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Is it at all possible to Cheat in DarkOrbit?
Yes as in most browser games it is possible to sue scripts and bots in order to not only farm automatically, but create advanced fighting scripts and macros that can give you a significant advantage in PvE and PvP alike. In fact the best player in the game are all using this kind of software. However, there are NO credit hacks, Uridium generators, God Modes or anything like that.

Is it legal to cheat and will my DO account get banned it I do?
Cheating video games is totally legal and the “internet police” (IPD) will not come arrest you for doing so. However, bigpoint has the right to ban anyone from the game that they do not want to be there. So generally we do recommend that you are nice towards other players and always use software that is 100% undetectable and up to date.

How much do DarkOrbit Cheats usually cost?
Your average bot or script will cost you around 7 to 20$ per month depending on the duration of the subscription and the developer. As far as we are aware there are no free hacks or scripts available for Dark Orbit at this time.

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DarkOrbit Cheating General Methods
The most common way of cheating in this game is to use all kinds of online and offline scripts in order to automate not only short tasks, but indeed the whole process of farming, picking up salvage, selling cargo, upgrading and so on. Bots and macros are used not only to level up faster and without effort and farm credits, uridium and ore, but also to increase PvP performance by automating abilities, aiming and other advanced actions. We all know it takes literally ages to get to level 40 and that is why some people resort to automating the process. Another way of cheating in DarkOrbit is to use hacked clients that can kind of help you mess with the game in terms of being able to spot and attack stealthed enemies, teleport, fly faster and so on. However, the most broken way of cheating is to exploit bugs in the game that can not only allow you to farm infinite amounts of experience and credits, but also duplicate items. The last but certainly not the least of the cheating strategies that have been tried in this game is to create a private server. That basically means that people tried to emulate the original dark orbit server in order to give themselves unlimited health, test different builds and fight aliens. However, this kid of cheat really isn’t that helpful, since having private servers is legally questionable and not many other people will be wanting to play there if you are going to cheat.




Dark Orbit Bots and Scripts Explained
A bot is essentially a program that aims to automate some of the more repetitive tasks in DarkOrbit or other browser games. A bot will essentially read the process memory of the game / browser in order to locate you and your ship on the map and then take control in order to farm aliens (mobs), credits, complete quests automatically, loot drops, sell cargo, cast abilities and so on. Scripts can also be used in PvP to automate ability and item use. However, a script will not be able to compete in PvP on its own, since a bot will never be able to compete with the creative thinking process that human players are able to use in their play. It’s not all about reaction time after all. The most effective way of using automated farming software is in dedicated bot user clans and outfits, which allows you not only to farm higher level areas unharassed, but makes it easier to supervise the bots as well. Some of the most successful clans in the game are doing this in order to keep their position. If you are using this kind of program on your own it is recommended to only farm in protected areas where there is no PvP interaction, else you will get ganked and killed within minutes. Also keep in mind that the more survivability your ship offers (tankiness), the more effective it will be at farming for extended periods of time.




DarkOrbit Hacks – The Truth and the Lies
As we have already made abundantly clear, there are no hacks that allow you to get unlimited credits, uridium, ore, skylab resources, health or equipment. However, you may ask yourself why that is the case? Well, the answer is quite simple: As this is an online game and not a single player app, all the important game values like your inventory / cargo are not stored on your PC or console, but on the bigpoint online servers which are PCs that are far away and that you do not have any access to. The only people that have writing access and can freely change your money values are the Dark Orbit admins. So if you want these values changed you have to either hack the servers, which is a criminal offense that will get you to prison or you have to make friends with the admins and hope you can persuade them. – Both of these are extremely unlikely btw. So please, do not trust anyone out there in the depths of the world wide web that is offering you any kind of DarkOribt “generator / hack / adder or tool to get a god mode, credits or uridium. It is simply put impossible and therefore people that offer this kind of program are trying to trick you. Cheat in games, but don’t be cheated.



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