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Is it possible to cheat in Dungeon Defenders 2?
Indeed it is possible to cheat in DD2 using various tools that will make playing easier, more effective and less time consuming for you. On one hand there are aimbots that will automatically aim your crosshairs and therefore all of your abilities and attack for you. On the other hand we have hacks and scripts that will mess with in game physics, allow you to teleport, walk through walls and so on. However, there are NO unlimited money (gold) hacks, mana hacks and so on.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for doing it?
Cheating in games has always been legal and probably will stay legal for a few centuries. However, it is possible to get banned for literally any reason in online games, so it pays out to be careful. Use quality software that is up to date and don’t brag about your cheating activity, respect other players and you will be just fine.

How much doe DD2 aimbots or farming bots cost?
Your usual online game aimbots or farming bots will cost you around 10 to 20$ per month due to the fact that programmers have to be employed to keep the software up to date. Finding cheaper offers is possible if you want to wait longer for updates, however free downloads are usually quite risky due to detection and ban probability.



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Dungeon Defenders General Cheating Methods
DD2 is a team tower defense horde mode game featuring 3rd person shooting and therefore the performance of the team only partly depends on you, making it harder to farm using conventional FPS cheats like aimbots. So while you certainly are able to increase your personal performance using auto aim software and similar cheats, you will still lose a match if your team is not cooperating with you. For that reason it is important to either have friends to play with that are reliable or be super nice to everyone so they want to perform well (this is a good method in any MMO btw). As already mentioned the probably most effective and popular way of cheating in Dungeon Defender 2 is the use of software that automatically aims for you called “the aimbot”. Aimbots will generally increase your damage output by 200% depending on your class. Especially ranged classes like the Huntress will benefit most from using this kind of software. There are also other cheating programs called farming bots. Farming bots will automatically try to join parties and afk farm missions. These bots are hated by all of the community and often get banned. Our recommendation is to wait for real farming bots to be realeased that are actually able to play the game, aim, attack, build towers ect. If these bots that could potentially level up your heroes, farm money and so on will ever exist is mostly a question of how popular the game gets though. Finally, the most effective way of farming and leveling in Dungeon defenders 2 is to have other “cheaters” or friends assisting you in your endeavors: Here and there, there will be bugs in the game that allow you to almost infinitely farm a certain map for almost infinite items, money and experience. The hard thing about these exploits is to find and use them before the developers do and patch them. – Here we recommend that you use private exploits, rather than public ones, since the public ones are often those that will be patched soon and may put your account in danger of getting banned from the game.




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