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Is it possible to cheat in Nosgoth?
Yes it certainly is a possibility. There are ways to automatically aim your weapons and abilities, automatically cast them (scripts) and hacks that will allow you to see your opponents through obstacles. However, most cheats won’t be as effective on all classes and are generally more useful on the human side. However, there are NO Gold hacks, Runestone adders, level cheats or anything similar.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned if I’m caught?
While it is legal to cheat in video games everywhere, you should never cheat on an account that you can’t afford to lose. There is always a chance no matter how expensive and safe your cheating software is. However, if you are using a quality paid hack, then bans are incredibly unlikely. On the other side if you are outdated software or detected programs, then you will lose your account sooner or later. Also treat other players with respect and don’t be a bully to avoid manual reporting.

How much do Nosgoth Hacks usually cost?
If you are looking for software that is safe to use, undetected at all times and gets updated fast, then you are looking at around 10 to 20$ per month on average. As far as we are aware, there are no free hacks for this game that would be anywhere safe to use.

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Nosgoth General Cheating Methods
This particular game offers a lot of different mechanics that can be exploited in one way or another in order to gain an advantage over other players. The most popular way of cheating obviously is the use of automated aiming software (aimbots) in order to aim your abilities and skillshots. The only problem hereby is that, since Nosgoth is an asymmetric shooter, aimbots will work better on some classes and especially the human classes than for example most vampire characters. However, you vampire players out there do not have to despair, since aimbots still help you a lot and there are radar hacks that will highlight enemy players on your screen, which arguably is more useful if you are playing a vampire and rely on flanking and sneaking up to your targets. Another possible way of cheating in Nosgoth is the use of small macros or scripts in order to automate skills, which will be most useful on the vampire side usually. There are also certain hacks that can mess with the game engine and warn you if enemies are targeting you or are close to you. The last and probably most powerful method of gaining an advantage would be to exploit the game, or rather use bugs in the code. – This is essentially the use of certain update specific techniques that may allow you to be invincible briefly if you combine certain skills, get more experience than usual or even free runestones. However, exploits are bugs that get fixed rather quickly under normal circumstances and there is no reason to believe that Psyonix is an exception to this rule.




Nosgoth Auto Aiming Aimbots
Since Nosgoth does feature a lot of shooter mechanics, such as crosshairs and aimed guns and abilities, it is possible to use automated aiming software to do most of the aiming and shooting for you. Now obviously such cheats are a lot more effective on the Human classes, since they are the gun users featured in the game. One of the most effective setups for using an aimbot is the human Scout class using either a war bow or compound bow. This is a way to get a lot of kills, therefore experience and leveling up your account quickly while making some good gold on the side. Aimbots still work on the Vampire side of things and they do auto aim on melee attacks as well, however since the vampire classes are a lot more based on movement and flanking, aimbots are not quite as overpowered here. However on classes that require some aim, like the reaver or deceiver, it is still quite a powerful cheating method. The way aimbots work is essentially that they scan the environment processed on your PC for certain objects (players) and then use that data to automatically aim your crosshairs at the press of a button. Now a word of caution: Nosgoth does not yet feature a game mode with more than 8 players and if you are overusing your aimbot, then people will quickly notice that you are a cheater and may report you. Keep in mind that this is a free to play game and bans are given out freely if there is too much suspicion. So treat your teammates nicely, use quality software that offers cover-up options and don’t brag.




Nosgoth Hacks – The Reality of Things
So first off, as already pointed out, there are no money hacks, runestone adders, level cheats or anything like that for Nosgoth. Why you might ask? Isn’t it possible to get a god mode and unlimited money in other games? Yes, in single player games that is indeed possible, since 100% of the game data is stored on your PC / Console and can therefore be changed on your PC. However, this is an online multiplayer game and that means that significant parts of the game are not processed on your machine, but the game servers owned by Psyonix (developers) and can therefore not be changed in any way. So please, plase: Do not trust people that promise you these kinds of cheats, since they are impossible. What hacks can really do aside from automatically aiming is highlighting all enemies and allies and make them visible through walls. – This kind of cheat is called a “wallhack” and is especially useful on the vampire side where flanking and surprising humans is required to have a successful match. There may also be some other smaller hacks, like super jumps, walking through walls, speedhacks that could potentially be discovered in the future, but these never stay possible for long due to anti-cheating software and the easy manual detection.



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