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Are there any Cheats for Goodgame Empire?
Yes there are certainly ways of cheating in this game: There are lots of exploits that are used by making multiple accounts, there are scripts that can automatically farm and build for you and the occasional exploit you may be able to use. However, there are NO gold/coin/rubies hacks, resource adders or similar.

Is cheating in GGE legal and will my Account get Banned if I’m doing it?
Cheating in video games is legal everywhere. And no, unless you are being incredibly obvious about cheating, then you should be fine. Don’t run any bot longer than 16h per day and stay under the radar any you will definitively be fine.

How much do GGE Scripts cost?
At the moment there are no official providers. The only scripts that are currently on the market have been programmed by individual players for their own use. Most of these are made using either AHK or other advanced tools. – Most of the scripts will only work for the specific setup of the person that made them.



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Goodgame Empire Cheats
The most common way of cheating in Goodgame Empire has always been the one method that always worked in browser games: Having a lot of alternate accounts (minions) and using them to feed your main castle/empire. Granted, it takes a lot of time to manage around 10 to 20 accounts, but if you really want to be the best, you have to invest the time. The important thing here is that you use proxy servers in order to hide that you are using multiple accounts. If you are not changing your IP address, then your cheating will be detected and some or all of the accounts will get deleted ASAP. It is also important to play every account as if it was your main account until you max out your first castle, then start transferring resources, gold and rubies over to your main castle and grow your main empire quickly. You can even use your alt account castles to farm Honour. If you are spending the time and using proxies correctly, then this is without a doubt the most powerful cheat in the game. In browser games like GGE it has always been the case that the people on top of the list have started with at least 10 accounts and used them to establish themselves as the #1. It is just an inherit weakness in these games and the few that know about it and know how to exploit it, will win. – Bots or scripts are another way of cheating by automating farming and building in your castles and outposts. As you may imagine if you combine the alt account strategy with this, then that is pretty OP as well.



GGE Scripts or Bots
A script of bot is essentially a program that will automatically log into your GGE account and perform repetitive tasks, such as farming Robber Baron Castles, building soldiers, farming players, building and so on. – The very obvious problem that this takes care of is that a human person cannot be online 24h every day, because they have duties and need to sleep quite simply put. That is also why people that are sharing their accounts with others are much more successful due to the increased time online. A bot can be online as long as your PC is running and can perform tasks even if you are no there to supervise it. People have tried creating bots for the game using simple clicking macros, but that is pretty hard to do successfully. Most bots for Googame Empire are either programmed in C# or in php and run on a web sever. However, do be careful when trying to find scripts for this game and certainly neer enter your username and password anywhere online. There are a lot of people that want to steal your login information and farm your castles. While there are certainly still some good farming and building scripts out there, most of them are made for private use only and are quite hard to come by. The most effective use of bots is to farm Robber Baron Castles. A bot can literally farm hundreds of them every single day, netting you a good profit in gold/coins and rubies, resources ect.





Goodgame Empire Hacks, Generators and Adders
Please dear people of the internet: There are no magical “adders”, “generators”, “hacks” or anything that is related to software that can add coins, rubies, wood, stone, food or any other resource or unit to your castles or accounts. It is simply not at all possible and everyone that claims otherwise is trying to get you to fill in surveys for them, to download viruses or give them your login data. – The problem here is that all of these very integral values that make the game work are not stored / saved on your PC, but on the game servers. Now the game servers are a PC that is in complete control of the developers of the game (Googame Studios) and no one else has access to that data. There is no conceivable or possible way that anyone could ever change their money or similar, unless they were very, very good friends with one of the game administrators or game moderators. So instead of trusting some shady “generator” and filling in surveys, you might want to work on befriending one of the employees instead. Its certainly the fastest way of getting a money hack for GGE.



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