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Is it possible to cheat in Evolve Stage 2?
Yes it is. There are programs (hacks) that are able to display both the monster and all the hunters on your screen at all times, aim you guns and attacks automatically (aimbots) and even display the positions of NPCs and other important information. However, there are NO god modes, ammo hacks, rank / level cheats or similar.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned for doing so?
Cheating in video games is legal everywhere. However, the developers of Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios, are allowed to ban anyone from their service for any reason and that includes cheating. So it is recommended that you try to not be obvious, be nice to other players (don’t flame) and you will be fine. The only other way to get banned is by using public outdated hacks, which will get you banned instantly and permanently.

How much do Evolve Stage 2 Hacks cost on average?
For quality cheating software that is updated timely and offers options such as automated aiming or radars, you can expect to pay between 10 and 20$ per month on average. As far as we are aware, there are no free hacks for this game at this time.



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Evolve Stage 2 General Cheating
Since Evolve is a shooter style game, most cheats that can be applied to other online shooters, can be used there too. – This includes software such as radar hacks that can highlight the monster, the hunters and NPC alien creature on your screen.  Another typical hack for online shooters is the aimbot that will automatically aim and shoot your guns and gadgets. Now obviously, since this game features asymmetrical teams, the specific cheats are not as powerful on both sides. Aimbots specifically are a lot more useful on the hunter side, since they primarily are using guns to shoot the monster and do not rely on melee combat. On the other hand there aren’t many types of monster that use ranged attacks and the use of automated aiming features is a lot less useful here. Same goes for the radar hacks: Knowing where the monster is at all times makes it a lot easier to track it down, but the monster in addition to knowing the positions of hunters also knows where to find pray to eat and gain armor/evolution. Aside from the use of software, there may also be quite a few manual techniques that can be used to manually boost accounts (levels) in cooperation with other players or using so called “exploits”. Exploits are bugs in the game that may be used in order to gain an advantage. There is also a real possibility of glitching being one of the most successful cheating strategies in the game, since it may allow the monster to glitch into objects or under the map and complete its objective from the safety of out of bounds areas. – However these kinds of tricks will most likely be patched quite quickly and only be available for use to a few and for a short time.


Aimbots and ESP Hacks in Evolve Stage 2 and how they work
Most shooters have some common features that can easily be exploited in order to create hacks that can not only display enemy position and other information, but also allow you to aim guns automatically: The main feature that can be exploited is that most shooters like Evolve process huge chunks of the map on your PC (including enemies) in order to show you accurate hit detection and keep the game fair. However, using hacks one is able to find certain objects (like players) in the rendered map around you and highlight them or shoot them automatically. This exploit, in essence, cannot be patched in any way, unless one wanted to process the game graphics on the server, which is impossible at this time. So aimbots and radar hacks have established themselves firmly as the most popular and most infamous way of cheating in shooters of all kinds and that is true for Evolve also.


Evolve Stage 2 Hacks – Possibilities and Impossibilities
As we already touched on briefly, the variety of hacks that you can expect to use in Evolve is no different than in most online shooters at this time. In essence that means that there will be radar hacks that highlight your opponents and NPC monsters on the map, there will be aimbots that will automatically aim your guns, tools and abilities for you and there may be some smaller, physics related hacks that may allow you to eliminate effects like recoil, fog and similar stuff. What there is definitively not going to be is god modes, unlimited ammo hacks, level hacks, unlockers of any kind and disconnect hacks. – These are inpossible to achieve due to the fact that this is an online game and therefore most of the vital processes are running on a server as opposed to your own PC and therefore cannot be manipulated. To find out more about this, please visit our wiki or homepage. So while hacks can make Evolve a lot less of a grind than it usually is, you will still need to grind, just not as long as other people when using cheating software. Another thing that is important to note is that hacks will not work perfectly on every character or monster. Monsters with raged attacks are more effective when using an aimbot and the same goes for hunters with accurate guns and so on.


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