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Defiance Cheats, Hacks and Aimbots

Defiance Cheats
Cheating in Defiance is basically the use of any and all methods, techniques and software that will allow you to level up faster, farm more Scrip (Money), Items and other Valuables faster that you are actually supposed to. Cheats can either be aided by software, such as farming bots, ESP Hacks, Aimbots or certain duping software, or can be done manually, such as trading exploits and similar money making techniques. Since Defiance is a 3rd person shooter MMORPG, the use of an aimbot is always required when trying to farm the game using bots, which makes botting this game a lot harder. – For that simple reason, using aimbots to farm more effectively is the way to go about cheating in this game and is also the most popular way of cheating. Of course cheating is not really an accepted thing to do in this game, so try not to be obvious about it, or you will endanger your account.

defiance cheats

Defiance Aimbots
Aimbots are basically programs (or robot softwar) that can automatically aim and shoot for you at the press of a button. Aimbots are using the fact that in every shooter the area around you is rendered on your PC to locate enemies and aim at them. Aimbots are the most effective way of cheating in Defiance, since Headshots count towards critical hits and will instakill most basic mobs and allow you to level unbelievably fast. Aimbots are also quite useful in PvP, however we don’t not recommend that you use them there to level up, since you could potentially annoy other players. Also you will risk getting reported if you use aimbots in PvP and Trion Worlds in not kidding around when it comes to banning hackers. If you are using free aimbots, make sure that the software is up to date. Aimbots are in their nature detectable, since they inject code into the game and if you don’t make sure that the product you are using is well-maintained, you will endanger your Trion account. All issues aside, this is still the best way to level up quickly in Defiance and farm items and Scrip fast. Since aim bots are quite efficient at shooting heads, you might want to spec into some crit damage as well.

Defiance ESP Hacks
ESP = Extrasensory Perception and ESP Hacks include basically any kind of cheat that highlights or displays data that you usually would not be given by the stock version of the game, but is not an official addon. Now in Defiance ESP hacks are mostly used in PvP to highlight enemies through obstacles and to make it easier to find and kill them, allowing you to get much higher scores. On a decently skilled player and if used to its full potential, ESP hack can get you about 50% better scores in PvP on maps with the usual amount of obstacles. ESP hacks can also display name, health, weapons, class and other data of friendly and enemy Defiance players. ESP hacks can also be used in PvE, where it is still useful, but not as overpowered as in Player vs. Player battles.

defiance hacks

Defiance Bots
Farming bots are a kind of software that takes control of your Defiance character and farms mobs, quests and other repetitive procedures automatically. Sadly making botting work in Defiance has proven to be much harder than in other more traditional MMOs and MMORPGs, since the combat system uses shooter mechanics and farming bots have to combine with aimbots in order to be useful at all. Moreover, aim bots don’t work without ESP hacks and so what that basically means is that theoretically the bot developer would have to develop and maintain 3 separate products in order to make botting in Defiance work. So far no developer has done this. However, if the game should continue to grow and get more popular, maybe this kind of venture will become profitable and we might be able to see the first working farming bot for this game being released. But even if that were to happen, updates for such a bot would probably take a long time, since 3 pieces of software would have to be updated.

defiance bots

Scrip Hacks, God Modes, Item Adders and EGO Generators
While in single player games we are able to hack any value we want, MMOs are kind of different. You must understand that if you are playing a singleplayer game, then the whole game is stored and executed on your PC, allowing you to change anything. However, in an MMO such as Defiance a great portion of the game is processed on the game Servers where we do not have writing access. What that basically means is that we are unable to change values such as our Scrip, Level, Items, Health and other important game values. I mean if that were possible, then everyone would do it and the game would stop being fun and basically die. So please do not trust anyone who claims to have any of these unachievable cheats. – These people will have you fill in surveys, download viruses, give them your login and you will not get anything in return, because the cheats do not exist. You have now been warned.

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