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Is it possible to cheat in WildStar?
Yes indeed it is possible: There are bots that will automatically farm experience, items, gold and plat for you. There are also some minor hacks that allow you to run faster, teleport around, fly and so on. However, there are no money hacks, god modes or any kind of item hacks, since this kind of data is processed on the game server and is therefore unhackable.

Is it leagal to cheat and will I get banned for it?
Cheatin in video game is not outlawed anywhere yet and is completely legal. However, Carbine Studios does have the right to ban any player from their game and therefore we do recommend that you use software that is of high quality, undetected and up to date at all times.

How much do Wildstar bots and hacks cost?
Your average WildStar bot or hack will cost you around 10 to 20$ per months, since coders have to work constantly to keep the software up to date any working. Free software can get your account banned instantly and should not be used on your main account.



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WildStar Cheats
Cheats in WildStar are in essence any and all methods or procedures that allow you to farm or acquire levels/experience, gold/platinum/money or other rare resources faster and more efficiently and that are not technically in amongst the ways that the game is supposed to be played. The main advantage of cheating is that it saves time that would otherwise be spent grinding in order to achieve the same result. Cheats can either be done manually, such as merchant techniques, duping or similar exploits, or they can be aided by software, such as the use of farming bots, hacks or similar cheats. When cheating we should always do so with the utmost respect for other players and the game and its developers. Cheating in WildStar is frowned upon and when cheating you must always try to keep it low profile. If you are being obvious about using any kind of cheat in WildStar, you endanger your account and all the effort and money you put into it.


wildstar cheats


WildStar Bots
Botting is the use of a piece of software to automatically play WildStar for you and level up characters, farm money and other resources. Bots are able to fight, farm mobs, farm quests and even PvP for you automatically, saving you a whole lot of time that you would otherwise spend doing repetitive tasks. Botting in WildStar is a whole lot more complicated than in most of the MMORPGs the world has seen so far. This is due to the fact that WildStar has moved away from the old tab-targeting style of combat. However, at the same time there are a whole lot more of other ways to level up your characters and farm money, AMPs and other resources. The combat is where bots do not perform at the same level that an average human player would, since dodging attacks in more complicated patters is just something that the human mind is a lot more proficient at than an AI. However, using bots to farm mobs in WildStar will still be possible, be it on mobs that are lower level. So while farming mobs to farm will not be as overpowered as in tab-targeting MMOs, it will still work.

How fast you are able to progress through the levels and how much money, items and other resources you are able to farm with your bot will depend on a lot of factors. On one hand your class and build: Tanks and Healers are more efficient at farming mobs, since that do have a lot better survivability than DPS classes for example. So for example a Medic Healer will probably have an easy time farming with a bot, since he has high survivability due to heals and his AOE damage will make farming mobs easy. Farming path/profession quests can obviously be don automatically too and as the bot communities grow, we will see more and more of those kinds of scripts emerging. Bots are in their nature not detectable; however you should not use them for 24h a day, since that can be measured. Use your bots for 16h tops every day and you should be on the save side.


wildstar bots


WildStar Hacks and Aimbots
Hacks are programs that inject code into the WildStar game client and force it to show you certain information or add certain functions to the game that are useful to you. Hacks are a lot more useful in WildStar than they are in other MMORPGs, since the combat is a lot more focused on aiming and skill. – there will basically be 3 kinds of Hacks you can expect to be able to use in WildStar: Aimbots, ESP Hacks and Utility Hacks.

Aimbots are hacks that help you to aim your skillshots and spells at your enemies. Usually you will bind an autoaim key to your mouse and keyboard and once you hold it down the aim bot will automatically aim at the target closest to you. Obviously this will be most useful in PvP (Arenas, Battlegrounds) and on classes that have ranged skillshots like the Spellslinger or Esper.  Especially of you are looking to do the most damage over time possible, then aimbots will certainly help you to reach that goal quite easily, especially since aimbots can also target stealthed enemies.

ESP hacks are hacks that show you information you would not usually be able to see in your game HUD (ESP= Extrasensory Perception): Enemy positions, their Health and so on. Utility Hacks are hacks that allow you to move faster (speedhacks), teleport, fly, walk through walls (wallhacks) and similar cheats. – These hacks can be very obvious to other players, especially if overused. So please be careful with this kind of hack, since it can get your account banned fairly quickly.




WildStar God Mode (Unlimited Health), Platinum/Gold Generators and Item Adders
Sadly many people are not aware of the fact that not every value in an Online Game can be hacked. While in a singleplayer game it is indeed possible, since it only runs on your PC, MMOs like WildStar function in a different way. All the important values in WildStar, such as your Health, your Money, Your Skills, Your AMPs, Inventory, Items, Level, Experience, Influence, Prestige, Energy and so on, are processed on the WildStar Servers and only the developers and game moderators working at Carbine and NCSoft are able to change these very important values. If it were possible, then everyone would get themselves a God Mode and the game would be boring within days and would simply die. So the fact that the game is still up and running is in itself proof that this kind of cheat is not possible. – So please do not believe all those people offering you this kind of hacks, because they are trying to scam you: Do not fill in their surveys, download their viruses or give them your login info. – You have been warned.


WildStar Teleport Hacks
When WildStar was first released; one of the games initial flaws was that it would allow the user to pretty much change their coordinates in the world to their liking without any consequence. While most MMORPGs calculate certain limits as to how far they expect a person being able to travel and use that to detect teleport hacks, WildStar did not do that at the start. So teleport hacks became pretty popular fairly quickly and a lot of people used them to farm mining, hunting and other profession nodes very quickly and for a time it was nearly impossible to do any kind of gathering in WildStar due to the amount of teleport bots in the game. Obviously this kind of behavior could not be accepted and developers soon started to take counter measures and the teleporting exploit was patched. It is still possible to teleport over short distances in WildStar without getting banned, but not nearly to the extent that was possible at the beginning. We do generally recommend that our members stay away from using teleport hacks altogether, since they are in their nature detectable and there is really no telling how far you have to teleport to get banned at this time. The safest way of using this kind of hack is to not use it at the moment.


Important: Please don’t use Bots in Battlegrounds
The use of bots in Battlegrounds has rapidly become problem for the WildStar community. We want to urge our members to please only use bots in PvE and not PvP. If you are botting PvE content, you are not bothering anyone or ruining their game experience. However, if you program a bot to mindlessly walk around a battleground, you are hurting your team and negatively affecting their game experience. Also Carbine will soon implement functionality that will make it easier to report players right from the battleground and in the future the use of bots in battleground will be an even more significant risk. So please stop it. People like that are giving the cheater community a bad name. We do not want to hard the games we are playing, right? If there is a huge PvE world offering you all the possibilities for botting, then why would you ever bot content that is not only more risky, but also more harmful to the game that is obviously important enough to you to spend 15$ every month.



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