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Are there any working hacks for Double Action Boogaloo?
Yes there is! There is actually alot of hacks for Double Action Boogaloo, Some of them are aimbot, ESP, Autofire etc. Because this game is not so serious the cheat protection is not that good either so the chance of getting a ban is not that high. But you should always be careful when using hacks!

Is it legal and will i become banned?
By law, Yes it is legal. Each server have diffrent rules and as long as a server doesnt state that you are not allowed to cheat then your good to go. And that also answers the second question, If the server tells you not to cheat you will be banned from the server. But getting banned from the game is not possible by just cheating in some servers.

How much does it cost?
Because Double Action Boogaloo is such a small game most of the cheats wont cost you to much. However if you want a really good cheat which is almost guaranteed to work you have to pay about 10$ Monthly. Yes there are free cheats out for this game and most of them work just good but if you want to be on the safe site i recommend you to buy them.

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Double Action Boogalo Aimbots
A Aimbot is a program which allows your weapond to automatically aim at your opponent. This is something wery usefull in a game like this where the whole game is based on shooting on your opponents. However aimbots gives you a Really unfair advantage and your probably getting banned from the server if you use it to much.




What hacks are not possible (fakes)?
This game is completelly server side so there is no possibilities to get unlimited hp, unlimited ammo, one shot kills etc. It is not possible to use speedhacks either because your movements are controlled by the server and won’t allow you to move above or below a certain speed.




Double Action Boogalo ESP Hacks
ESP hacks will allow you to see enemies through walls, making it easy to not only find them, but set traps and kill them easily. These kinds of hacks are also called radar or wallhacks and are based on scanning the map rendered on your PC for certain objects, like players, and highlighting them on your screen using colored boxes or other indicators.



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