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Is it at all possible to Cheat in Destiny?
It is possible to cheat in Destiny, yes. However, depending on the platform you play on, there will be different cheating methods available. It is possible to use aimbots to automatically aim and shoot oppoents in PvP and PvE. There are also radar hacks that will let you see enemy mobs and players through walls. These only work on PC, while the exploiting of bugs (Exploits) will work on all platforms including PS4 and XBOX One. However, there are NO glimmer (money) hacks, no item adders, no cheats that give you legendary items or crafting materials or anything of that manner.

Is it legal to Cheat and will I get Banned from the game?
Cheating in games is legal all over the world. Also there is no “internet police” that does patrols in MMOs. Aside from that yes, it is possible for cheaters to get banned. If you are being too obvious about using cheats, people will report you and you will hopefully be banned from the game. So play nice, keep a low profile and don’t use outdated software and you will be just fine.



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Destiny most Common Cheating Methods Overview
Destiny is a weird crossing between a shooter and an MMO and therefore the cheating methods applied here will include stuff from both worlds. However, compared to most other Online Games it is entirely impossible to bot this game in the sense that farming automatically using software does not seem possible in any way. The main issue hereby is that aiming is required in order to farm mobs and all the traditional developers of farming bots are not working together with aimbot creators. However, maybe in the future, if MMO-FPS games become more of a “thing”, we might see farming bots for this kind of game as well. Well the absence of automated farming programs really leaves aimbots and ESP hacks to help us do all the grinding. The ability to kill mobs a lot faster using auto aiming software will minimize the time it takes to farm your money, weapon and gear drops, coins, crafting materials, vanguard marks, crucible mark ect. However, you still have to do the work manually and it will still be a pain to level up new characters to max level. There is simply no way to skip the grind in this game. Aimbots and 3D radars are especially useful in PvP where the strategical and reaction time advantage will help you perform a lot better. The last and maybe most important kind of cheat are exploits; the use of bugs in the game to gain an advantage. This particular way of cheating not only works on PC, but also on consoles, such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Bugged monsters or even bugged bounties can allow you to farm l lot of glimmer, experience and materials and get more loot in a shorter time. However, the problem about exploits is that they get patched pretty quickly. Once a bugged mob for example with an incredibly quick respawn time is discovered by the devs, it usually takes meme days for the “bug” to be fixed.


Destiny Auto Aiming and 3D Radar ESP Hacks
First off, let’s make one thing very, very clear: Auto aiming software and ESP hacks, nay hacks of any kind, are exclusively usable on the PC version of Destiny. The new consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) are currently (2015) unhackable in any way and the older consoles are hackable, but only if you have engineer level knowledge or a LOT of money. So essentially using hacks on consoles is impossible for all intent and purposes. There is no magical “USB Stick” you can plug in and you have hacks. That is simply not how it works. One would have to first root/hack the console itself and then smuggle a sub process into the OS or use packet editing. So don’t trust anyone that claims to have hacks for the console versions of Destiny. However, on PC using Destiny hacks is pretty straight forward: All you do is run a program and that program will inject code into the game that will add functionality. On consoles this is impossible, since you do simply not have the permissions to edit processes on the system you own. (PC = Master race ect) How these hacks generally work is pretty simple as well: Since your machine has to display the game to you, it knows the positions of all the enemies, may that be players or PvE mobs, and therefore that data can be extracted and used to either automatically aim at enemies in sight, or to display them through walls. These hacks have to be updated frequently due to the game getting updated all the time and therefore you simply cannot expect this kind of software to be available for free. Programmers (well paid job) have to work to get these things to work and to maintain then and keep them undetected. – Therefore they do cost a bunch of money. However, for some the investment will be worth it, since farmig mobs is a lot easier that way, especially if you have some high-end sniper rifles and since all classes (warlock, titan, hunter) can equit all the weapons, they also work on your favorite class. Overall hacks and especially aimbots are the most effective way to speed up reputation, mark and money farming.

destiny bug exploits


Destiny Game Bugs and Exploits
As already mentioned, the use of bugs is called “exploiting” and may just be the best cheating method in the game and certainly the best for console users. There have been a number of bugs in Destiny some of which allowed you to clip into walls to become essentially unkillable, some have allowed players to dupe items or farm easy mobs for a bugged loot drops that gave them incredible amounts of farming materials (spinmetal, helium filaments, hadronic essence ect) and other items. However, these bugs are very temporary and usually get patched as soon as they somehow come to the public’s attention. Therefore using exploits posted on forums or other public spaces may not be a wise thing, since the developers frequent these places as well and are eager to either strip accounts using these exploits of their spoils or even to ban them from the game. So be careful and only use exploits that are kept secret by private groups or else you will put your account in danger. There are also certain mobs and strike missions in the game that are much more effective for farming than others. Now while this kind of farming is not exactly exploiting, it is very useful in getting you the best legendary gear and weapons in the game quickly.

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Possible and Impossible Hacks Explained
There are lot of people out there on the world wide web that will tell you that you can get unlimited glimmer, a god mode, the best loot, unlimited EXP, unlimited materials, marks and anything else your heart may desire by using a simple tool, generator or hack. All you have to do is, of course, to fill in a short survey or complete an offer and then you will get NOTHING. All these hacks are impossible to achieve, due to the fact that all these values including your health, money and inventory are stored on the Bungie/Activision servers and cannot be changed using any legal means. If you wanted to change them, you would have to commit a crime and hack into their servers which could easily get you into prison. So don’t trust anyone promising you such hacks. This is an online game and online games cannot be hacked in the same way as single player games can be, where all the data is stored on your own machine. Just something to watch out for.



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