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Is it possible to Cheat in Drakensang Online?
Yes, there are ways to get around the rules and get a decent advantage in the game, although it might not be as easy as you would like it to be. Scripts and Macros (Bots) can be used to automate ability casting and even farm mobs automatically / explore maps. Hacks are possible too and they can allow you to mess with the game physics a lot. However, there are NO Gold / Andermant Hacks, no God Modes and no Item Generators of any kind.

Is it legal to Cheat in DO and will I get Banned for doing so?
While it is certainly not punishable by law to cheat in video games, as some would have you believe, the owners of the game are allowed to ban anyone from the game for any reason. – So yes, you account will be in danger if you are not being careful, brag about using cheats or are using software that is not safe.

How much do Drakensang Bots / Cheats cost?
Usually, you will look at somewhere between 10 and 20$ per month for quality software. The longer your subscription is, the cheaper it will be overall. Also as far as we are aware, there are no free bots for this game, since they need to be updated regularly.

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Drakensang Online General Cheating Methods Explained
The most popular way of cheating in this game is without a doubt to use bots in oder to farm mobs automatically, therefore farm gold, EXP, levels, items ect. Leveling a new character up to lvl 45 can be a huge pain, especially if you are doing it for the 2nd time or later. Bots or scripts are essentially able to take control of your character, automatically explore a map, kill monsters and pick up loot. – This is a confortable way of leveling up and not having to invest all or your money and free time. On the other hand you have hacks that can allow you to mess with the client-side of the game, giving you increased movement speed, allowing you to walk through walls and objects, teleporting you and so on. Hacks are less effective at PvE, more effective in PvP arenas and very hard to find. Then we have what is porbably the most powerful cheating method in Drakensang: Explits. Exploiting is to use bugs within the game in order to get an advantage. There have been a whole bunch of exploits in this game that allowed players to duplicate items, get free Andermant through bugged quests, get essentially unlimited experience through infinitely spawning mobs and so on. Some exploits can be used manually and some need to be aided by software, since the inputs that have to be made are either too quick or too exact for a human to do it. While this is the “best” of the cheating methods, it’s also the hardest to find and the most risky. – This manly due to the fact that you must never use publicly known exploits, since those are most likely to get you banned. You either need to find bugs yourself or be in a private group that uses the exploit in order to keep it secret and from getting patched.




Drakensang Online Scripts and Automated Farming Software
Creating farming bots for Diablo-like games is one of the simpler tasks, since the levels are simple and one does not need to program paths in order to farm them. A bot software will essentially just start somewhere on the map and randomly explore, killing any mob in its path and looting all the items it can find. Automated Farming Software (AFS) does not inject code into your game and is therefore almost undetectable. – The only way that farming scripts can be detected is by analyzing the movements and online times of an account, so make sure you change maps often and do not bot more than 16h per day. Farming the same map for 24h every day is a dead giveaway to anyone that has a look at your account and will get you banned sooner than later. There are different bots, but the quality ones will be able to use ability combos, auto looting functions and will even be able to sell items, keep unique items and open mystery boxes. However, bots use artificial intelligence and are unable to come up with creative solutions to a problem, so they can get stuck and are unable to dodge or kite mobs. So what you will need to do is farm a map where you are literally able to tank any mob forever. – Therefore, it is recommended that you build your character tanky while you are farming in order to be able to take on higher level mobs and therefore progress more quickly. Bots can be used with any class if set up correctly (spellweaver, ranger, mechanic, knight), are able to complete dungeons and will be able to get you to level 45 within mere weeks without you playing for a second. Although scripts can handle PvE easily, they suck at PvP and it is not recommended that you even try.




Drakensang Online Hacks – Truth and Lies Explained
As already mentioned, there is no way to hack your Health, your Money (Gold, Andermant), Items, Stats ect. So why does it not work? It does not work because this is not a single player game. In single player games everything is stored on your PC: Your saves, your money, your stats, your items, your health ect. However, in Online Games, like Drakensang, most of these important values are processed and stored on the Bigpoint Servers to which you do not have any access and therefore it is impossible for you to access and change your money for example. The only way to achieve a god mode in Drakensang would be to hack that server directly, which is a criminal offense and will probably get you to prison. There is no “hack or generator or adder” that will give you gold, andermant or HP, that is simply impossible. So logically, anyone that offers you these programs online is a scammer and should probably not be trusted. So, let’s discuss the truth about Drakensang hacks: The truth is that the client can be hacked and some of the functions that are processed by the game client on your PC can be manipulated. That way you can increase your running speed, increase your zoom, walk through walls, you can teleport short distances, you can autoloot, you can auto aim and similar stuff. However, these hacks are almost impossible to find, since they are most useful in PvP and that isn’t as popular as the PvE of the game. So finding hacks will be a challenge and they won’t be a powerful as you may wish them to be.



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