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Is it possible to cheat in H1Z1: King of the Kill in any way?
Yes cheating is of course possible using an aimbot to automatically aim and shoot players to get more kills, wallhacks to make items, weapons, ammo and cars trivial to find (including also sniper drop locations) and to see players anywhere in the map, making it easy to find or avoid them at all times. However, there are no God Modes, free skin generators or auto win hacks, items pawning ect, unless you own your own modded H1Z1: KotK server. You will still have to farm matches to get all the goodies. There are also some minor auto crafting and auto healing scripts out there for download.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
While it is 100% legal to cheat in online game, the developers are allowed to ban you from their game for any reason. However, from past experiences with Daybreak, they will mostly focus on detecting cheaters automatically, so do never use outdated software if you want to keep your account.



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General H1Z1: KotK Cheating Methods
There are actually quite a bunch of methods when it comes to cheating in H1Z1 King of the Kill at this time, since it does use a lot of shooter and RPG crafting elements combined. First off there is software you can use to add functions and ”features” or mods to the game to “improve” the the UI and even automate tasks such as looting or aiming and shooting. The first tool that can be used are radar hack, more broadly ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Cheats: This kind of software can make the invisible visible and aument your User Interface in the game. Not only can radar tools show you enemy players, cars and most importantly items you want, such as weapons… ARs Shotguns, Ammo ect.., but they can display them directly yin the game, highlighting them with boxes or other colored objects. Radar hacks can also add UI elements, such as a free compass and can even highlight your position on a 2D minimap. Another kind of cheating program is the aimbot and as the name suggests, this hack is pretty straight forward: It will automatically aim and shoot players or zombies for you, allowing for easy kills. Aside from these more main-stream kinds of cheats, there are also some other minor exploits in the game. Exploits are essentially bugs and coding loopholes that can be used to for example spawn in items, duplicate them, get unlimited ammo and similar. How effective these exploits will be is currently unknown, since the alpha and early access is not really representative of the final stages of the game. However, if we compare it to another game by the same developer that uses the same (Fogelight) engine, we have to assume that exploits will be few and far between. Exploits are dangerous for free to play games and therefore they usually get fixed quite quickly.


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H1Z1: King of the Kill Aimbots and ESP Hacks
The most popular kinds of cheats in any open world shooter are aimbots and wallhacks (radar). These both function by the exact same principle: In order for you to be able to see the game word on your screen, the objects around you have to be rendered correctly on your PC, which means that everything in a radius around you is stored on your PC / Xbox One. – This obviously allows us to “scan” that area for certain object like, oh I don’t know, players, working cars, good weapons ect. The hack or the code that is injected into the game will then either highlight those objects for you (cham) or will automatically aim your weapons at them if they are in line of sight. Now the problem about this is that code has to be injected into the game in order to make these cheats work and if you are using a public hack that can simply be downloaded somewhere without much of a fuss, the people looking to ban cheaters will do so and blacklist the code. So it is highly recommended that you do not download any H1Z1: King of the Kill radar or other software from non-premium providers. Same goes for exploits: If they are public, then the developers will find them, patch them and most likely ban anyone that used them. Also this is a free to play game and since accounts are easy to register, the developers will not be all that careful when it comes to banning people. However, even if your hack is up to date and undetected, people can still report you if you are harassing them. So be nice, use hacks with respect and ideally use them to help new players, be a hero and not a villain. You will find that using this kind of “power” for good and to help people is much more satisfying than using it to kill. – You will also end up making a lot more friends that way. Also I think it need not be pointed out that auto aiming software is most effective with sniper rifles.


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Augmented UI, Mods, King of the Kill Private Servers, Teleport Hacks ect
As it seems right now it will most likely not be possible to mod this game in any way or have private servers, since the game will be run in a free to play business model and therefore all the servers will be controlled and monetized by the publisher. So basically all the modding you do has to be done on the client side and will be considered a hack. Some mods that I am pretty certain we will see included in some software subscriptions are compasses and maps in the UI, maybe even text signals or coordinates that show you where exactly you are and will allow you to coordinate with others a lot more easily. Since this game is very similar to DayZ, you may expect there to be the same overpowered teleport exploits and similar methods applicable, but we highly doubt that this will be the case. The game is heavily server-side processed, compared to similar titles, and therefore teleporting, invisibility and similar overpowered stuff will most likely not be an option. And let’s be honest, it’s better that way. Another thing that I see being used in H1Z1: King of the Kill cheating is macros that will automatically use bandages to stop bleeding and similar, since that usually has to be done very quickly in the middle of a fight.




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