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Is it possible to cheat in Guns of Glory?
Yes, absolutely it is possible to cheat using mods, hacks and other tools in Guns of Glory on Android and iOS alike. Aside from using Guns of Glory mods that can usually be downloaded for free, it is also possible to use macros and bots to automate certain tasks in game for unlimited free Gold and Resources. However, there is no way to hack VIP level, gold and resources directly and there are no god mode hacks available for Guns of Glory.

Guns of Glory Hacks

There are multiple ways to hack Guns of Glory: Game Hacking Tools, Mods, Macros and Scripts and more exotic methods like exploits that can be used to cheat in GoG. The most popular kind of Guns of Glory Hack is modding, which is the use of modded game clients, followed by game hacking tools and scripts for memory editors, data editors and similar software on both Android and iOS that allows for data and memory manipulation. However, the arguable most powerful hack that is often overlooked and can truly get you close to an unlimited gold hack, which cannot be done directly, is the use of bots and automation.

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Guns of Glory Mods

On mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, game hacks usually come in the form of mods. Guns of Glory Mods are original game files (APK for Android and IPA for iOS) that have been decompiled, modified to feature cheats, then recompiled, signed and uploaded somewhere for people to download that want to hack Guns of Glory. In the beginning there were mods for unlimited gold, stamina, silver, food, wood and stone, but those days are now gone and DIANDIAN has decided to store all money values on the game servers which cannot be hacked using any means. However, minor mods for GoG do still exist and are in use today. You can find them using our find section. 

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Bots for Guns of Glory

Since important game values, such as troops, stamina, gold, resources, buildings, chests, VIP level ect are stored on game servers that cannot be modded without the use of private servers, bot are the go to cheat for Guns of Glory today. – They can automatically log into the game for you and perform actions, play the game for you and collect free rewards.

Bots in GoG are mostly used to automatically farm bests, red guard camps, automatically collect rewards from daily quests, keep spending your stamina to farm resources, saving resources from attacks and other simple tasks. While this way of getting around the rules to get some cheats going is not as overpowered as a straight on money hack, a bot can farm nearly unlimited resources and gold from quests and raiding over time. A bot does not need sleep or food and can play the game for you 24/7. How to create your own game bot.

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Guns of Glory Private Servers

Private servers are a very particular kind of cheat that could potentially be used in Guns of Glory to get infinite free gold, unlimited resources, maxed out castles/strongholds, a maxed out blimp/airship, VIP level 12, unlimited power score and a lot more. However, getting a private server working is really where the problem is at.

Private servers can only be made 2 different ways: Either by getting the original server-side game software used for Guns of Glory or through reverse-engineering and emulating a server. Also this server would only be used most likely by other cheaters, which would make your troops hacks, damage hacks, legendary item hacks and money cheats a lot less special that you would hope. However, many popular online mobile games eventually get their own private servers and Guns of Glory may not be any exception to this.

Game Hack Tools for Guns of Glory

As with all mobile games, you should try to use our cheat finding section to try and find legitimate, working free mods/hacks for Guns of Glory. If you either cannot find a mod or it is not working for you, you should do the same for bots. If that does not work, you can always get an emulator and use a simply macro recorder to create your own farming bot that you can fun for both Android and iOS on the appropriate emulators. As always if nothing else works, the do it yourself method is the way to go. You can alos find a list of game hacking tools for Android / iOS on our site. – Try those to attempt to create your own game hacking techniques for this game.

As always beware of fake online generators and online hacks for Guns of Glory as 100% of them are fake. There simply are no online game hacks or tools that are legitimate. No survey generator and no human verification hack has ever been legitimate.

Guns of Glory Free Gold Hacks

Free gold is not possible, since Guns of Glory is an online game and this kind of vital player data and account data is stored server-side. Anyone claiming to offer you free gold, gold hacks or similar cheats to acquire gold in Guns of Glory is trying to scam you.

Game Cheats

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