that the aiming is quite a considerable part of what makes the game fun and by eliminating it, the game might get a bit boring for you. In that respect ESP Wallhacks are almost more recommendable, since they do not eliminate this aspect of the game. Very advanced aimbots will also be able to aim grenades and tubes, but those are very hard to find. Aimbots generally also work for knifing in close quarters if you are getting bored.

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CoD: Black Ops Wallhacks (ESP)
Wallhacks are cheats that display to you information that you would not usually be given by the game client. Most ESP hacks will show you the enemy players and highlight them on your screen even through walls, that is why Extrasensory Perception hacks are also called Wallhacks. This is a huge advantage, especially in close quarters combat and will give you around 1 second fater reaction on your opponents, since you see them coming before they even get a chance to notice you. The tactical advantage you gain is huge without eliminating the fun and skill aspects of the game. ESP hacks can also display enemy health, weapons, class, explosives, grenades and a lot of different information to you. The best Wallhacks out there will even display a warning if enemy players have vision on you or are aiming at you, making survival even easier. This kind of cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops is generally a lot cheaper than aimbots and also a lot harder to detect, making it overall a great choice for beginners that are looking to start using cheats in online multiplayer shooters. Keep in mind that both aimbots and ESPs are software injected into your game client that locate objects on the map and therefore are potentially detectable. So be careful when using free software to cheat in CoD, since these hacks are often detected within days of release. – If you have easy access to the software, then so do the people trying to get rid of them. It should also not have to be pointed ou that it is highly unwise to shoot people through walls, tempting as it may be. Please use your judgment to avoid behavior that might compromise the security of your account.

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Call of Duty: BO God Modes and Unlimited Ammo for Multiplayer
While in this game it may be possible to get maximum rank through using hacks and get banned for it, it is still and has always been impossible to get working God Modes (Unlimited Health) or Infinite Ammo hacks to work for any Call of Duty game. These values are stored and processed on the game servers that you do not have any access to and that is honestly for the best. Imagine what CoD BO would be like if it were possible to have Unlimited Health or Ammo in Multiplayer: Everyone would use this ghastly overpowered hack and the game would just die from lacking any kind of fun. – Yes believe me: Everyone would use that cheat and you would certainly not be the only one to find it, find it great and use it. So the fact that you have not seen anyone with unlimited health tanking multiple clips of your gun is proof enough that this cheat is not really possible. – Now as for the people that offer you a hack that is not possible: If you trust them, then that is your fault. So…don’t. After all online games would not be fun if cheating was that easy and all the competitive aspect would literally be gone.

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