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Is it possible to cheat in DDTank?
As in almost every flash based browser game, it is indeed possible to cheat in DDT, using either hacked clients or scripts to automate aiming, shooting and so on. Howecher, the extent to which cheating is possible in DDtank ends there: There are NO gold hacks, voucher adders, level generators or item cheats of any sort.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned for it?
Cheating in video and online games is entirely legal everywhere on the planet. However, any game provider is allowed to ban you from their service if they deem it useful. Therefore, it is recommended that you use caution when cheating in any online game, since losing your account is entirely possible. The use of quality software is also recommended to keep your account safe.

How much do DDTank hacks and aimbots cost?
Your average Online Game aimbots, hacks and farming bots will cost you around 5 to 15$ per month depending on the game, the complexity of the software and the developer. However, if you are looking for quality, low-risk software, you will need to stick to paid models, since those are the only ones that are updated and kept undetected by professionals.

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DDTank General Cheating Methods Explained
DDTank is a flash based multiplayer online game and therefore it offers a whole bunch of possibilities to get hacks working and apply other cheating techniques in both the PvE and PvP modes of the game, allowing you to farm gold, experience, vouchers and items much faster and more efficiently. First off, we have the use of hacked clients: Hacked clients are edited version of the original flash game client. The Flash client is the .swf file that has to be downloaded to your PC or mobile device in order to play the game. While this client does not control the whole game, and merely connects to the server where your character and account are stored, there are still some interesting cheating possibilities here. Using an edited flash client it is possible to create aiming helpers, aimbots, aiming lines and so on, that will allow you to land more shots in PvP and PvE, therefore doing more damage and winning more fights. As an extension of this concept it may be possible to actually create farming bots, but creating automated farming software. However, this has not been done yet as far as we know at this time. Another interesting cheating method for DDTank is to create PvP farming games, using either a lot of friends or alternate accounts, allowing you to easily win matches, do top damage and get the most rewards. For this purpose, it may be useful to join a private cheater League (guild) in DDTank to get the necessary connections to participate in such farming runs. Usually, teaming up with other like-minded people will open a lot of new ways of maxing your character, gear and level to the cap fast. The last and probably most OP method of cheating in DDTank is the use of exploits: Exploits are essentially bugs in the game that have not been patched yet and may allow you to farm a lot of gold, vouchers, EXP, items and so on. Some bugs will even allow you to duplicate items, crafting materials (like stones) and in very rare cases even mission rewards. However, caution is key when it comes to the use of exploits, since they usually get patched as soon as they get through to the public. Therefore the use of private exploits (that are kept a secret) is recommended.




DDTank Hacks: What is possible?
As was already pointed out quite clearly, there are no hacks possible in DDTank that would allow you to get unlimited gold, health, vouchers, other money or items. But why is that the case? You see in online games, there are 2 components to any game: On one hand you have the client that is stored on your PC and can potentially be hacked to allow you to automatically aim, highlight enemies or even diplay aiming tools. On the other hand there is the server, a computer far away that does not belong to you and that stores all your account information, progress money and so on. Now the problem about getting god modes or money cheats to work in DDT is that it is impossible to manipulate values on the game server that is owned by the game developers (Aeria Games / Game 321). – Therefore we do recommend that you do not trust people that offer you impossible hacks and do not fill in their surveys. For your own good. Have fun.



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