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Are there any FarmVille 2 Cheats that can be used?
Yes, there are. There are a whole bunch of techniques of leveling up a lot faster using visiting cycle friends, scripts that will play the game automatically and certain other tools?

Is it legal to use FV Cheats? Will my Account get Banned?
Yes, Cheating in games in completely legal. Usually social games are not policed very strictly when it come to the detection of cheating. There may be very extreme cases where accounts get deleted, but unless you run huge amounts of bots, you should be fine.

Are there and Free Cheats for FarmVille 2?
Not at this point in time. Way back there were some free scripts that you could use, but at this time it’s all about private networks and software. However, joining FV friend circles is free.

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FarmVille 2 Cheating – The Gist of it
Whether you are playing on Zynga or Faceboo, thereare certainly ways to cheat in FV2, just like there were in the original. Now while some of these cheats may allow you to save some money, we do still urge you to buy a few farm bucks if you like the game in order to support the developers. There a whole bunch of very varied ways of leveling up faster, earning more money and developing your farm a lot faster than most people: The most effective one of these strategies may just the to join a FarmVille Friends Cycle in order to get more water and XP and free help. There are also scripts or bots that can do certain tasks automatically for you, however these will generally only work on PC, but not on iOS or Android. There are also very in-depth guides that show you how to progress the fastest and that are based on a whole lot of testing that has been done by very advanced and experienced players. Here and there the game may show bugs and those bugs may be exploitable. – While there certainly have been cases where people have used exploits to get Millions of gold and experience, this does not happen regularly and it is very hard to find these kinds of loopholes. Overall cheating in FarmVille 2 is certainly possible, but not easy at all.


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FarmVille Friend Cycles for Lots of Gifts
Since FarmVille 2 is a social game and you spamming your friends to give you gifts is kind of the way the game is advertised and finds new players, creating friend cycles that help each other get free stuff in the game is without a doubt one of the most effective way of ”heating”. However, this is not even cheating really it is just a sad coincidence that 800 of your friends happen to be playing hardcore FV and you don’t have any other friends, also your name is Cow Feed. – But seriously, if you want to get a really nice Farmville 2 account on and get to max level, then you will either have to spam your friends to death or create a dedicated account on facebook / itunes / Zynga in order to play the game hardcore. Once you have your dedicated account, search for FarmVille friend’s cycle groups and pages and ask everyone to add you and add as many people as possible. It is literally a possibility to have 1000+ friends that help you grow your farm. If you are doing this on Facebook be careful not to add too many friends per day. 5 friends per day is usually a save way of doing things. – If you want to add more, then spend some money on the game to show Facebook that you are a real customer sending money and your account is less likely to get suspended. – Also remember that you need to visit other people’s farms too. Most FV visit groups have rules as to how many people you are expected to visit every day. – While there have certainly been ways to go and visit your friends automatically using a bot and spending your visit energy, these are very hard to come by these days. None the less this is still the fastest way to manually grow your farm aside from spending tens of thousands on farm bucks and boosters.


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FarmVille 2 Scripts (Bots) and what the can Do
Scripts or bots are essentially programs that can automate certain tasks in a game or other application and it is as you may imagine a quite interesting tool if you do want to limit the time you spend feeding your animals and going through the long procedure of planting, watering and harvesting over and over again. FarmVille 2 bots can technically do pretty much everything there is in the game: Feedin animals / cattle, planting, watering, fertilize, make feed, sell stuff, visit friends and farm water that way ect. Now, the problem about that is that this kind of software seems to have gone extinct as time has progressed and only a very few private groups are still using and keeping those scripts up to date. However, even you as an average person trying to get some scripts working will be able to create your very own farming scripts. How do you do that? Well you are able to use any program that allows you to record and play your mouse movements, clicks and keyboard input in order to automate simple tasks like planting, feeding, watering ect. – These programs / tools are called macro recorders and if you set them up correctly, they can literally play the game for you. However, each time you change the composition of you farm or expand it, you might have to recreate your macros. Also most macro recorders will make your PC unusable while the program is playing for you and you might need a dedicated laptop or PC in order to run the bot for extended time frames. If you want more information on setting up simple click bots, then head over to our tutorials section and watch our video on the subject.


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FarmVille 2 Hack and why most of them are Fakes
Now as already pointed out, there is absolutely no way for you to get unlimited money, experience, levels, power, fertilizer, items or whatever. All or your progress in the game is stored on the game servers, PCs that you do not control and have no access to, so there is no way to use any kind of hack or generator to change these values. That is simply the nature of social and online multiplayer games. There is also no “hacked” version of the game available, since again this is a social game and not a single player flash application. All those lovely people out there claiming to have money and experience hacks are sadly the kind of people that will have you fill in surveys, steal your login data and have you download viruses and give you nothing what so ever in return. – Do not trust them. Or do, get screwed and learn the hard ways. I assume that most online gamers go through that experience at least once in their lives. Changing your ingame money in FarmVille 2 is just as impossible as changing your real life bank account value. – Sounds lovely, but it is impossible and even if it was possible, it would still be illegal.



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