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Is it possible to cheat in Atlatica Online in any way?
Yes, as in most online games cheating is possible, but in subtle ways. The use of bots in order to automate farming gold and leveling of new characters is the most popular way of cheating in Atlantica Online. There are also other tools, such as hacks or exploits that can give you mall advantages as well. However, there are NO god modes, gold hacks, item adders or anything of the sort.

Is cheating Legal and will my account get Banned?
You need not worry. Cheating in games is legal all over the world. The internet police will not find you. But on the other hand it is true that the game providers can take action against your account. That means if you are being obvious about cheating, they might ban your account. However, that is really the worst outcome there is to cheating in Altantica.

What do Atlantica Online Bots or Hacks usually cost?
Prices for your average Online Game cheating software will vary around 7 to maybe 20$ per month depending on the provider and length of subscription. As far as we can tall at this time, there are no free cheats available for this game though.

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Atlantica Online General Cheating and Exploits
As with most online games there is a lot of time that has to be invested into farming, leveling up, merchanting, crafting and so on in order to reach the end game and to be prepared for late-game content in Atlantica Online. Now it really does not matter if you are leveling up your first character or are rerolling, it always is a lot of work and it may be especially tedious if you are doing it for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around. Therefore the preferred method of cheating for most Atlantica players are bots that automate farming, travel, crafting and evenseloing/trading. These scripts do provide huge value, since they will not only farm gold, items and experience for you, but do so without costing you any real life time or NX. Hacks on the other hand are much more subtle. They do not allow you to farm much faster or gain gold, though many illegitimate sites will tell you otherwise. Most code injection tools will allow you to walk through walls, teleport (free travel) and offer some other similar features. Finally, exploits are probably the most powerful kind of “cheat” in Atlantica. Exploiting is essentially the use of bugs in the game to gain an advantage. Every once in a while you may encounter bugged mobs that respawn too quickly, drop the wrong loot or similar. That is basically how the richest people got their gold in Atlantica. That and some merchant techniques or duplicating exploits. Finding and using this kind of bug is incredibly hard, but if one does, one can make huge profits. Also it needs to be pointed out that using exploits that are known publicly is not the most exquisite of ideas, since the developers usually keep an eye out for exploits, eager to ban people that use them.




Atlantica Farming Bots & Other Automation scripts
Thanks to the auto-move function included in Atlantica, using bots to farm exp, gold and do quests is considerably more simple than on most other similar online games. Bots are in essence programs that will read your game memory in order to locate you in the world and navigate you along programmed route in order to perform simple tasks, such as farming mobs, doing quests, gathering, crafting, selling ect. If done correctly, a simple bot can essentially level you from 1 to 150 if you keep the bot up to date and change its route every 10 or so levels. There are literally people that have farmed hundreds of billions of gold in the last year alone using automated scripts, auto hotkey scripts and click bots. The use of these kinds of macros is sespecially effective when used in combination with exploits, such as dupes. Imagine a bot that can automatically duplicate items. Yes indeed a 2 billion item can be turned into 200 2 billion items within hours. However, it must be considered that the game moderators and administrators are keeping an eye on the economy constantly and if there is an influx of capital literally out of noting, then it will be investigated. So you better burry your dreams of crashing the game economy now. It is best to sue alternative accounts to store any items that may have been created using weird means. Also beware of overusing farming bots. 16 hours a day should be a maximum never to be crossed, since no human being can play games for more than that, even if they have no life. Also try to have lots of spear men (tanks) in your party when using scripts to farm mobs and try to farm low-level mobs that you are able to tank all day. But you will learn these intricacies as you go on.




The Truth about Atlantica Online Hacks
There are sites out there that will promise you hacks, tools or generators that can give you unlimited health (god mode), infinite mana, maximum level, the best items in the game and 100 billion gold at the press of a button. Now as someone who has been active in the game cheating industry for 5+ years now, I can assure you that this is entirely impossible. All these important pieces of data like your health, your stats, inventory, your NX, gold, your party, auctions or the item mall ect are stored on the game server. The game server is a PC that belongs to Nexon and can only be written to by nexon. That means no program on your PC will ever be able to hack that data. One would have to commit a crime and hack into the servers, which we do certainly not recommend you do if you like your freedom. So with that out of the way; what can hacks do? Well they can mess with the game physics mainly, since those are processed on your machine. So you can teleport (free travel), you can jump really high, fly, walk through walls and all that fun stuff. However, these hacks are almost extinct at this time due to the fact that they simply do not offer you too much in the way of PvE or PvP at all.



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