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 Is Cheating in SMNC possible?
Yes, it is indeed. There are visual mods that allow you to see your allies, enemies and any relevant mobs through walls and obstacles and there is software and programs that will automatically aim and shoot for you. However, there are NO god modes, money cheats, skill points adders or other generators.

Is breaking game rules Legal and will I get Banned for doing it?
Most countries do not have a “game/internet police” (none do). Yes, if you are either being very obvious about it or are using outdated software, you will be banned from the game and you will deserve it. So use cheats wile keeping the fun of fellow players in mind and use quality products.

How much do Super Monday Night Combat Cheats cost?
Around 10$ to 15$ per 30 days is pretty average for this kind of software at the moment. Longer subscriptions will result in a better price per month overall.

Are there any Free Cheats for SMNC?
There may be, but they will be very hard to find and will get detected on a regular basis. Using free cheats for a day or two might now be worth losing your account over.



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Super Monday Night Combat Cheats
In your average MOBA it is pretty hard to cheat effectively, but SMNC is an exception in this regard, since it is not only a MOBA, but also a 3rd person shooter. And as we all know most shooters are highly exploitable due to their nature and how they are being processed on your client. All the cheats that you would expect from an online shooter, such as ESP hacks to show you 3D radar features and aimbots / triggerbots do work for this game as well. It would theoretically also be possible to program bots that could farm combat credits and level your account up more quickly, but these youd be very easily detected by other players and banned in no time. Bots can still be of potential use when farming tho, since if you queue up with 8-10 bots at the same time, you will be able to set up a farm game that you will no doubt be able to dominate as the only player with an actual brain. However, it has to be kept in mind that most these cheating methods can be found out by other players though careful observation. Therefore it is recommended that you use any and all SMNC cheats carefully, with respect for other players and preferably when they cannot see you.




SMNC 3D Radars or ESP Hacks
ESP software will use an age-old exploit in order to display your allies, enemies, bots, neutral mobs (jungle) and many more objects on your 3D display and even through walls and other obstacles. This kind of exploit works, because in SMNC the whole map is being rendered on your PC at any time and the position of objects can easily be read and displayed to you in the for of colored boxes, dots or other visual indicators. This kind of cheat is especially powerful here, because SMNC does not feature a mini map, leaving you to depend on your visuals to find enemies and allied players as well as other objectives. Overall a 3D radar will allow you to not only farm a lot more effectively and get more kills, but it will also increase your objective control due to increased map awareness. While other MOBAS feature some kind of fog of war, this is not the case here, making this way of getting around the rules quite awesome. In fact I would say that there is almost no game out there where knowing your enemies position is as deciding when it comes to winning a match.




SMNC Aimbots and Triggerbots
Auto Aiming Programs work in a way very similar to the aforementioned radar in that they do find players on the map and then use those coordinates to automatically aim your weapons and/or abilities in order to damage them. In SMNC aimbots do work for enemy pros and bots alike and even neutral mobs. Now because not all weapons in the game hit instantly, such as the rocket lancher, quality software will also feature functions to anticipate enemy movement, but those are not always 100% accurate and will only work if enemy pros are running in a straight line. Therefore it is recommended to use pros that use hitscan weapons (weapons that hit instantly) to get the most power out of this cheat. Aimbots are easily detected by allies or enemy players if they know what to look for, which is why you need to be especially careful when using them. Try to only use them in short burst and enable aim-smoothing and angle-limiting options in combination with triggerbot delays if at all available. Use your discernment when it comes to evaluating how aggressively to use this feature. Keep in mind that experienced players will have a 6th sense for finding hackers and you may want to be even more sneaky, since those players are also the ones that know how to report you most effectively and have power in the community.



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