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Is it possible to Cheat in Dead Island: Epidemic?
Indeed it is possible to achieve a variety of different cheats in the game that may be helpful to you: On one hand it is possible to automate ability casting and aiming using scripts and on the other hand it is possible to mark enemies and infected/zombies on your mini map to give you a tactical advantage. However, there are NO money hacks (coins, cash, chear points ect), no god modes, no item hacks or anything of the sort.

Is it legal to Cheat in DI:E and would I run the risk of getting Banned from the game?
Cheating is indeed legal everywhere in the world. No, unless you were to brag about your circumventing of the rules, being very careless or using outdated software, you will be completely fine. Much of the game is focused on PvE and your opponents should not be able to notice any exploit in PvP encounters.

How much do Dead Island: Epidemic Scripts or other C-Software cost?
Most automation software and visual hacks usually cost around 10 to 20 dollars per month. The longer your subscription, the cheaper the price per month will be. There may be free software as well, but the risk of detection using these is incredibly high and may not be worth the risk.

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Dead Island: Epidemic Cheating Methods
Since this is very much a blend between a MOBA and an isometric shooter of sorts there are a lot of different methods that can be applied to cheat. Most of these methods are focused on farming faster and performing better in a match in order to get more money and experience, crafting components and weapon drops. On one hand it is possible to manipulate the game using software on your PC, such as aiming scripts that automatically target enemies in range and auto-ability scripts that will automatically unleash your specific ability combo on an enemy mob or player. On the other hand cheating software can be used to highlight objects on your mini map that would not usually be visible to you, such as enemy survivors, zombies and supplies. The most useful feature here is probably the ability to warn you if special infected, such as the Puller, Ram, Floater or Screamer are attacking you or your allied players. There are also ways of manually cheating in Dead Island Epidemic by using multiple alt accounts or cooperating with other players. If cooperating players of the same level queue up at the same time, they will be placed in the same match, allowing them to work together in order to finish the game as quickly as possible and therefore gaining more rewards and experience more quickly. Cooperation with other players may just be the most effective way of leveling your characters, weapons and your account and farming cash and coins in the game. If all players are working together, a game can be over in as little as 10 minutes. Of course in these cases you are playing more of a PvE game than a team game, but its simply to skip the grind.




Dead Island: Epidemic Farming Bots and Exploits
Farming bots and exploits are the kind of cheat that, while theoretically possible, will most likely not be employed in the game as much. Farming bots would theoretically be able to take control of your character and play games for you, while you are out doing real life stuff. Bots are traditionally used in MMOs to skip the grind and get to the endgame more quickly. However, since DI:E is oriented around aiming manually and does require a certain amount of skill, it is highly unlikely that there will ever be a bot effective enough to play a game and be of any kind of help to your team. Indeed a bot like that is more likely to get reported after a game for being useless, which would get the account banned quickly. The only way it would theoretically be feasible to make botting work in this game, is if all the players in a game were bots. Exploits on the other hand are more likely to occur on a regular basis. Exploiting is essentially the use of bugs in the game to gain an advantage. Since the game is still pretty young, there are surely still a few possible exploits to be found and used to level up accounts a lot faster. However, this kind of cheat is usually effective for only a certain time before getting patched and being rendered useless.




DI: Epidemic Client Side Hacks and Tools
As already mentioned, it is not possible to hack important game values, such as your experience, level, weapons, weapon levels, cash, coins, character points, blue prints, crafting components ect. This is due to the simple circumstance that these values are not stored and processed on your PC, where they could be changed, but on the game server where only the game admins and moderators can access them. So there no generators, adders, unlockers of any kind and people offering you these kinds of software are trying to scam you. However, there are hacks for Dead Island: Epidemic. Namely, there are ESP hacks that will add a lot of information to your mini map, such as the position of enemy players, special infected, drops and supplies. There are also some very rare client-side hacks that will allow you to walk faster and even jump or teleport short distances. However, when using any such hacks, you will need to be careful, since other players are likely to notice if you use these cheats where they can see you.



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